[Thread] Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost

This drama will be based on a book by the same name. It is supposed to start shooting in July. Probably right after Yang Zi finishes filming her current drama

Title: Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost (香蜜沉沉烬如霜)

Episode Count: 50


The Flower Goddess dies after giving birth to a daughter, Jin Mi. She has a premonition that her daughter will suffer a great love trial. Before dying she gives her an unfeeling pill since she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer over love like she did. She also orders her followers to keep her daughter’s birth a secret and to keep her imprisoned within her realm for ten thousand years.

Thousands of year later, the second son of the Heavenly Emperor, Phoenix, is saved by Jin Mi. To repay her, he takes her back with him. After hundreds of years, he develops feelings for her. Jin Mi is a pure soul that thinks she likes everyone, thus she is unable to comprehend his feelings. She feels an attraction to him but doesn’t understand what it means. Due to some misunderstandings, she kills him. At that moment she throws up the unfeeling pill and her feelings towards him overwhelm her. She sets on a quest to revive him. But can she find a way and if she does, will he forgive her?


Yang Zi as Jin Mi

Deng Lun as Phoenix (Xu Feng)

If you don’t mind more spoilers and want to read the novel: Novel Updates

I am excited about this adaptation. I recently became a fan of Deng Lun and I think he will do a good job with this character. There is some dissatisfaction among book readers with Yang Zi as Jin Mi. I personally think she fits the role. I see Jin Mi as really silly, even stupid at first. Since I have seen YangZi play a ditzy role before, I know she can do it. I wonder who they will cast for Night. I always pictured someone like Alan Yu in that role. Jin Mi killing Phoenix was a big twist for me, but they are putting it out on the synopsis. For me, this book feels similar to 3l3w where you have a lot of Gods and Goddess, Kingdoms, Demon sect, Heavenly sect, evil Empress, betrayals, misunderstandings, epic battles, et cetera. In other words, a good Xianxia. This could be great if done right and I am happy that the author will participate in the adaptation.


8 thoughts on “[Thread] Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost

  1. Readers were probably thinking of someone ethereal and goddess-like like Yang Mi, Liu Yifei, Liu Shishi etc. But tbh these actresses are moving on to more mature roles.


  2. I always imagine Nickolas Tse as Phoenix haha but unfortunately he is too old now for this role xD Speaking about Jin Mi I really can’t imagine her be portrait by any actresses, maybe Dilireba?…. but still I’m not sure who fits better.

    Also, I think that the novel doesn’t have enough volume for drama. I feel they going to drag action through out 50 episodes. They better make a movie out of it.


    1. I always imagined Chen Xiao for Phoenix and Rachel Mao for JinMi. I was looking for good actors so I am happy that YangZi and Deng Lun are quite decent.
      I feel the same way about the novel, but 3l3w was short too and they made it into 58 episodes. I am hoping they manage to do a good adaptation.


  3. Oooh! The synopsis for this drama sounds so interesting! Kinda like a combo of JoF and 3l3w. From the description I feel like YZ could fit the role. Not sure about DL yet. But. Heard good things about him. Hahah. We probably won’t be seeing this till mid next year….


    1. Yep, it will probably come out in Spring or Summer next year. It does sound like a mix of those two. Not as good story as 3l3w or JoF imo but I liked it and it has a lot of potential.


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