Update: 2017 Cannes Film Festival

A lot of celebrities were invited to Cannes Film Festival. I will update this post as more celebrities attend since there is still about a week left.

Updated with new pictures of other celebrities

Xi Meng Yao

Her outfit seems simple, but I really like it. Notice how she is wearing two different earrings.

Li Yuchun

She takes a lot of risks and although her outfits are not my style, they all manage to look good on her.

Jing Boran

Wang Bowen

Yang Zishan

Two of her outfits are my favorites.

Wang Luo Dan

Mengrui (new actor)

Fan Bing Bing

It is a pretty dress, but she usually wears something with more impact. I also didn’t like her makeup, it made her look too pale.

Fan Bing Bing and Shu Qi61e7f4aaly1ffvijzabl1j21kw16owue

Shu Qi

Michelle Yeoh

Zhu Yin

Lan Yan

Xu Dabao

Yang Yang

Looking classy, very prince charming.

Liu Wen

Not a fan of this look

Qin Hai Lu

Guan Xiao Tong

I really like this dress on her, she looks really pretty.


9 thoughts on “Update: 2017 Cannes Film Festival

  1. wow..Lan Yan’s dress caught my attention. She looks like she had wings coming out the back and a scythe hanging off her shoulder.
    hahahah Yea…that chinese flag dress was overdoing…


    1. I loved Aishwarya Rai’s look. She looked flawless. I was expecting something more wow from FBB. She is still looked great. I just have an extra bar in red carpets for FBB bc her dresses are usually so amazing.


      1. I read elsewhere that because Fan Bing Bing is a jury this year she couldn’t really wear something too flashy, or else it could divert the attention away from the other judges etc


  2. Who are some of these people? I’m embarrassed just looking at that Chinese flag dress, I’m sure the people back home are not appreciative of her wearing that.


    1. yep people were not happy. I think she did it to get some attention. She had to apologize in the end, but I guess she got what she wanted which is some publicity.


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