[Recap] Legend of Dragon Pearl Episode 9-12

Synopsis: The story of the ill-fated romance between Zhu Yi Huan (Yangzi), the last princess of the Ming Dynasty and Kangxi (Qin Jun Jie), the young emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

You can watch the raw version here.  You can more information on the drama on this thread.

Episode 9

5 days before being sent into the palace, Ou Bai casually brought up how he wished he had a daughter like Yi Huan. She immediately took that opportunity to become Ou Bai’s goddaughter. Ou Bai accepted it and gifted her a vest as present. She knows that it was just a tactic to get her to be loyal to him.

During dinner, Yi Huan chased the brothel’s owner out to read the message that Zhu Gege gave her. The owner reluctantly left but told her that she’ll be back to teach her the art of the bed. Yi Huan sent Zhu Gege a message back telling him to be wary that Ou Bai will come looking for him as her long lost brother.

The following day, Ou Bai sent people out to look for Yi Huan’s brother and found Zhu Gege in the clinic. They brought him back and the brother and sister played out a dramatic reunion. Zhu Gege thanked Ou Bai for reuniting them. Yi Huan suggested that Ou Bai also sent her brother to the palace so that the two can help one another. Ou Bai thought about it and decided to send him in as a doctor.

Zhu Gege sent the news to Long Sam saying that Yi Huan got capture by Ou Bai and will be sent into the palace. He asked him to tell the king to look out for Yi Huan. As Zhu Gege planned, Long Sam got super angry at Ou Bai.

Yi Huan finally got sent into the palace. Her and the other girls were learning how to walk properly in the palace. However, Yi Huan got tired and just decided to rest. The momo saw her and asked her to continue and never to do anything without permission again. Yi Huan continued but kept asking the momo for permission to hiccup and fart. (Lol! This part is so funny!).

Episode 10

Zhu Gege was also being challenged by the doctors at the clinic to separate two types of mushrooms. They gave him 3 days but he said he could do it in one incense time. On the other side, the momo finally realized that Yi Huan was making of her (and thought that she probably was not sent by Ou Bai). She punished Yi Huan by not giving her food. The worse kind of punishment for Yi Huan!

Yi Huan got so hungry in the middle of the night that she decided to sneak out to find food. She caught a fish in the pond but a parrot was making noise and calling her thief. To shut him up, she accidentally strangled him with her handkerchief.

The next day, the momo was asking for the culprit that killed the parrot. While she was punishing the other girls, Yi Huan stepped up to admit that she did it. The momo wanted to punish her but consort Li (sister Xue) stepped in to ask for pardon.

Sister Xue managed to rescue Yi Huan from the momo now that she’s a consort. During their talk, they bumped into the head of the eunuchs (Li eunuch) who looks a lot like Lord Jin. When Yi Huan went back, she found out that one of the girls who went to serve the king was killed because the “king got angry”.

Yi Huan got scared and hurriedly went to draw pictures of Long Sam to give to Zhu Gege. However, her artistic skill was not well therefore she drew a lot of poorly drawn pictures of Long Sam for Zhu Gege to find. They were hoping that Long Sam can ask the king to help her out a little.


Episode 11

The next day, it was announced that the third girl died after she got picked by the king. Yi Huan got even more anxious now and decided to use a lantern to attract Long Sam’s attention. When Long Sam’s got the news, he dispersed everyone from the surrounding and went to find Yi Huan.

A little surprised, but Long Sam told her that he already knew she was a girl from the beginning. Yi Huan asked to still be called big brother (da ge). Long Sam told her it’s weird since she’s dressed like a girl and decided to call her old brother (lao da) instead. During their meet up, Yi Huan told him everything regarding Ou Bai and Long Sam told her that the 3 girls that died were all spies of Ou Bai/Wu Sam Gui.

 photo capture20170508213127110_zpsib3cvesk.png

That night Yi Huan and Long Sam came up with the plan to pretend for the king to favor her. The next day, Yi Huan was called to serve the king. Zhu Gege was worried and gave up a handkerchief with drug but she was not allowed to take it with her. After the bath, they wrapped her up and sent her to the king’s room.

 photo capture20170508213202481_zpsgsvdnaoo.png

While waiting, Yi Huan felt uneasy and decided to escape. Before she could, the king already showed up…with a mask on. He pretended to want to sleep with her but she refused and slowly tried to back away.


Episode 12

Yi Huan kept backing away as the king kept teasing her about wanting to consummate with her. Yi Huan kicked him on the chest when he got too close and they accidentally knock something over and alerted the guards to rush in. The king got angry and shoo them away. Once things calmed down, Yi Huan got hungry. The king ordered her food. She also asked the king not to tell Long Sam about her being scared of him cause she wanted to appear strong in front of Long Sam.

 photo capture20170508220818873_zps1yltr2yh.png

After dinner, Yi Huan stalled for time by pretending to exercise. The king, however, kept pushing her to go to sleep. She came up with a plan to play dice to get the king drunk. After he got drunk, she got carried away immediate by Li eunuch before she can peak at his face. On the other side, Zhu Gege finally reunited with sister Xue. Through her, he found out that the woman that the king picked cannot bring anything in (meaning no handkerchief). He got worried and left to check on Yi Huan immediated.

Back in her own room, Yi Huan thanked Li eunuch with a bag of money. As he was leaving, she noticed the mole on his ear as the same mole she saw on Ou Bai’s spy. After he left, Zhu gege came out of hiding and asked if she was ok. She told Zhu gege about the mole and assured him that nothing happened. As planned, Ye brother and Ying Qing sister followed the son of Wu Sam Gui to investigate the whereabouts of the key. When they finally saw the face of the son, Wu Ying Hong, Ying Qin sister was surprised that he was that good looking.

Chexmix: People who need a light hearted drama right now should really give it a chance. You will be smiling through the episodes.  =D Yi Huan and Long Sam’s interactions are so funny and it’s even better when you know that they are a couple in real life and that they are acting pretty much the same way in real life! Hahahaha.


5 thoughts on “[Recap] Legend of Dragon Pearl Episode 9-12

  1. I want to watch, but I am busy trying to finish Dr. Qin ;;; you are moving too fast for me. I will come back later after watching.


    1. Sorry Wei and claudia. I dropped the series a while back because of all the summer showings. I might pick it up again once everything slows down.


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