[Review] Duckweed (2017 Film)

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Before talking about the movie, I have to say that I’m still amazed that I was able to catch this movie in the theater! It just goes to show how fast the Chinese entertainment industry are crossing over into the U.S (and perhaps even internationally) Would never have imagined it a few years back.

This movie has a very typical story line where the son, Xu Tai Lang (Deng Chao), was thrown back in time after a horrible car accident in the midst of an argument with his dad, Xu Zheng Tai (Eddie Peng). Back to the 90s, Lang was given the chance to befriend his younger dad and join Zheng Tai’s “gang”, which consists of just 2 other members. Less than a gang, they were more like youngsters who boast justice and loyalty in a small cooped up town. Xiao Hua (Zhao Liying), Zheng Tai’s sweetheart and Lang’s mom, did not show up much in the movie but her presence kind of ground these delusional hooligans who think they’re invincible.

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Acting wise, I don’t think they were difficult roles for the cast at all. Most of them nailed their roles to the tee. I think the greatest selling point for this movie is the subtle humors injected throughout the interactions of the characters. Humors like Zheng Tai and Lang’s pants fell down because they took their belts off to cuff the thief or how Xiao Hua did not wanted to reveal her name because it was too hideous, really made the film a fun watch. The one downside is the lengthy injections of car racing. I think they first 10 minutes was Lang driving through dirt roads. All that spins and turns got me a little dizzy. Lol. But it’s understandable since the director is a car racer. Other than that, it’s a pretty fun movie to watch. Too bad there was less of Zhao Liying than I expected but Eddie Peng and Deng Chao’s interactions make up for it. =D


Please let others (including me >.<) know what you think of the movie! =D



11 thoughts on “[Review] Duckweed (2017 Film)

  1. I really loved watching it, I’m glad he had the chance to get to know and understand his father and I’m happy he met his mom. OMG that “almost” bedroom scene was HILARIOUS! And when Eddie came out of the closet/cabinet and that random friend (always forget his name) came out too. All in all, loved it but I agree, wish they had more ZLY in it.


    1. Hahahah! How can I forget about that bed scene! That made me laugh so much! Or when DengChao kept interrupting Eddie after the pregnancy announcement!

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  2. Waiting for the movie to appear on Youtube soon.. v_v Your review does make me more curious and I am happy to see the high ratings it got online. I will try to lower my expectations on Liying’s screentime ๐Ÿ˜›


  3. Found out about this movie after they stopped showing it at my local theater ๐Ÿ˜ฆ hopefully it’ll pop up on the internet some day hahaha


  4. I enjoyed this movie, it had a lot of heart. I don’t want to give too much away, but I think ZLY did a good job showing subtle hints of the probable depression her character had. It would just show up randomly for a second, but you could feel it.
    Eddie and Deng Chao were the stars and I really enjoyed their interactions and relationship. Really silly at times, but a fun watch overall. 4/5 for me


    1. Definitely! Zhao Liying got lots of praises for her role as xiao hua and I can see why. Her acting improved a lot in terms of those micro expressions!

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