[Recap] Ode To Joy 2 Episode 7-12

Wang Kai here to seduce you into watching Ode to Joy 2! =D hahah

Title: Ode to Joy 2 (欢乐颂 第二季)

# of episodes: 52 55

Release date: May 11, 2017 Monday – Friday 2 episodes and Saturday 1 episode.

Synopsis: The continuation of this simple story on 5 different women sharing the top floor of an apartment building as they each go through family, financial, relationship, and career related struggles. Some of the questions to be answered in the upcoming season: Who will Andy end up with? Will Fang Shengmei finally be happy? Will Qu Xiaoxiao and Zhao Qiping end up together? Will Qiu Yingying and Ying Qing be in a relationship? One thing is sure: these questions will be answered in season 2!

Where to watch: Youtube (raw) or Dramafever  (eng sub) – airing 2 eps/day starting May 15.  Thread (for more info, pics, and trailers)

Episode 7

Xiao Qiuying, YingTing, and Xiao Mei went out to a casual restaurant to eat. Half way thru lunch, Xiao Mei got a call from the cops saying that her brother is in trouble and will need to be bailed. She called her mom back and her mom begged her to help her brother out. She refused and hung up on her. She rejoined the lunch but was obviously feeling down.  (Boo! Her family really need to stop relying on her!! Her mom need to stop favor her brother!)

Xiao Qu went to pick doctor Zhao up and introduce herself as his girlfriend in front on his friends. Cack to her office, doctor Zhao kept distracting her. Just when you think she really will ignore him to work, she dragged him into her office before he could countdown to 1! (Lol! Xiao Qu…focus)

Bao Yifan ambushed Andy at her apartment and forced her to let him into her house. He started cooking breakfast for her. During breakfast, Wei Guo Qian kept calling but she kept ignore his call. After breakfast, they left and saw Guan Guan outside. Bao Yifan took this chance to introduce himself as Andy’s future boyfriend. The curious duos, Xiao Qiuying and Xiao Mei, also came out to watch. Both Guan Guan and Xiao Mei were happy for Andy but Xiao Qiuying, due to past trauma, was a little worried.

At the company, a woman suddenly charged toward Andy and slapped her in the face. She claimed to be Wei Guo Qiang’s wife and accused Andy of having an affair with her husband. Disturbed, Andy called Wei Guo Qiang’s to tell him to control his wife. Before he could be all sentimental out being her dad, she hung up on him. (Her dad is so selfish!)  Later at night, Lao Tan reassured her that he will not let the woman thru the company again.

Episode 8

When Xiao Mei got home from work, she got a call from her mom panicking about the people pounding on the door because of the brother. Xiao Mei coached her mom what to say to get the people to leave. After they left, her mom begged Xiao Mei to help her brother. She hung up and looked defeated/irritated/heartbroken at the same time.

At work, Andi’s secretary told her that Wei Guo Qian’s wife came back and is waiting for her downstairs. Andi ignored it but when it was time to leave for work, she decided to face the lady head on. In the meeting room, the lady accused Andi of scheming to steal the grandfather’s inheritance. (he left all his money to Andi in his will). Andi just rolled her eyes at her.

Ying Ting drove Xiao Qiuying home. While he was walking her back to the apartment, Xiao Qu saw them. Xiao Qiuying did not want to reveal too much but Xiao Qu figured it out in the end that they are seeing each other. After Xiao Qu drove off, Ying Ting grabbed Xiao Qiuying’s hands and semi-confessed. She gave him a peck. Just when they were preparing to kiss, Ying Ting got shy and ran off. (Lol. Xiao Qu straightforward attitude can be funny sometime and annoying the next).

Wei Guo Qian’s wife lied and said that the court requested Andi to go to Beijing for DNA verification. Andi ignored her and immediately called the cops under the statement that someone want to kidnap her. She called Lao Tan afterward. He came to her aid immediately but the wife also called another big shot to back her up. Lao Tan decided to not involve the cops and settle the matter privately.

Episode 9

At the meeting, Andi accepted the DNA test between her and her grandfather hoping to end the matter as quickly as possible. The wife accused Wei Guo Qian of using the will to personally inherit the money himself. During the ride home, Lao Tan also pointed out that Wei Guo Qian might be scheming something also.


Xiao Qu met up with doctor Zhao for their date. The two openly displayed their affections for one another. During the concert, Xiao Qu could not keep her eyes open and kept wanting to sleep. After the concert, she pretended to be a classical enthusiast but was discovered by doctor Zhao immediately. They saw Guan Guan, who also happen to have attended the same concert and was watching them from afar. Feeling down that she and doctor Zhao’s taste do not match up, Xiao Qu sulkily chased doctor Zhao away. When he actually left, she sulkily went home to sleep.

The next day, Xiao Qu woke up late for a meeting. She rushed to the hotel to meet up with her client, who doesn’t seem to like her much. She bragged about studying abroad in the US. The client all of a sudden busted out English to communicate with Xiao Qu.

Episode 10

Xiao Qu used what limited English she has to communicate with the lady but the lady look down upon her and ignored her as a potential business partner. A guy came to hit on Xiao Qu but she ended up giving Xiao Mei’s name instead. A few days later, the guy actually ended up looking for Xiao Qu in Xiao Mei’s office just to find out that he was duped. Xiao Qu came back to the apartment and, after talking to Guan Guan, decided that she will study for a MBA too!

Andi went to Beijing with Lao Yan to do the DNA testing for the case. Bao Yifan called her and told her that he is also in Beijing and want to meet up. She agreed and told him about her current situation. He accompanied her to the DNA testing.

Xiao Qiuying and Ying Ting’s relationship is going well. She was debating whether to bring him home to meet the parents or not yet. At work, Guan Guan got two tickets for a play. Both Xiao Mei and Xiao Qiuying could not make it but Xiao Qu could and was willing to.

Episode 11

Wei Guo Qian’s wife charged her car at Andi. Bao Yifan pulled her back before she got hit. He twisted his back as a result and used that excuse to hog Andi. Bao Yifan, too, think that Wei Guo Qian is scheming something. They just don’t know what yet.

Xiao Qu and Guan Guan went to watch a play. Xiao Qu, of course, fell asleep throughout. Once they got back to the apartment, doctor Zhao was waiting there. He teased her for wanting to study and then seduced her to get in bed with him. She jumped at the chance.

Xiao Mei passed training and is not an official employee of the company. The guy Xiao Qu duped before came by for investment. After work, Xiao Mei’s mom called and told her to send them more money if not they won’t have food to eat. (She used up her allowance to help the brother). Xiao Mei was conflicted whether to send money or not. She called Bai Quan for help but lashed out at him in the process. Bai Quan decided to avoid the problem by pretending to be drunk of the night and shut off his phone.

Episode 12

Andi got news that Wei Guo Qian’s wife is in custody. Guan Guan called to ask Andi to accompany her to her blind date. Andi brought Xiao Qu along for help. During lunch, the guy kept bsing and Xiao Qu pretended to be flirting with him throughout. When Andi asked if he would consider being with Xiao Qu instead of Guan Guan, he rejected. Xiao Qu left. She explained later that he’s just following his parents wish in order to inherit their money.

Xiao Mei’s neighbor called and told her that her mom stopped by to ask for food. Anxious, Xiao Mei called Bai Quan to see if he has a solution. He did not. The two were out of it for the entire day. Especially Bai Quan, who now experienced the troubles that Xiao Mei’s family brings and second guessing his decision to be with her.

Xiao Qu’s got another business deal. She went to talk to her dad and her dad was willing to be the mentor to teach her. He mentioned that he wanted her to take over one day. She went out to party at night and saw her brother. Her friend told her that her brother just received a large sum of money from her dad. Angry, she left. She confronted her mom but her mom also didn’t know anything.

Chexmix: I think Jiang Xin is such an underrated actress! Her performance here always leave me in awe. Can’t help but feel the desperation and frustrations that Xiao Mei is feeling! =( I feel for her situation. What would you do if you were in her position? Cut her family off completely or keep letting them leech off of you?  The story is a little slow in the beginning but it’s finally picking up and is leading to all the dramas! Especially Andi’s story. Any clue what Wei Guo Qian is scheming? cause it doesn’t seem like he’s after the money….and he’s definitely not finding his fatherly love after all these year! So many questions and unknowns but I think that’s the best part about this drama: it’s not predictable at all! =D

Congratz to Ode to Joy 2 for surpassing 6 billion online views already!! It’s only been 11 days since it aired! Oh and the drama will have actually have 55 episodes and the last ep will air June 10th.






9 thoughts on “[Recap] Ode To Joy 2 Episode 7-12

  1. When is Guan Guan going to meet her man? I’ve been watching the mv of the song they all sang together and it had tons of clips, lots of crying….I just know I’ll be taken on another roller coaster ride of emotions.


    1. Another question to add to the list! Soon I hope!
      oh heck yea! I was rewatching the trailer too and it looks like we’re about to reach the sad and intense part of the story soon!


    1. Their character is not married (yet) but just dating. They’re the funnest couple to watch cause they’re so cute together! >.<


  2. Jiang Xin is a great actress. I have seen her play three really different and complex roles. Really underrated.


    1. She is! I know she was mainly recognized for her role in Zhen Huan but I have watched it yet. I remembered her in JoF thou except she didn’t have much parts there.


      1. I found her really good in both ZhenHuan and JoF. Her characters were complex and not just what they seemed at first.


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