[Recap] Surgeons Episode 1-4

Synopsis: The story is set in a general hospital, and revolves around an accident that happened 29 years earlier and lead to the death of a patient. The nurse involved in that accident was blamed and later died in a car accident while her 4 year old daughter got kidnapped. Years later, Zhuang Su came back to China in order to unveil the truth behind that case.

You can watch it on Youtube with Eng sub (just click the cc button for the sub to appear) or on Dramafever (which they’re subbing pretty on time). Visit the thread for more info on the drama.

Episode 1

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June 3rd, 1984 JiaLin City
A pair of brother and sister happily ran toward Renhe hospital to look for their mom. At the entrance, they saw their mom, Zhang Shu Mei, begging the surgeon chief to reinvestigate. She insisted that she did used the wrong medicine and caused the death of the patient. The chief insisted that it was her fault and asked her to leave.

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2016, Los Angeles
The elder brother, Zhuang Su, woke up and is about to catch at flight back to China. Back in Jialin City and in Renhe hospital, Lu Chenxi was being awoken to take care of a drunken doctor, Dr. Chen, who just got dumped by his girlfriend.

Zhuang Su finally arrived at Renhe hospital and immediate helped saved a elder man from hemolysis. On his way around the hospital, he bumped into Chenxi, who was trying to help a kid fixed a toy car that she knocked over. He offered to help so that she can get back to working.

Chenxi saw the patient with hemolysis and declared that he needs surgery. Dr. Chen warned her that because he’s not local, insurance might be a problem. Along the way she bumped into Fu Bo Wen, the director of the hospital and her teacher. He told her that Zhuang Su arrival at the hospital. After she left, Fu Bo Wen had a heart attack and rushed back to his room to take medicine.

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Zhuang Su came to look for Zhang Fan while Xiao Chu was crying about how Chenxi was lecturing her. Zhang Fan turned out to know about Zhuang Su’s past and he knowns are Zhuang Su is back to find his sister and investigate his mom’s case from back then.

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Because of the cost of surgery, the son of the patient with hemolysis did not want to do the surgery. But at the same time they cannot leave due to the duty of hospital toward sick patients. Chief Fan confronted the man and (discretely) lead him to decide not to do the surgery on his father.

Episode 2

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After her surgery, Chenxi was told that Zhang Fan convinced son of the hemolysis patient to not do the surgery. She confronted him and the two took it to the director of the hospital, Fu Bo Wen to resolve the problem. Fu Bo Wen told her to follow Zhang Fan’s decision.

At the same time, Zhuang Su saw the patient’s record and was trying to convince the son to allow surgery on his father. Even if they can’t guaranteed 100% recovery, the chance of survival is much higher done at a bigger hospital.

 photo capture20170418164023275_zpsxk4khyzq.png

Once Chenxi left the office, director Fu confronted Zhang Fan about the number of patients that he was suppose to care for (which he did not meet). Zhang Fan flipped the table and confronted him on his heart problem and overdosing on pain killers to subdue the side affects. Director Fu denied it and Zhang Fan left after an intense stare down.

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After Zhang Fan left, a medical device sale person came looking for him and told him that he did not meet the quota for stapler usage this month. Zhang Fan told the sale person that Chenxi is not using it and is not promoting it. Not long after, a couple came and blamed Chenxi for not using the stapler to seal him their dad’s wound.

 photo capture20170418165552631_zps3wbjfv5t.png

Another patient visited the hospital regarding coughing blood. The doctor told her that’s it’s not a big deal but she didn’t believe him and argue to see another specialist. She got sent to Chenxi and Chenxi told her the same time. But because of Chenxi’s attitude, the patient got angry and the two started arguing.

 photo capture20170418171240825_zpst1zthf7w.png

The complains got escalated to Zhang Fan and he used that opportunity to call an emergency meeting to fire Chenxi. During the meeting, she rolled her eyes and did not think she did anything wrong.

 photo capture20170418171434771_zpstsedaaa2.png

At the same time, Zhuang Su was in the midst of doing surgery of the hemolysis patient. After a successful surgery and on his way to the meeting, he met Fu Bo Wen for the first time (again) on the elevator.

Episode 3

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Zhuang Su and Fu Bo Wen joined the meeting. Zhang Fan introduced Zhuang Su as the one who will be taking over Chenxi’s duties. Chenxi pointed out Zhang Fan’s underhanded deals in the hospital. Zhuang Su explained that he had already taken care of the hemolysis’s patient and that she doesn’t understand their reluctant to not do the surgery. Feeling like everyone was against her, Chenxi turned in her badge and left the meeting.

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After Chenxi packed up her belonging and was about to leave, they announced a major triage with a lot of incoming patients. ER requested that Chenxi lead the triage team as she’s the one with the quickest judgement in a fast-paced environment. Zhang Fan was asked to request her help but did not know that she had already heard the news and jumped into action.

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There are two patients remaining at the triage that needed surgery. One was determined to be a difficult surgery that had a glass pressed against a tumor and another was the “crazy” lady that complained against Chenxi. Zhuang Su stepped in to help with the difficult surgery while Chenxi too the “crazy” lady.

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During the surgery, Xiao Chu (the girl that Chenxi yelled at the in the first ep), couldn’t hold the glass stable enough and blood spurted on her. Even so, Zhuang Su and Chenxi successfully completed their respective surgery. Directory Fu, however, didn’t feel to well during his surgery. After his surgery, he rushed out to take his medicine but was caught by Zhang Fan. The two had a creepy starring contest afterward after Zhang Fan asked him if he’s taking medication.

Episode 4

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After Zhuang Su’s surgery, Chenxi asked if she can take a look at the recording of his surgery. He took out her badge and teased her that only employees of the hospital have the right. She snatched her badge back and claimed that she’s still with the hospital today. She watched the video and was amazed by his surgical skill.

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After leaving the hospital, Zhuang Su asked Chenxi to treat him out to food. She agreed. During dinner, Zhuang Su pointed out her wrongs when dealing with patients. She got angry and stormed off. At that moment, director Fu called and told her that he had transferred her to ER department. She was unwilling but agreed in the end.

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Chenxi’s first day in ER and she’s already feeling tedious with the minimal treatments in the department. During lunch time, Zhuang Su stopped by to inform her on her patients in the thoracic department.

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On the side, Dr. Chen’s ex-girlfriend visited him and the both argued about their relationship. She told him to give back all the stuff she bought him and that ended up with him stripping off all the clothing she bought for him. (LOL!)

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A new patient was admitted into the ER department. That patient happened to be the father of the daughter of a patient (confusing?) that Chenxi admitted before. Chenxi needed his medical record but because he just got released from prison, the daughter doesn’t know anything. At the same time, her mother (who was admitted by Chenxi) had some complications and needed her attention. The mother need a lung transplant soon if not she will die and the father need surgery but he refuse to.

Chexmix: Finally getting myself back into drama-land again after the last one (3l3w). I was kinda anticipating this drama but so far the story line is developing a little slower than what I would like. Other than that, the first 5 minutes of the drama definitely piqued my interest! The mood of the whole drama is definitely heavy. The way the characters stare down at each other is just so intense with a hint of creepiness to it. Can’t say that I’m hooked yet but the drama do have the potential to get better. I must applaud the drama for casting a well rounded cast thou in order to bring out the seriousness of the story. Of course there’re some humor and lighthearted scenes, mainly when Chenxi shows up. It’s nice that there are subs for this drama too. Even I had a hard time understanding what they were saying with all those medical terms! Is anyone watching this? How do you like it so far?


10 thoughts on “[Recap] Surgeons Episode 1-4

  1. Omg the elevator scene in ep 2 was intense I was silent the whole ride😂😂 Fu and Fan stare was super weird and you could see the hatred in their eyes. All in all, i like the drama it reminds me of one of the many Jdrama medical dramas I love. I like the progression but I also wish it could be faster. Also wonder what really happened to his sister??


    1. It’s always so intense every time Fu and Fan are alone. and the music doesn’t help either. Also, the glare on Fu’s glasses makes him look evil/creepy!
      That’s what I’m most curious about right now. I thought his sister might be Xiao Chu at first….but maybe not…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s what I was thinking because that would make since(she went missing, sold) but Fan said she was returned to her family UNLESS he’s lying


        1. Knowing his character…I wouldn’t be surprised if he did lie! If not, I just can’t see why they would give her so much screen time. hahah I guess we’ll find out later.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I started watching yesterday and i like it 🙂 of course i am biased as I adore Bai Bai He and recently started liking Jin Dong. It is not fast paced but I quite enjoy the storytelling as it makes it more realistic – both of them are good actors too so its a watch for me! Special mention to Yang Fan who was also in NiF!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. OMG. Got his name wrong this whole time! hahah I kept calling him Zhang Fan…Now that you pointed him out I finally remembered! Wow. No wonder he can pull off that subtle evil smirk so well.
      Both are such amazing actor and actress but overall love the cast for sure!


  3. The first ep was a bit dull but after ep 2 I’m on board for following the rest of the drama XD First time watching Bai Bai He and she’s pretty good, very spunky. Jin Dong and Liu Yi Jun are awesome!


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