Entertainment Update: Rush to the Summer Dead, A Live Time Love, Untouchable Lovers, Magnolia Nominations

A few days back, Princess Agents teased about the “mysterious” singers for the opening theme song. Netz guessed it right away that it would be Zhao Liying and Zhang BiChen and Liying confirmed it when she posted on Weibo the two of them at the studio (if anyone is wondering… Bichen is the also singer for  3l3w theme song, Liang Liang)

Drama News

The opening theme song will be released on the 26th! So curious on the opening theme song and Liying will be singing

Their cute litter “teaser” for the MV

Newly released BTS of Liying dazing out!

And new trailer (a lot are from the same scenes as the first trailer but a bit more well rounded. It covers other characters too and not just centered around Liying. Who else is pumped for this drama?!)

Rush to the Dead Summer starring Zheng Xuan and Chen Xue Dong released new summerly stills. This drama is slated to air in June

A lovely new trailer that makes you look forward to the summer!

Empress of Du Gu starring Chen Qiao En and Chen Xiao released their first batch of stills!

Some BTS of the shooting where the dog kept following and laying on Qiao’En’s long dress


A Lifetime Love is a drama adapted from a novel with the same name (or more known as Once Promised) written by Tong Hua (who also wrote other famous adapted dramas Scarlet Heart, Ballad of Desert, A Starry Night A Starry Sea). It stars Huang Xiao Ming and Victoria Song and is expected to be released this summer in July (so many dramas this summer! I’m a little curious about this drama… anyone read the novel? How is it?)

Actually did not know that Peter Sheng is in this drama also…..He’s everywhere now!

Untouchable Lovers starring Guan Xiaotong and Song Wei Long celebrated the completion of filming with a powered face instead of the classical cake face!

(I think they’re trying to compete against Marge Simpson for the tallest hair here or something….)

This year’s Magnolia award will be held on June 12-16, 2017 in Shanghai. The top 5 in each category is already announced! (I know a lot of people ask about the prestige of these awards so I will say that Magnolia is one of the highest and most prestige awards awarded to people in the industry. Most of the categories are award based on through voting by a panel of award-winning actors, producers, directors and writers, and are the highest industry honours given). There are a lot of categories but for nominations, I’ll just cover dramas, best actor, and best actress

Image result for 23rd magnolia awards

 Top 10 nominees for Best Drama:

Hai Tang Yi Jiu 海棠依旧
The Good Fellas 好家伙
To Be a Better Man 好先生
Ode to Joy 欢乐颂
Feather Flies To The Sky 鸡毛飞上天
Marshal Peng Dehuai 彭德怀元帅
In the Name of People 人民的名义
A Love For Separation 小别离
Chinese Style Relationship 中国式关系
The Last Visa

Top 5 nominees for Best Actor:

  1. Chen Jian Bin for the Last Visa
  2. Huang Lei for A Love For Separation
  3. Sun Hong Lei for To Be a Better Man
  4. Zhang Yi for Feather Flies To the Sky
  5. Mark Chao for Eternal Love

Top 5 nominees for Best Actress:

  1. Hai Qing for A Love For Separation
  2. Jiang Xin for Ode to Joy
  3. Liu Tao for Ode to Joy
  4. Ma YiLi for Chinese Style Relationship
  5. Yin Tao for Feather Flies to the Sky

Other than that Ode to Joy actors and actresses got a lot of nominations. Jin Dong, Wang Ziwen, and Yang Zi got all nominated for best Supporting Actor/Actress for that drama. Dilireba got nominated Best supporting actress for Eternal Love. No surprised that In the Name of the People got on the list this early on

Variety News

Sandra Ma and Zhang Ruo Yun were trending after their Beauty and the Beast performance in Happy Camp

The episode also included the cast of Fighter of Destiny. Nazha’s outfit is so cute

Celebrity News

Lin Gengxin and Mark Chao went to another vacation together!? Lin Gengxin posted on Weibo, “at Chang Ping, the Maldives in Beijing, there is Chao teacher using a rock as a pillow.”

That’s Mark laying on the beach


And Lin Gengxin with his peace sign


Yang Mi attended Zhou Bichang‘s concert and posted their  jokes with each other in chat!

YM: I want to go on stage

ZBC: What are you going to do onstage?

YM: I’m going to lift your skirt!



15 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Rush to the Summer Dead, A Live Time Love, Untouchable Lovers, Magnolia Nominations

  1. With Zhang Bichen singing for Princess Agents, I’m thinking it’s going to be a tragic song, because her voice suits those the best.

    Guan Xiao Tong and Song Wei Long look really cute together

    A Lifetime Love does not appeal to me whatsoever


  2. Not a lot of surprises in the Magnolia nominations. I am really hoping Wang Ziwen wins for her acting in Ode to Joy, she is amazing there. How to pick between Jiang Xin and Liu Tao? Judges will have a hard time. I am surprised LuYi didn’t get a nom for In The Name of the people.
    Lin Gengxin and Mark Chao seem like best friends, they are always hanging out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope so too! WZW was amazing in ode2joy and she came back even better in the second season!
      Yea that would be a hard pick between the two mains. I love Liu Tao but Jiang Xin’s performance is just undeniable! It’s awesome that 4/5 of the girls got nominated. hahah


      1. Jiang Xin has a more difficult character to play imo. She blows it out of the water. I like WZW’s character so much, she is so interesting. Ode to Joy got a lot of nominations. It is a success critically and commercially.


        1. Agree! that’s why Jiang Xin’s acting really showed in this drama. She portrayed Xiao Mei’s desperation so well! I actually hopes she wins just cause she deserves that recognition.


  3. Hoping the Princess agent opening soundtrack would shows us some more scenes from the drama as the wait is killing me, lol.
    AHAHAH on your comment on GXT’s Marge Simpson hair in untouchable lovers, so far this drama has some of the weirdest shaped hairstyles i have ever seen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ME TOO!! I’ve been replaying the trailer over and over again for too many times! 10 more days!! >.<
      hahah rights? there was that side swirl before and now this tall one. hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

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