UPDATE: Zhao Liying and Yang Yang hold a fan meeting for Kang Shifu

Yang Yang and Zhao Liying held a fan meeting at Guangzhou University to promote their new CF for Kang Shifu.

Zhao Liying shows off her new haircut. After being fooled by great wigs this past week, I am guessing this is not a wig.

When you are short

Yang Yang looking handsome like always.

I had to include a picture of when he arrived at the airport because there were like twenty guards waiting for him, boy he is popular.

Zhao Liying and Yang Yang looking adorable and making me wish they would film a modern drama together.

Backstage for some interviews

This channel uploaded the whole fanmeeting if you want to see it. I am just posting the first part and the backstage interview.

Tomorrow I will update with a mini-movie that will be released.

a BTS video to build your anticipation


Here is the mini-movie. It is like a long commercial, but they are cute.


11 thoughts on “UPDATE: Zhao Liying and Yang Yang hold a fan meeting for Kang Shifu

  1. My dream otp is finally happening even it was just a CF. Yes! The short movie cf is out! Im happy! Waiting for the engsub.


  2. They definitely look compatible. Both are adorable. I like her new shorter cut. Made her look even younger. Like everyone else, I am anticipating her collaborating with Yang Yang. It would be awesome. It would create a big hype and audience as both are young, single and popular. Producers should get them together. Would definitely rake in ratings 🙂


  3. Lol at the wig comment! Yup for sure her real hair here. and I love it! It made that semi-mid split works! hahah Can’t wait for the mini movie! And yes a drama between the two of them would be awesome! a modern drama plz! =D


  4. Good god, didn’t know they could make promoting a tea beverage into such an event. They even had such a long buildup, finally we are going to get the long version of a COMMERCIAL…..only in China. As if the in your face product placements in dramas aren’t enough.

    These two look adorable and I am definitely eagerly awaiting the day they make a drama together. The production cost would probably be ridiculous though, but it would get so much hype.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol yes, they have been hyping this up so much that I cant wait for the mini movie.
      It would be super expensive, sadly they are so popular that it will be hard to cast them together but I am hopeful.


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