[Feature] 520 Confessions Day

May 20th may seem like a normal day for us international fans but 520 is a special day in China. 520 when said in Mandarin, it sounds like “I love you” therefore this day became known as “confession day” for Chinese people. It’s one of the busiest days at city halls for marriage registration because couples flock in for register their love on this special day. Of course for us international fans, it could also mean lots of lovely messages and confessions from our favorite celebs. =D

Madame Tussauds in Beijing revealed Zhao Liying’s was figure today!!

She’s holding the wax figure’s hand!

During the interview, she said she doesn’t want to eat buns but fans already brought her buns as a gift. She tried to feed it to her wax figure instead. hahah. She ate it in the end tho. =D

Twins had their concert on 520. Sisterly love with Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung. This marks the 16th year of this group!

Lin Zhi-Lin posted on Weibo “Who’s willing to to jump into the love ocean with me?” A lot of fans responded that Jerry Yan should jump in with her. The two dated back in the day and a lot of fans wanted them back together. Recently there were rumors that they might be getting back together because Jerry said he’s willing to get back together.


Yang Shuo posted: ” For me, you gave birth to 2 children. But I owe you a wedding ceremony. Marry me. I love you.” The wife responded: ” Sure! Let’s do it”


Michelle Chen uploaded a picture of her and Chen Xiao‘s baby “Just full 5 months. My little star”



Li Chen posted a cartoon picture of Fan Bing Bing and a perfume saying “Smell and you know. Happy 520”


Lu Yi hand wrote a letter to his wife and posted “This is our 22nd 520 together. Storing the love I have for you everyday in my heart”

Huang Xuan sending little hearts!

Happy Camp celebrates with a compiled confessions made by celebrities who went on the show! (Angelababy and Huang XiaoMing, Deng Chao and Sun Li, Tang Yan and Luo Jin, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin)

Liu Tao urges people to confess on this special day! She also wrote a hand written letter to her husband and children expressing her love for them!

That’s all I can find on Weibo for now. Let me know if anyone spotted more! =D

It’s May 21st in China right now and supposedly it’s starting to become a day where the person either accepts or rejects the confession made the previous day.


9 thoughts on “[Feature] 520 Confessions Day

  1. why do I feel like her wax figure looks a bit off I think they are better at doing male wax figures.

    Liu Tao ❤


    1. Yea…I thought so too. I think it’s the hairstyle. It looks too proper on a wax figure. Oh and the no smile! it gives off a wealthy proper lady. But it’s still not bad tho. hahha could be worse.


    2. Not all male wax figures, Luhan’s came out really off. I’m just glad they went with her current brows and not Boss & Me brows


    1. Lolol! I know how much you like that hairstyle Hannah but u sure u want that oh so wonderful classic midline split on her permanently? and being displayed for thousands to see! hahah


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