[RECAP] Ode to Joy 2 Episode 4-6

Lol! Xiao Qiuying is just too adorable!

Title: Ode to Joy 2 (欢乐颂 第二季)

# of episodes: 52

Release date: May 11, 2017 Monday – Friday 2 episodes and Saturday 1 episode.

Synopsis: The continuation of this simple story on 5 different women sharing the top floor of an apartment building as they each go through family, financial, relationship, and career related struggles. Some of the questions to be answered in the upcoming season: Who will Andy end up with? Will Fang Shengmei finally be happy? Will Qu Xiaoxiao and Zhao Qiping end up together? Will Qiu Yingying and Ying Qing be in a relationship? One thing is sure: these questions will be answered in season 2!

Where to watch: Youtube (raw) or Dramafever  (eng sub) – airing 2 eps/day starting May 15.  Thread (for more info, pics, and trailers)

Episode 4

Doctor Zhao pulled Xiao Qu close and took a picture of them together. He told her to send it to her circle of friends. She hesitated before pushing sent. He questioned her and told her that she’s afraid of letting her friends know that they are together and that’s why they can’t be together. She said she doesn’t care about that and confessed to him. He smiled and said that once she sent then they are officially together. She happily clicked sent. At dinner, he admitted to liking foxes and asked what she likes. She said she likes Tang Zang’s meat (referencing Journey to the West). Yao Bing, however, was not happy about the news.

The next morning, doctor Zhao got caught by the whole crew while sneaking out of Xiao Qu’s house. Xiao Mei and them were just starring at him awkwardly waiting for the elevator. After he decided to take the stairs instead, the elevator opened and Andy greeted him. After he left, they all smiled at the tired looking Xiao Qu coming out of her house. (hahaha. Love how everyone just stare at him waiting for the elevator!)

Now that the holidays are over, everyone is going to back to work. Andy drove Guan Guan to work, Xiao Qiuying took the train, and Bai Quan came to pick Xiao Mei up for her first day at her new job. On the way, Bai Quan told Xiao Mei about him collaborating with Xiao Qu. She warned him about her and how she like to still people’s boyfriend.

Lao Tang visited Andy at her office. He told her that Wei Wei called while she was about. Andy had no plan of getting back with him nor dating anyone else. Lao Tang told her not to close the door to love just because one didn’t worked out and ask about Bao Yifan. Andy denied any possibility with him. About work, Lao Tang told her that she will need to take a business trip for the acquiring of the Hong Xing company.

The secretary notified Andy that her dad, Wei Guo Qian, is here. He came to convince Andy to visit her grandfather before he pass away. She flat out refused saying that her only relative is her brother. Wei Guo Qian left and tried to convince Lao Tang to convince Andy. Lao Tang told him Andy is his friend and he will respect her decision.

Bai Quan came looking for Xiao Qu at the warehouse to talk business. He saw how well she dealt with those warehouse workers and was impressed. During lunch, he asked her to go easy on Xiao Mei. To hold back on the things she say that would hurt her. She complimented him as a good boyfriend. (Xiao Qu is such a different person at work and with doctor Zhao ^.^)

Andy contemplated on whether to go to the hospital or not. Her grandfather is so sick that he might be able to live through the night. She arrived at the hospital but could not forgive them to visit. She got a text from Wei Guo Qian that grandpa passed away. She cried and called Lao Tang to tell him that she will be taking a break to visit her brother. On her way their, she kept thinking about her past with her mom and brother. The minute she got there, she ran toward her brother and hugged him.

Episode 5

While Xiao Qiuying was showing pictures to her co-worker, Ying Qing texted and asked her out for lunch. She happily agreed (and very silly too. Lol). They met at the park and he kept the lunch warm in a down jacket for her. During lunch, Ying Qin revealed that he had saved enough to have bought a house and a car already. Xiao Qiuying was shocked thinking that he was as poor as her. They decided to meet again after work. He came to pick her up after work and in the midst of awkward silent, Xiao Qiuying burst out saying that his clothes smell. They stopped by a store to buy clothes. She saw a sweater that she likes but was too expensive. He offered to buy it for her, the person he likes, but she refused. He sent her home afterward.

Andy traveled to Dai San to visit her brother. She cried at her situation but her brother told her to smile instead. Before she left, her brother’s care taker told her that Wei Wei came to visit Xiao Ming for a couple of days before. Andy was troubled when she left. She remembered the time that she was with Wei Wei. (Sigh..she should just forget about him arleady

Back at the apartment, Xiao Qiuying came back all giddy. She told Guan Guan and Xiao Mei about her progress with Ying Qin but warned them not to tell Xiao Qu. She also told them about Ying Qin owning a house. Surprised by the news, Xiao Mei left to throw away trash. Outside the door, Xiao Mei worried about her future with Bai Quan, who do not own a house. She saw Andy came out of the elevator desolated. The two went into Andy’s apartment to talk. Andy told her about her grandfather passing away and her non-existing future with Wei Wei. Xiao Mei told her about her worries and insecurities with Bai Quan not owning a home. Life is cruel and realistic but at least they have each other.

Xiao Qu toured her newly expanded company and was happy to see that her office is now more well designed. She stopped by the hospital to visit doctor Zhao afterward and bought food for him to make. (Since she can’t cook). She left soon after since he was busy but did not forget to squeeze his butt before she left.

The next day, Andy took her trip to Nan Zhong to discuss business with Bao Yifan. He waited for her at the hotel and made all arrangements for her in advance. At the restaurant, the two bumped into Bao Yifan’s mother, who was very welcoming and eager to meet Andy. She told Andy about Bao Yifan and how he has pictures of her in his room and how she used to dress him up as a girl. She requested that Andy stay at their house for the night and Andy could not refuse.

Episode 6

After his mom left, Bao Yifan took Andy to the place where the Bao’s family fortune started. He said it is a place of peace for him and Andy is the first girl her took here. He told her about his family and how happy they were back then. Bao Yifan suggested that Andy do boxing. He told her that if she’s feeling unhappy, it will cheer her up.

Xiao Qiuying and Ying Ting went out for another day at a street food place. She told him that Xiao Mei and Guan Guan are always unwilling to come here with her. He offered to accompany her whenever. He also suggested that they drive back to their hometown together again in one month. All costs will be covered by him.

Xiao Qiuying felt uneasy by the gap in her and Ying Ting’s income. She doesn’t want to rely on him and have her pride. After contemplating, she knocked on Xiao Qu’s door, gave her a bear hug, and dragged her into the apartment. Xiao Qiuying asked Xiao Qu for business help without letting her know the reason (and the person that she’s doing this for). Xiao Qu told her to increase her base price and left after Xiao Qiuying gave her a shuddering (hilarious) “I love you”. Xiao Qu went back to her apartment and continued to stalk doctor Zhao and stared at his handsome face. She posted a picture of herself being tired too and quoted that she got harassed by someone (aka Xiao Qiuying). Xiao Qiuying saw the post and just laugh.

That night, Andy and Bao Yifan stayed at the hotel instead of Bao Yifan’s home (as his mom wanted). Andy was paranoid the whole night and locked herself in the room. She dozed off and imagined that Wei Wei caught her and Bao Yifan in the hotel room. When she woke up, she went out to see that Bao Yifan is just sleeping on the sofa. She called Lao Tan for advice. He told her that people naturally seek happiness. Just because she was unhappy with Wei Wei doesn’t mean she will be unhappy with another person.

The next day, Bao Yifan woke up had Andy hand feed him water. He slyly sneak a peck on her cheek. His mom told him that they are late to the meeting. He replied to her saying that him and Andy overslept. Andy got angry and told him to explain to his mom that they are not together. At the meeting, Andy texted him that she needs to leave and he took the chance to ask her out for dinner.

On the other side, Xiao Mei and Bai Quan was preparing to go to the farm for the weekend. On the way, Xiao Qu called and told him that his business report was well received and for him to follow up with it. Xiao Mei heard that and immediately told him to turn around and go to work. She later brought up Ying Ting and how he own a house and indirectly put pressure on Bai Quan to get on it. (oh the awkwardness)

Bai Quan dropped her back home and Xiao Mei saw Xiao Qiuying preparing to go on a date with Ying Ting. She gave her some advice and encouragement (hilarious eye roll. Hahah). During the date, Ying Ting told Xiao Qiuying on his bonus and asked if she wanted to go to dinner to celebrate with him. She said yes but asked if she can bring Xiao Mei with her too. (Omg there are so many scenes of time eating on a bench!)

Chexmix: Love this drama so far! Everyone’s story is developing along except for Guan Guan. Xiao Qiuying is so silly and adorable. Her and Xiao Qu’s love hate relationship is fun to watch. Especially that bear hug scene! Hahaha. Xiao Qu and doctor Zhao is such a match well made! The conversation is always so interesting. =D Xiao Mei’s story is just sooooo realistic! I feel bad for her situation. Her minutes on happiness ruined by just a phone call. Andy…my favorite character! Wish her all the happiness. She’s so relaxed with Bao Yifan but at the same time Lao Tan takes such good care of her. Also…is it just me or does it seem like there are more of her and Lao Tan’s interactions this season? I swear they were not on the phone this much last season! Hahaha

It’s a little early to decide, but I’m really curious on what people think about Andy’s future relationship! Who do you think she should end up with? Is Bao Yifan the right guy for her? Will Tan Zong Ming sweep in at the end and win the girl?


7 thoughts on “[RECAP] Ode to Joy 2 Episode 4-6

  1. I personally think both Wei Wei and Bao Yi Fan are men who do not respect Andy’s issues with space and physical intimacy.

    Bao Yi Fan literally has acted like a lovesick teenager, constantly irritating and nagging Andi, trying to hold her, kiss her etc.when he knows she is just fresh out of a relationship and can see she is uncomfortable with his brash overtures.

    Just because he is cute, he does not get a pass.

    He is not as manipulative as Wei Wei, yes, but I wonder how he does business because he’s literally just pushing himself on Andi in every situation, not reading any of her non-verbal cues.

    All the men in Andi’s life are trainwrecks except for Tan Zong Ming. He respects her space and is a good friend.

    However, that does not mean I advocate them getting together just because they match each other. I understand this is a romance Cdrama and they will need to close with Andi ‘settling down’ to satisfy their audience.

    However, Andi doesnt need to settle down in marriage or whatever. She is a strong, independent woman and she doesnt need all the trainwrecks of men to validate her or for her to settle down with them.

    I know in the novels she gets married to Bao Yi Fan, but just, I cant tolerate the people she has as her romantic interests.

    If there was someone nice like Bai Chuan or Zhao Qi Ping who are muxh better human beings than Wei Wei or Bao Yi Fan as her romantic interests it would have been nice.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree that Andi is an independent woman that doesn’t need a man in her life. If she can’t find the right one she can just be surrounded by the women on the 22nd floor! Hahah. But I think BYF is not as inconsiderate as you say. He’s pushy and goes for what he likes but he never crossed the boundary with Andi (he’s probably at the edge). Hence she’s paranoid but always surprised that he hadn’t taken that one step further. Either way, just hope that Andi has a happy ending!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Obviously it would be to have her way with Bao Yifan and marry Lao Tan once she realizes he’s always been the one for her.


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