[Recap] Legend of Dragon Pearl Episode 5-8

Synopsis: The story of the ill-fated romance between Zhu Yi Huan (Yangzi), the last princess of the Ming Dynasty and Kangxi (Qin Jun Jie), the young emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

You can watch the raw version here.  You can more information on the drama on this thread.

Episode 5

3 days later, Yi Huang met with Long Sam again to give him the antidote to his poison. After that, the next mission given to Yi Huang and her brother and sister is to capture a general who was once under Lord Jin and his son and interrogate him on the whereabouts of the son. The crew headed to Yuan Zhou to execute the plan. They decided to infiltrate a temple while Yi Huang guard the boat of their escape. photo capture20170507214501218_zpskxizcsfb.png

The horse carriage guy who worked for Ou Bai suddenly showed up at the boat and commanded Yi Huang to taking him to a brothel. Yi Huang decided to follow him inside the brothel to see what he is up to. While sneaking around she also stole stuff. She overhead the guy’s conversation about sending women into the palace for the king. photo capture20170507214628239_zpsdsnp6nsn.png

The horse carriage guy noticed a shadow and went out to capture Yi Huang. She pretended to only be a curious thief but the owner of the brother noticed that she is a girl immediately and locked her up. Yi Huang tried to escape but failed to do so. photo capture20170507214415441_zpsdf88lj0m.png

On the other side, the other 4 started to execute their plan to infiltrate the temp and waited for the target and his wife to show up at the temple.

Episode 6

 photo capture20170508164618984_zps8hg73ivt.png

Zhu Gege and his team successfully infiltrated the temple and captured Sun Fu. However, the one they captured was just a fake. In order to rescue their comrades, the brought the fake and his wife to trade. The real Sun Fu went back on his word and shot arrows at Zhu Gege and them. They managed to escape but Xue Jiejie got injured trying to save Zhu Gege.

While Long Sam was waiting for Yi Huan at the restaurant, Yi Huan successfully unlock the door. She saw Sun Fu outside while trying to escape and decided to return knowing that the lady will have her serve him. She pretended to reluctantly agree and they dressed her up as a girl to serve Sun Fu.

Alone with Sun Fu, Yi Huan played games to make him drink and drunk. Once he was knocked out, she signaled Zhu gege and them to come to her aid. They arrived and tried to kidnap the drunken Sun Fu out by dressing up as females. Yi Huan teased Zhu Gege by calling him little sister Zhu. (Lol! Mao Zijun does not look bad as a female!) They successfully snuck him out.

Yi Huan and Ye brother remained in the room while pretending to be Sun Fu. Ye brother confessed to Yi Huan but she told him that she only see him as a brother. She asked him never to mention it again because she feels uncomfortable hearing about it. (Love that Yi Huan is so straightforward about her feeling! =D. ) The next day, Ye brother took all of the brothel’s asset as Sun Fu the official and condemned the brothel of kidnapping innocent young girls.

Episode 7

Ye brother and Yi Huan managed to escape Yuan city but half way out, one of the guards started to get suspicious and question the identity of Sun Fu. Ye brother noticed the danger and helped Yi Huan escaped. But she didn’t want to run away without him and came back to help. She got caught easily. At that moment, Zhu Gege came to save them. He noticed Ye brother’s for Yi Huan right away and thanked him for saving his future wife. photo capture20170508173256954_zpsm2oiqkvs.png

Back at the inn, Zhu Gege tended to Sister Xue’s injury. (Oh this square soon to be pentagonal relationship)They heard horse carriage and decided to see who it is. Their 6th shifu joined them and told them to send the person in the carriage back to the village. The girl in the carriage looked just like sister Xue and it was planned that sister Xue will replace her to infiltrate the palace as the King’s mistress (if selected) photo capture20170508173645928_zpsnuavu9io.png

Back at the village (Ming Zhu Gu), the interrogated Sun Fu on the whereabout of Lord Jin’s son. Sun Fu lied and said Lord Jin’s son hated him and left when he decided to kill his wife and daughter. He later lied and said that the son actually already surrendered to the Qing. Before he can say anymore about Yi Huan, Ye brother angrily killed him. The team got sent back to the capital to continue their mission to find the keys and lock. photo capture20170508174339856_zpsp5oqa54h.png

Yi Huan finally met up with Long Sam. He thanked her for healing him and the king. While on the other side, Zhu Gege got news that there’s a possibility that the key that Wu Sam Gui has will be sent to the capital. He asked Ye brother and Qin Ying’s sister to infiltrate and investigate the whereabout of the key. Ye brother didn’t want to go but he was reminded again to put his duty before love.

Episode 8

The carefree and troublemaking Yi Huan once again snuck out to eat. With all the gold she got from Long Sam, she went to the restaurant and ordered a table filled with food. The owner brought out a roasted chicken and was going to take it away when she fought for it. The owner of the chicken happened to be the owner of the brothel in Yuan city. The owner lady recognized her right away!

Yi Huan tried to escape but got caught by Ou Bai instead. Ou Bai brought her back to his estate and interrogated her. She made up a story about how Sun Fu was actually working with Ming supporters from Ming Zhu Gu and she escaped cause he couldn’t take her back to that village with him. Ou Bai half believed her but still locked her up.

Both Zhu Gege and Long Sam were worried about Yi Huan whereabout. Zhu Gege knew that Yi Huan got captured by Ou Bai and sent people to monitor his estate for any news.

The owner of the brothel brought buns to Yi Huan and asked her to decide whether to agree on her plans or not. Yi Huan used this as leverage to ask for a roasted chicken for dinner. After dinner, Yi Huan agreed to her plan. The brothel owner convinced Ou Bai that Yi Huan is a good investment to be sent to the palace as a mole since she’s pretty and clever at the same time.

When Yi Huan came out dressed all femininely, Ou Bai asked her if she’s willing to help him. She hesitantly agreed. Ou Bai gave her a poisonous pill that will need antidote every month to ensure her loyalty. In her head, Yi Huan scoffed and said she already know how to cure that poison at the age of 5. They had 7 days to train her on all the necessary etiquettes but with her lazy personality, she just doesn’t want to learn.

Chexmix: Didn’t know that they were going to 12 episodes on Monday and that was it for the whole week….really hope that they don’t keep doing that for the remaining episodes. Other than that, I really like the series so far! It’s definitely a fun watch. I love it when Yi Huan get out of trouble by taking and making up stories (the female version of Wei Xiao Bao from Duke of Mount Deer) Love the chemistry between the leads, between Yi Huan and Zhu Gege, between Zhu Gege and Xue sister, and even between Ye brother and Yi Huan. Lol. This is gonna be a twisted octagonal love story. I know already which ship is gonna sail but can’t help but to ship Zhu Gege and Yi Huan! How does everyone like it so far?


5 thoughts on “[Recap] Legend of Dragon Pearl Episode 5-8

  1. I feel exactly the same about the ships, even though it’s a historical drama so you know who she must end up with 😀 Thanks for the recaps!


    1. They escaped with the son before the army infiltrated. And then they sent him to Taiwan before they got captured in another country.


  2. I unexpectedly fell in love with this drama. It’s like a rom-com set in a historical setting.
    Yeah I think there will be 12 episodes per week, according to Da Ju Du Buo on youtube. On one hand, I can binge watch in 2-3 days, so that’s good. The drama only airs 6 episodes per week, so the online version will be twice as fast. Wonder how’s that going to work out.


    1. Oooh nooo.. If that’s the case… I feel like they’re gonna pull a Chusen where they wait 2 weeks for everyone to catch up and air the last ep….


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