[Recap] Fighter of the Destiny Episode 1-4 Short Summary + First Impression

Synopsis: Chun Chang Sheng was abandoned in a flowing river and plucked up by a Taoist monk. He’s actually the fourth Prince of the Chen’s Royal bloodline. He’s plagued with an incurable illness, fated not to live past the age of 20. To find a cure, he leaves his temple, armed with a promise of marriage scroll, to become a student at a famous academy. He meets Xu You Rong and they slowly fall in love after hopping through the trials and tribulations of his journey. 

You can watching it raw or with English subbed on Youtube (Just click on the cc button for Eng sub).

Episode 1 Summary

The drama started off with war between the human, monster (yao), and demon clan (mo). To defend against the demon clan, the human and monster clan teamed up. During the battle, the king of the human clan died and forced Queen Tian Hai to take charge. However, she was not powerful enough to cast the spell to ware off the demons. When the demons, once again, invaded, she was forced to sacrifice her son to defeat the demons.

The war was just a story that little boy Chang Sheng was reading. When Changshen accidentally got pricked, it attracted a giant wolf with his blood. Shifu came to rescue him and Yuren and told Changsheng that his blood is special and can heal anything but at the cost of his life force. When a man carrying a child on his back was being attacked by demons. Changsheng and Yuren helped them out. Their Shifu diagnosed the child and was told that she inherited Tian Feng blood (phoenix blood) and that power activated too early for her body to handle. After everyone left, Changsheng used his blood to heal the little girl named Yourong. He befriended her until she healed and left.

Years pass and the both had grown. Adult Changsheng fainted and was told by his Shifu told him that his life force is near the end and that he only have one year left to live. He told Changsheng that in order to live, he either have to level up to god-immortal or fight his destiny. So far only one person had done it and left a manual on how to do it at LinXuge. In order to get to LinXuge, he must enroll in one of the 6 schools and place 1st in the exam. Changsheng decided to leave the mountain to change his destiny to save his own life. Before he left, his Shifu told him about the marriage arrange he has with Yourong.

Episode 2 Summary

Changsheng decided that he will break off the engagement. After he left, he encountered Yourong who was being chased by the princess of the demon clan. He helped her escape but the two parted without knowing each other’s identity. At the city of Shengdu, the princess of the monster clan was introduced. As a carefree princess, she bumped into Changsheng and dragged him around the city trying to escape while having fun. The next day, Changsheng decided to head to Yourong’s manor to cancel the engagement. Before he can speak up, the mother told him that she will not agree to this engagement because he does match. Changsheng told her that he was going to cancel the engagement but decided not to anymore until she apologizes for insulting his Shifu. Everyone is gathering to take a test to enter the one of the 6 schools, Tian Dao. Changsheng is also there to take the test along with Tang Sam Shi Liu (Tang 36), the elder son of Wen Shui Tang family, who entered flashily with wings. The two bonded over the mechanical design of the wings.

Episode 3 Summary


The door of Tian Dao Xue Yuan opened for the testing to begin. In a line filled with others, Changsheng waited his turn for a magical rock to determine whether he’s powerful enough or not. Without much cultivation, the rock didn’t light up. According to the rule, he was allowed a different trial and he passed. But because of Sheng Jian manor’s influence (Yourong’s house) he was not admitted. Changsheng left for the second testing location, Zai Xin Xue Yuan. To get admitted, he must endure an incense time against a demon beast. During the trial, the people of Zai Xin Xue Yuan cheated and let out 3 more beasts. Changsheng was able to endure and put all 4 beasts to sleep. Even so, he name was not on the list.

Changsheng met up with Tang 36 for lunch. Tang 36 told him that no matter what, don’t go to Guo Jiao Xue Yuan for the test. That place in restricted and there is an unbreakable seal to it. Changsheng got curious and went to Guo Jiao Xue Yuan. But because of the sword shield that was placed on the place and that no one had been able to break it, the school had been abandoned. Also, because the queen accused the master of being a spy, whoever break the seal will be going against the queen. Tang 36 dragged Changsheng away from the school and forbid him of returning. Changsheng spent the whole night trying to break and seal and went back the next day to do so. He was able to by pass the seal successfully.

Episode 4 Summary

After breaking the seal to Guo Jiao Xue Yuan, Changsheng went to look for Jiao Zhong to get admission into the school. He waited but was not called upon until night time. Jiao Zhong told him that there’s nothing he can do without the key to the school. He told Changshen that he can stay at the school and look for the key in the mean time. Yourong and Qiushan reported their task to the queen. They told the queen that the Zhou Yuan key’s whereabout is still unknown.

The next day Tang36 brought over a cleaning crew to clean up Guo Jian Xue Yuan for Changsheng. Changsheng took the opportunity to explore the school and tried to cultivate the most basic magic. However, that only shorted his life force and injure him. Luo Luo, the princess of the monster clan, tried to sneak out again. She ended up getting trapped by one of the demon clan’s person who was trying to kill her. Changsheng showed up in time to save her. After he chased away the demon clan’s killer, he healed the princess and left. The princess said that she wants Changsheng as her Shifu. The next day, she came to Guo Jiao Xue Yua with lots of gifts and clinged on to him while he was reading. She asked her advisor what to do to convince Changsheng and the next day, everyone was telling Changsheng that Luo Luo is best fitted as his disciple. Xuan Yuan bumped into ChangSheng while he was trying to hide from Luo Luo. When he saw Luo Luo, he fell for her almost immediately.

Chexmix: I started watching this drama since the trailer looked interesting but so far I haven’t the same interesting I had for the trailer in the drama. I’m up to ep 12 now after skipping a lot of scenes that doesn’t add to the plot but still watching at a very fast pace hahaha.  I honestly believe that the story line had potential to be good but was just not flushed out well enough to reach it. As for the cast, I think Luhan is doing as well as he could as a first time drama actor with room for improvement.  GuliNazhar, on the other hand, is not so fun to watch. Not sure if her character is suppose to be that emotionless or not but I don’t feel anything from her. Maybe because of that that there’s little/no chemistry at all between the two leads. The other actors, Janice Wu and the guy who played Tang 36, are fun to watch tho. They’re like the cute loyal friends that you just like immediately. Interestingly, this drama gives off the impression of a role playing game, especially everything time Changsheng sit down to cultivate and a triangular thing floats out of his head. The setting in the drama is also very pretty and extravagant! From the city Sheng Du to Guo Jiao school where he stayed, they are so detailed and well made!  and of course the characters are also equipped with pretty costumes. The drama is light with little angst so it’s a good watch for those who just want to watch something that is easy to digest but just be prepared to breeze through 12 episodes in 4 hours or something. hahaha then again I might be the odd one out who breezes thru this so quickly.


13 thoughts on “[Recap] Fighter of the Destiny Episode 1-4 Short Summary + First Impression

  1. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t handle this drama! I tried to give it a chance by forcing myself to watch up to episode 20. After that, I couldn’t do it anymore. I tortured myself for 20 episodes hoping for something grand to happen to catch my attention, but it never happened. I never felt the chemistry between the two leads. It just wasn’t there. I love Janice Wu and her character, but it wasn’t enough to carry me through the rest of the drama. It was a very disappointing drama, when the trailer gave me so much hope.


    1. hahaha. I just call it cultivating but it’s more like meditating to power up. It helps Changsheng “level” up to be stronger.


  2. This drama took all the interesting story lines and characters from the novel and replaced them with overused plot devices/cliches, and bad personalities and pointless motivations.


  3. I like it, especially when he gets stronger, but it’s your typical Xianxia idol drama. I like the character of Chen Changsheng so much more than Zhang Xiaofan.


    1. hahaha we’re forever haunted by Legend of Chusen and Zhang Xiao Fan!
      ure right about it being a typical xianxia drama tho. the plot is a lil predictable that you kinda already know what’s gonna happen in the end.


  4. Same, well not exactly, I got through the first 10-12min?? Maybe and then i called it quits. Sad, because trailer and it look like it had potential 😳


  5. I saw a few episodes and it made me appreciate Legend of Chusen.
    Janice Wu is also my favorite character, but I dont think I can watch just for her.


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