[Admin] Recruiting New Members

We want you!

Hi all!

It was about 8 months ago when this blog was first created with the idea that it could be a platform of discussions for everything and anything Chinese entertainment related. Our goal is to gather an open-minded community who like to share their opinions and discuss topics that interest them. And I hope it has been for those that visit.

We are now opening this blog up for people who would like to write posts and share with this community. The posts can be about everything and anything that is c-ent related (example: Entertainment news, recaps, reviews, features, etc). You don’t have to post often (we understand that bloggers also have a real life), just when you have time.

We welcome anyone, we just ask that you are respectful to other admins.

Please contact us via this post/Twitter if you would like to join us! We promise we don’t bite! =D

– cnewsdevotee



15 thoughts on “[Admin] Recruiting New Members

  1. What a wonderful idea!There are so many things to do and say . At least it is worthwhile to be able express and relate to the conversations and topics presented. I myself like to see and hear positive achievements not only the dislikes and scandals these stars do in their private life.

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  2. This is an amazing opportunity! Although I’ll prefer doing only recaps/reviews with Chinese related content, I hope that’s okay! Can you contact me at jnguyenlynn@gmail.com?

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    • Yay! happy that you want to join us. Yup recaps/reviews only are totally fine and if you want to post other stuff in the future you are more than welcome to. We’re a very chill and laid back group with little rules. I’ll email you personally and we can discuss more then. =D

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  3. I’m interested too, but I prefer doing casual updates on upcoming dramas and I may not be able update often.

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  4. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I would like to join, but am only interested in doing reviews and recaps.

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  5. Hehe, all the best! I hope to see more new names when I next read the blog 🙂 Wish I saw such opportunities before I actually started drama blogging myself. Perhaps I wouldn’t have my own blog in that case xD


  6. Welcome to all the new joiners! Have been so busy at work so haven’t been able to contribute much so kudos to @chexmix12 and @fireflymaoh for keeping the flag flying !

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  7. Hi I have been following this blog for awhile. I would definitely like to join in ,but I was just curious are you mainly looking for people who have knowledge of the Chinese language? I sadly and studying it but I wouldn’t have enough to understand a whole show without subtitles.

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