May Airing Schedule

List of dramas and movies to air in the month of May. This list will be updated as more dates are announced.

New May Dramas:

Legend of the Dragon Pearl (龙珠传奇之无间道) starring Qin Junjie and Yang Zi. Will air May 6th on Anhui Satellite TV and Beijing TV with ~62 episodes.

Ode to Joy Season 2 (欢乐颂2): starring Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Kai, Wang Ziwen, Yang Shuo, Yang Zi, and Deng Lun. Will air May 9th on Zhejiang and Dragon TV. Total of 52 episodes.

White Deer Plain (白鹿原) starring  Zhang Jia, He Bing, Qin Hailu, Deng Lun, and Li Qin. It is suppose to come back May 10th on Jiangsu and Anhui Satellite TV. It was taken off the air last month after one episode due to regulation problems.

My Sports Teacher (我的体育老师 ) starring  Zhang Xiao Tong and Wang Xiaochen will air on May 2017. A total of 38 episodes

Fighting Time (职场是个技术活) starring Wang Yaoqing and Pan Zhilin will premiere May 11th, 2017 on Beijing TV. A total of 56 episodes.

The Fox’s Summer second season (狐狸的夏天第二季) starts airing May 4th exclusively on Tencent. It stars Tang Song Yun and Jiang Chao. Currently being fan-subbed on Youtube. Thanks to ChocolateCosmos for the tip.

Undercover (卧底归来) Starring Zhang Jia x, Lin Shen, Liu Yijun, Li Qin, Fu Jing, and Zhai Tianlin premieres May 12th on Shandong Satellite TV.

Thrilling story about undercover narcotic police agents. Based on personal experience of over 130 real agents and cases. All around display of China’s anti-drug police undercover life. By director Liu Guang. 

As far as I know none of the new dramas are being subbed. Legend of the Dragon Pearl will probably be uploaded by Tencent on Youtube.

Still Airing:

Song of Phoenix (思美人), started April 28th on Hunan TV. Currently being subbed by Viki.

Fighter of Destiny (择天记) started April 17th on Hunan TV. Currently being fan-subbed on Youtube.

May Movies:

Special Encounter starring Yan Ni and Du Tianhao is set to be released May 19th.

Youth Dinner starring Shawn Dou and Janice Chang is set to be released May 11th.

Puppy Love starring Zhao Shunran and Zhu Yan Manzi is set to be released May 19th

La Historia de un Amor starring Zhang Kai and Alimjan Reyizha is set to be released May 27th.

God of War starring Vincent Zhao and Hung Sammo is set to be released May 27th.

Edge of Innocence starring Huang Zitao and Yang Caiyu is set to be released May 27th.

12 thoughts on “May Airing Schedule

  1. Yay looks like there’ll be a good mix of different genres for May dramas. Looking forward to Undercover, Dragon Pearl and Ode to Joy 2.


  2. Im waiting for the drama COLOR OF NIGHT aka siege in fog???WHEN OH WHEN WILL IT BE AIRED??? PLSSSSSSS TELLL MEEEE….its been months already…


    1. There is no release date as of now. It got pushed back, last time they put a date out and I think it will be a while. Sorry.


    2. Seems like one of those looks interesting, but not guaranteed to be a hit dramas when there are dramas coming out around now with bigger budgets and stars. The tv networks will definitely choose those to compete against other networks while this one is left on the backburner. Seems to me like it’s getting more international interest than domestic.


    3. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that it seems this drama will air in June. Nothing a 100% set in stone, but they are floating this around and it looks like it will air June 25th.


  3. Ode to Joy2, a lot of people are anticipating, I’m sure it will get subbed. That Undercover one sounds interesting, I might check it out.


  4. Hello!
    For Fox’s Summer or Fox Falls in Love

    ^ this is the group/ some youtubers that subbed the Tecent videos. If the subs don’t automatically turn on, click on the CC button and in settings, select Chinese. They do show up a bit slower than the Chinese text. But I wanted to share this in case anyone wants to watch some eps subbed. It’s currently only subbed to episode 9 <– Warning

    There is a channel of Ode to Joy 2 for Viki, currently it needs requests.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the list! 😆
    Can’t wait for Dragon pearl and ode2joy. Gonna try to watch both of them but….we’ll see. Hahaha too many interesting dramas.

    Liked by 1 person

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