Entertainment Update: In the Name of the People’s Rating, 72 Floors of Mystery, Rush to the Dead Summer, The Legend of Dragon Pearl, Divas Hit the Road

In the Name of the People broke 6% on the 23rd which is a phenomenal feat for a c-drama. So far, only 43 out of 55 episodes had aired so we might see it break 7% near the ending at the rate that it’s going

Drama News

  1. In the Name of the People: 6.069%
  2. Surgeons at 0.919%
  3. Star April 0.817
  4. Star April 0.489

To put this percentage in perspective, below are some of the highest rated dramas in its respective year

2016: Les Interpretes  with Yang Mi and Huang Xuan with a high of 2.6%

2015: Legend of Miyue with Sun Li and Liu Tao with a high of 3.8%

2014: Empress of China starring Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen with a high of 4.2%

2013 Noble Bride – Regretless Love with a high of 4.0%

2011: Temptation of Going Home which had a high of 5.2%

Midnight Diner starring Huang Lei released a new trailer. The story follows the story of a master chef and his customers who visit the diner in the late hours of the night. Other guest includes Mark Chao, Ning Chang, and He Jiong. The drama is set to be released on June 11 (Mark Chao is back with long hair again!!)

Kiss Love and Taste starring Lu Yi and Amber Kuo released a funny, cute, new trailer. Famous chef, An Wen Yu, lost his taste due to a previous accident. Chef Jin Jin Jin enters his life and hopes to learn the recipes of the An family. However, rich guy, Lin Xuan, gets in her way. After returning from his overseas studies, Li Xuan has been assigned to become the senior executive at his dad’s company, but he doesn’t do much work despite his job title. What he is truly into is psychology and Lin Xuan wants to make use of his knowledge to help An Wen Yu recover his taste buds. Wen Yu has a very cold personality, but as soon as he is faced with Lin Xuan’s bright personality, his smile will naturally appear

The Legend of the Dragon Pearl starring Yang Zi, Qin Jun Jie, and Mao Zi Jun released more stills. The tentative release date is May 8th. If so, this means we’ll be seeing a lot of Yang Zi in May since Ode to Joy 2 will be airing at the same time. Excited to see the cast of Legend of Chusen reunited?

Rush to the Dead Summer starring Zheng Shuang and Chen Xue Dong released a new trailer! This drama is slated for early June on Hunan TV

Mr. Right starring Jin Dong and Maggie Jiang started filming

Variety News


Season 3 of Divas Hit the Road premiered on the April 23 starring Jiang Shuying, Guli Nazha, Lai Yumeng, Song Zu’er, Chen Bolin, Jing Boran, Tony Yang, and Zhang Ruoyun. The show captured Jing Boran and Ni Ni kissing before Boran had to depart.

It also showed each cast member’s house and viewers found connections between Zhang Ruoyun‘s house and Tang Yixin‘s recent selfies. Rumor among fans is that they have been quietly dating for ~6 years or so. They were both trending after the broadcast

Just last month they were spotted in Japan on a getaway

Angelababy returned to Keep Running. Li Chen posted a picture with the whole cast, which included both Angelababy and Dilireba. It is unclear if they will keep both cast members for the rest of the season or if Dilireba will leave before the season is over

Zhao Liying joined the rest of the members (Kris Wu, Simon Yam, Leo Wu Lei and two more) in filming for 72 Floors of Mystery. The whole crew looks super cool dressed in all black and Liying seems to be dangling on the rope at ease (gah! I’m reminded of Princess Agents again when I see her dressed like that!!! I’m still not over it…)

Released trailer for the premiere episode with Kris WuSimon YamLeo Wu LeiDa Zhang Wei and Wang Xiao Li. The show will premiere May 5th

BTS of Zhao Liying and others filming for the show:

Celebrity News

Madame Tussaud in Shang Hai revealed William Chan‘s wax figure as Zhang Fo Ye (his character from Mystic Nine/Old Nine Gates)

Zhao Liying was recently seen in Salitun (an area in Beijing that is known for food and drinks) with a group of friends and a mysterious man had his arm wrapped around her shoulders. Her fans slammed the accusation (of a relationship) down almost instantly saying that it is her manager and that she is just out enjoying dinner with a group of friends

She also recently updated her Weibo with pictures of her enjoying the cherry blossoms in Japan. Good to know that she’s enjoying her time off with friends and travelling!

Talking about Zhao Liying, there was a rumor months ago that Jin Han, who played Chi Yun Nan in Princess Weiyoung, signed on to her studio and I guess it was true. Recently, one of ZLY’s managers posted pictures celebrating with him and called him our Jin Han. He will appear in Princess Agents

Kang Shifu Jasmine Tea also released a funny BTS of the commercial shooting with Zhao Liying and Yang Yang.

The dialogue goes:

YY: From now on, I’ll only have pictures of you on my phone

ZLY: Let me think about it….

YY: From now on, I’ll let you wear all my clothes

ZLY: Sure…

YY: From now on, I’ll let you eat all my junk food

ZLY: Okay!

YY: From now on, I’ll only let you swipe my (credit) card

ZLY: Okay! *shyly*

YY: From now on, only you can sleep on my bed

ZLY: Jerk! *giggle*

YY: Is that alright or no?

ZLY: No, that’s not okay!

LOL! This BTS scene is just too funny and cute! Liying pushed him away so strongly! Can’t wait for the real long commercial!


18 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: In the Name of the People’s Rating, 72 Floors of Mystery, Rush to the Dead Summer, The Legend of Dragon Pearl, Divas Hit the Road

    1. Wow! That’s insane!Can you shed some light on why it’s so good? I’m actually really curious about this drama but it’s just not a genre I’m interested in so I haven’t watched yet.


      1. It’s actual pretty realistic and there’s a quiet intensity that I like. They even allow scenes and dialogues that would have been forbidden in the past. Many might shun it because they feel it’s a bit preachy and propaganda, but IMO if anti-corruption is a propaganda, then I’d rather have that. In fact, the drama actually dares to criticize the public officials (which means the government themselves) on not only corruption, but also the general social ills.

        Oh yeah, the acting is top notch too, on par with Nirvana In Fire which the person who commented above have mentioned. Though I feel NIF has tighter plot.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. ZLY and YY look good together. Maybe a collab in the near future? 🙂

    Looking forward to her variety show. It’s different.


  2. Anyone here watching In the Name of the People? Curious if it is genuinely that good, or if its popularity is… due to the Chinese propaganda machine xD

    I think it’s kinda funny that Jin Dong is acting opposite yet another one of Hu Ge’s ex-baes. First it was Liu Tao (Hu Ge’s reel bae) and now it’s Maggie Jiang (Hu Ge’s real bae). Poor Hu Ge.


  3. Sucks to be airing alongside In the Name of the People. My mom is watching and I caught a few glimpses, but was confused because I thought it was supposed to be super serious, but every time the young guy and girl come on, it feels more like a comedy.

    I wish we got to see Zhang Han with Nazha and Tang Yixin with Zhang Ruoyun in those Divas Hit the Road Clips like we did with Ni Ni.

    I already watched that BTS video of Zhao Liying and Yang Yang so many times already, They are absolutely adorable. You forgot towards the very end he said something like ‘So is that a yes?’ and her No was so cute.


  4. So impressed by In the Name of the People. My dad is completely obsessed with it xD. And Zhao Liying looks so good in black!!


  5. LOL at ZLY pushing YangYang too hard. I don’t think they were expecting it.
    Sohu failed with that ZLY exclusive. That is her main manager. I hope she is able to promote her actors like YangMi. Jin Han was good in Princess Weiyoung.
    She looks so cute in those bts pics for 72 floors of mystery. I cant wait until they release a trailer with her. It is premiering pretty soon.
    Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin are such cuties. One of my favorite couples.


    1. hahaha. probably not. That’s why they couldn’t stop giggling at the end..
      Oooh I didn’t know he signed under her management I thought he just signed under the same company as her. That’s awesome! She’s definitely thinking more about her future now.
      ZRY and TYX are so cute together! hahah net fans are scary to be able to catch that!
      Super super excited for 72 floors of mystery too!


      1. yeah not a 100% sure but all signs point to him being under her studio. The girl to his left is one of ZLY’s main managers. I doubt she would be with him during activities unless he was part of ZLY’s studio. His weibo too is full of ZLY stuff lol. I havent seen her openly promoting him, but I hope she does as good of a job as YangMi. I think he is the only actor under her studio.
        Net fans are detectives, they are so fast and can find all these random connections.


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