[Recap] Surgeons Episode 5-8

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Synopsis: The story is set in a general hospital, and revolves around an accident that happened 29 years earlier and lead to the death of a patient. The nurse involved in that accident was blamed and later died in a car accident while her 4 year old daughter got kidnapped. Years later, Zhuang Su came back to China in order to unveil the truth behind that case.

You can watch it on Youtube with Eng sub (just click the cc button for the sub to appear) or on Dramafever (which they’re subbing pretty on time). Visit the thread for more info on the drama.

Episode 5

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Chenxi and other doctors met up to discuss Ge Shu Xin’s (the dad) case. Dr. Chen got his medical record from the prison and told everyone that he was diagnosed 5 years ago but chose not to cure it. Now his tumor had reached a stage where they can’t do anything for him anymore. Chenxi volunteered to break the news to the daughter. The dad woke up mid way and asked to let him see his wife. Next to his unconscious wife, he apologize for his mistake and for not being able to take care of his family. He told his wife that he already signed an organ donation form. He hoped that his lung can be used to save his wife. (awww. This is such a sad scene…=(

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Chenxi stood outside and silently cried for the family. Zhuang Su saw her and teased her about crying again in front of him. Not long later, the dad died. Because he is a cancer patient, Yang Fan was strongly against the lung transplant. Chenxi told him that the daughter had already agreed. Director Fu will be leading the surgery. Yang Fan delivered the patient’s medical record to Dir. Fu. The two had another long stare down. Dir. Fu arranged for Chenxi to assist him. During their meet up, Yang Fan led Zhuang Su to believe that Dir. Fu will be unable to perform the surgery. After some thinking, he went to Dir. Fu and requested that he replace Chenxi as assistant staying that she’s no longer with thoracic surgery department.

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After everyone left, Zhuang Su and Dir. Fu had an intense face off. Zhuang Su said that he hopes that Dir. Fu will not let reputation be the cause of a patient’s life. With that Zhuang Su prepared himself to for surgery. Right before surgery, Dir. Fu head was ringing. He ignored it and proceed to do surgery.

Episode 6

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After one hr and 30 min, Zhuang Su successfully removed the lung from the cancer patient and went to help Dir. Fu with his patient. Dir Fu was feeling unwell. Zhuang Su asked if he wants him to take over during the attachment of the arteries. Dir. Fu denied his help. Zhuang Su intervened after seeing how badly his hand was shaking and that caused Dir. Fu to stepped out. Zhuang Su finished the surgery himself. After the surgery, Dir. Fu confronted Zhuang Su and explained that this is the first time that this is happening to him. Zhuang Su lectured him on his medical ethic and setting a bad role model for Chenxi. Zhuang Su left and had a flashback on the time when his mom kept insisting that she did not administer wrong medicine.

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Chief Zhong went up to the balcony and met Yang Fan. He told Yang Fan that he doesn’t hope for them to make Chenxi as a sacrifice during their power struggle. Yang Fan corrected “you mean ANOTHER sacrifice?” (emphasizing another). They hinted on what happened years ago and that resulted in Chief Zhong being transferred to ER.

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During work, Chenxi got a phone call from her real estate agent saying that she found a perfect tenant for her apartment. Before he arrived, Miss He described him as a handsome male that will be in China for 2 years. When he arrived, Chenxi knew right away that the person is Zhuang Su. Chenxi didn’t want to rent the place to him but reluctantly agreed. photo capture20170419211109105_zpsgi2lwfic.png

Zhuang Su confronted Yang Fan on his motive for recruiting him. He pointed it that Yang Fan used him to deal with Chenxi and Dir. Fu. Zhaung Su told him that he doesn’t like the methods that Yang Fan used to get to his goal. But even if not agreeing, Zhuang Su was willing to use any method to get to his own goal too. Even if it means sacrificing Chenxi.

Episode 7

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Dir. Fu had a conversation with the daughter at the hospital. He told her that there’s no good or bad people in the hospital just sick or healthy people. During the conversation, he had a flashback on the time when someone told him that “it’s a human life. You must keep quiet and take this secret to your grave.”  After Zhuang Su left Yang Fan’s office, he saw Xiao Chu while she was drawing him lecturing her.

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At the ER department, Chenxi saw two groups of delinquents injured. She decided to attend the one with chest pain but the other group got angry and the two group started fighting. The nurse yelled for them to stop (LOL! When she was attending the guy’s injury and how his face twisted). Chenxi told the nurse that the guy’s chest pain is more serious than it looks.

 photo capture20170420180852648_zpsxi0rxjna.pngChenxi immediately called for Dir. Fu’s attention and Dir. Fu asked Zhuang Su for his lead in this complicated surgery. During the discussion, Zhuang Su asked Chenxi for her assistance with the surgery. At the ER, Zhuang Su overheard the regulations for the used of lidocaine (the medicine that his mom was accused of misusing) and confronted chief Zhong on it. Before the surgery, the patient’s heart beat started dropping rapidly. Zhuang Su and Chenxi rushed into the OR to start the surgery.

 photo capture20170420182947289_zpsyz20ge5j.pngDuring the surgery, Yang Fan planned for the media to ask Dir. Fu the details of the lung transplant surgery. When he left, the sale person approached him again and gave him money saying it’s money for to help him “buy” his son’s birthday present. The sale person pushed Yang Fan to make the stapler a norm for wound stitching after surgery, but Chenxi and Dir. Fu remained the obstacles.

 photo capture20170420183659916_zpsmalb1gba.pngAfter the surgery, Chenxi asked Zhuang Su if she can ask him questions regarding the surgery. He agreed to discuss with her after work. Because of that, she also allowed him to use her kitchen. On the other side, ER called for a thoracic specialist regarding a patient. Since everyone was busy, Xiao Chu volunteered to go see the patient.

Episode 8

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Xiao Chu diagnosed the patient and told that he will need a close heart drainage. She wanted to get another doctor, but Chenxi wanted her to do it as practice.
At his home, Yang Fan was watching Nirvana in the Fire, (LOL!. I heard that HuGe was gonna make a cameo in this drama…maybe this was it?) when Dir. Fu showed up and question him regarding the media interview. Yang Fang denied everything while trying to fish for him to admit his health problem.

 photo capture20170421220255983_zpsyoubzygi.pngWhile Chenxi was admitting a child with brain injury because her mom jumped from the building with him, Zhuang Su moved into her apartment. Dr. Chen told Zhuang Su about Chenxi’s past and how Dir Fu doted her because her dad died at RenHe hospital. Zhuang Su connected the dot and realized that she was the daughter of the family that his mom was accused of killing. He drove to the hospital and had flashbacks on the time when he was young and lost his sister because he was defending his mom.

 photo capture20170421221142244_zpsr6gmhbjs.pngAfter knowing about her past, Zhuang Su went to the hospital to look for Chenxi. Without saying anything, he asked if she’s heading home. They walked about together. Mid-way Yang Fan called regarding the hemolysis patient and the lack of available bed. This caused a rift between Chenxi and Zhuang Su and the two started arguing, after a brief nice moment. Chenxi got mad and left.

 photo capture20170421222220724_zpswrzokl6c.png

The next morning, Chenxi was complaining about Zhuang Su to Dr. Chen while Zhuang Su was silently listening. At the hospital, one of the patients was angrily looking for Xiao Chu because she accidently said something to his girlfriend the previous night. She was, however, too afraid to confront him and therefore just hid in her office.

Chexmix: I really feel like the recaps are doing this drama injustice just cause the acting, dialogues, and background music are not well captured at all here. Either way, I really like Chenxi’s character a lot. Here, she still have a lot to learn as a doctor who deal with patients but I like that even though she’s prideful, she still steps forward to admit her mistakes and ask Zhuang Su questions to improve herself. I’m excited to see what will cause her changes and growth as a character. I’m imagining either mistakes in the operation room and/or knowing the real face of Dir. Fu who she admires.


8 thoughts on “[Recap] Surgeons Episode 5-8

  1. I’m liking the show so far but sometimes the dialogue is too much haha. One more thing, FAN HAS CONTROL ISSUES, GOSH, GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER AND STOP PLOTTING


    1. Yup! Too much and too complicated. In been awhile since I had to wait for sub to watch a drama! Haha
      Fan definitely had control AND power issues. The guy needs to learn patience. Fu is so old and gonna retired soon anyway! But yea….wished they would talk less and be in the OR more often…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i guess the sad thing is that there are actually people like Yang Fan in real life! i still dont like that Xiao Chu – she clearly has a crush on Zhuang Shu!


  3. this is my favorite drama rn. all the medical terminology can be too much for me so i wait for the subs too lol

    nice to see a drama w/ both strong actors as lead. i hope bai bai he’s scandal isn’t affecting the series bc it’s really good and i really like her


    1. The drama is not doing so well in terms of rating but I don’t think it’s bc of her scandal tho.
      I like it too. I think the main driving force is Zhuang Su and Chenxi’s interactions. Those two are just so funny together! =D


  4. Hello all friends.! Really love this drama. Just a little question about where/what city is the drama filmed? Beijing?
    Thank you very much,!


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