22nd Huading Awards with Li Yi Feng, Tang Yan, Lu Yi, Yuan Hong , Tan Song Yun, etc

The 22nd Huading Awards ceremony was held on May 18, 2017 in Suzhou.

I usually catch most award shows, not because of the awards since those are pretty obvious once the guest list comes out. I like watching for fashion, interactions, tibbits, etc. Now be prepare to witness one of the plainest red carpets ever. I want more color.

Red Carpet

Li Yi Feng looking really handsome. I really like how they styled his hair.

Tang Yan: I am disappointed with her dress, but she had the best dress of the night. I liked her other dress better.

She looks great, but I just wanted more color. I feel like everyone agreed on wearing the same two colors.

Tan Song Yun 

Yuan Hong looking classy.

Lu Yi


Hu Jing

Zhang Zifeng

Zhao Yazhi


LuYi wins Best Actor in a Republican Drama for Rookie Agent Rouge

Ke Lan wins Best Actress in a Republican Drama for Jin Shui Bridge

Yuan Hong wins Best Actor in an Ancient Drama for Singing All Along. His wife Zhang Xinyi won Best Actress in an Ancient Drama for Princess Jieyou. He received the award for both of them.

Tan Song Yun wins Best Newcomer for The Whirlwind Girl 

She also sang a song later on

MaSu wins Best Actress in a Contemporary Drama for We are Still Married.

Xa Yajun wins Best Actor in a Contemporary Drama for Keep the Marriage as Jade

Zhang Zifeng wins Best Supporting Actress for A love for Separation

Zhao Lixin wins Best Supporting Actor for Chinese Style Relationship

Li Xiao, Yu Miao, and Zhang Yingji win Best Screenplay for To Be a Better Man

Wan Jun wins Best Director for A Love For Separation. He is the Director for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace and said that we can expect the drama to air around December 5th.

Best Production goes to In The Name of The People. 

In The Name of The People also won the Jury’s Award. The drama won 10 awards total for the night.

Ten actors won TV Audience Favorite TV Star Award.

Li Yaoxiang and Guo Keying

Cao Xiwen and Huo Yong

Hu Jing and Bai Zhi Di

Zhang Zhijan and Zhang Kaili

Tang Yang and Li Yi Feng

Li Yi Feng: ” This year is my ten year anniversary of debut, to get this award is very meaningful. I hope that in the future I will continue to work hard and to shoot very good works. Also Congratulations Tang Yan … “

Tang Yan wins Best Actress for Princess Weiyoung. She looks so happy.

“I am very lucky I am an actor and I hope I can bring positive energy to the audience… It’s not that I am the best actor, but this award tells me that I can be a good actor.”

Li Yi Feng wins Best Actor for Noble Aspirations/ Legend of Chusen.

“This is my first time participating in the Huading Awards, to get such a big award, it is such a big encouragement …  thanks to all my fans …”

Well you know how I feel about Zhang Xiaofan, his character from Sparrow deserved this so much more. Justice for Chen Shen. I also think it is such shame that everyone knows who is going to win the moment celebs announce they are attending an award ceremony. I saw posts of fans celebrating like a week ago. I just wish there would be a bit more mystery. Anyways congrats to everyone!

Top 10 Dramas of the Year


20 thoughts on “22nd Huading Awards with Li Yi Feng, Tang Yan, Lu Yi, Yuan Hong , Tan Song Yun, etc

  1. Oh Xiao Fan….that’s really not a good role for him to be remembered as…
    I really like Tan Yan’s first dress (the white one). So elegant. And the short bob really suit her! hahah maybe the bob is coming back in style. First FBB and now her.


    1. i know… smh
      I liked her white dress too, I mean the other one wasn’t bad but it looked so dark in the red carpet. I dont know I was really looking forward to her dress so I was kind of like meh. I love that haircut on her, it is for her new drama and it looks so pretty. However, I also think it is a wig since i have seen her go from short to long hair really fast. Those wigs are top class.


  2. Hmm I can’t say I’m impressed with LYF and TY winning best actor and actress award. The list has better choices.
    And no Peach in best 10 dramas?


    1. it is for 2016, In The Name of The People won some awards but due to massive success. It will probably sweep a lot of awards at the end of the year.


  3. The images for “Zhang Zifeng wins Best Supporting Actress for A love for Separation” and “Zhao Lixin wins Best Supporting Actor for Chinese Style Relationship” are weirdly small on my computer… Anyone else have that issue?


      1. ohh okay ^^
        I appreciate you letting me know if there are any problems with the pics since I have been having some issues when making posts.


    1. Yes fan voted would make sense because their acting in the dramas…. weren’t that great yet they won over many better actors and actresses.


      1. I think they base it on a lot of things, like a successful drama and response to the character. I dont think their win was that shocking if you look at previous winners. I just wish LYF had won with Sparrow since he did a better job there imo.


  4. I am a fan of Tan Song Yun now after Fox Fall In Love – happy to see her getting more recognition. LYF and TY winning for best acting awards is a bit of a stretch for me – popularity yes but not acting (especially for that role in Chusen,)


    1. I like her since Whirlwind girl, she is very likable.
      It was a bit of a stretch but if you look at past winners, it is pretty usual. All these awards give out some popularity. I think it depends how much a studio pulls for an actor to win. Similar how to studios lobby for Oscar and Golden Globes nominations.
      Some people were complaining about this online and it turns out that Huading has a rule that if you dont attend you can’t win. So if an actor gets votes from the judge, but they dont attend the award goes down the list in order. Huading can say well they won because they attended unlike other nominees, however who got invited? I really wish award shows were a bit more of a mystery. You always know who will win because they only invite the winners.


  5. I am surprise that Liying didn’t win anything. I mean at least for her roles in Mystic Nine for example or even Rookie Agent Rouge. The list of celebs attending didn’t impress me much compared to other events. But I must admit that most ladies were very beautifully dressed. I like TY’s dresses. Her hair suits her very much. A change from her usual style.


    1. she was only nominated for her role in The Mystic Nine for Best Actress.
      Yeah, there were few celebs. I think it has to do with the fact that unless you win, you don’t really get an invitation. This is something I wish award shows would change. It would add to the mystery of who will win and we would get to see all the celebs nominated. However, in the current system only winners attend these shows. So everyone there wins something then they go home. Pretty pointless imo. At least we get to see them wearing pretty dresses.
      TY looked the best imo. Love her wig, she will be using it in her new drama and I have been loving all the stills the production company has been releasing.


      1. I remembered Jinxing (from the Jinxing Show) critized about these “pointless awards” and said something like this : “if you come then you get a prize, if you don’t come (or can’t come) then you don’t get any…….” A pity really as it could have been a little bit more valued if they had done it like Oscars type. A pity that LY didn’t win anything but then again from the few worthwhile celebs present it was not much of an event anyways.


        1. yes, I agree with her. I like award shows, but they need to stop downgrading their own system by giving attendance awards. They should invite everyone and no one should know the winner until they announce it. I think now celebrities only go after they are told they won, otherwise they dont bother bc they can be making money or relaxing.
          It is so funny when they act surprised after winning, like you are the only nominee here. That is why the few awards that don’t announce it are seen as more valuable. Huading is decently prestigious so they should improve their award system. Just invite all the nominees. I doubt it will happen, but it would be a much better system imo.


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