Review: The Fox’s Summer


I started watching this on a whim and was gonna write a First Impressions piece but got totally hooked and marathoned all 21 episodes! The second part starts on May 4th (its a total of 46 episodes) and I can’t wait!

Am totally digging the female lead Li Yan Shu’s character – she is independent, unabashedly pragmatic in getting her way, wily when she needs to be and unapologetic in her approach. She would be what I consider assertive without being a b%6ch – sure, she may rub some shoulders the wrong way but never does she cross her conscience line. Love that she stands up for herself when needs to and stands her ground without resorting to either being a scheming witch or a masculine bully but just by being objective although not a pushover. Tan Song Yun is proving to be an absolute delight in this drama and I think its credit to her that the character does not veer into outlandishly hysterical or messed-up vulnerable as she imbues Yan Shu with sensibility and wry humor. While she is not the typical C-beauty with her round face, its testament to a great character and excellent interpretation that I could totally buy the premise as to why both guys fall for her.

Although veering on formulaic (the male lead suffers from OCD and is a serious stick-in-the-mud clean freak whose cold cockles she warms), I enjoy all her interactions with the male lead, Gu Cheng Zhe (Jiang Chao), as they range from laugh-out-loud-funny to sweet and tender. The scenes where he held her hand (without putting on a glove) were done well and cohesive with the overall story that it didnt seem out of place and a prop to move the romance. Its my first time watching Jiang Chao and I like that despite his looks and heights, he plays Cheng Zhe as a dork once his CEO armour is done. He cooks, cleans and is actually pretty handy around the house unlike the usual cold male lead who excels only at work or battle. He also breaks into an adorable goofy smile, which is seldom in the show, hence making it even more precious!

Outwardly, both he and Yan Shu are polar opposites as she is messy and spontaneous (all the scenes where he is unwittingly drawn into her many pretensions are hilarious) while he is clean and orderly but inwardly, they are a match in terms of character and beliefs. There is also the added plot quirk where he can immediately detect if someone is lying and she is prone to white lies and his reaction to her is unusually intense – makes for many comic moments!

All said and done, the show is your run-of-the-mill romance drama but it differentiates itself through excellent characterisation and and I am totally invested in the OTP. The trailer seems to suggest that there will be some angst in the second half but hopefully, that is not overdone and it retains its upbeat witty pace. Highly recommended!

ps. the show is subbed up to Ep7 on YouTube for those who are interested. Suspect that it follows the usual episode release unlike the VIP release where all 21 episodes have been released.


17 thoughts on “Review: The Fox’s Summer

  1. Holy crud. Tan Song Yun is a revelation here. She turned an easily comical character into a wry, smart, witty, funny person. I haven’t seen a young Chinese actress exhibit such charm and control in a very long time. What is she doing wasting her time in these sorts of crappy comedies? She has the acting chops necessary to carry heavier shows.


    1. I guess in show biz talent is sadly not the only thing that launches your career . 😦 hopefully this show gives her the recognition she deserves and is a leap pad for grreater success.


  2. Thanks for this recap. I am really enjoying the show but I need the subs so I’m only on ep 6 right now. I wish they would sub faster. It was hard to even find a decent sub site.

    The two leads are great and have good chemistry. Li Yan Shu’s character is calculated and playing the long game for her revenge against others instead of being those reactive cartoon-ish female C drama characters we usually see. I like how Tan Song Yun is not your typical female leads a well … she has a different look to her. I’ve never heard of Jiang Chao before but he is playing Cheng Zhe wonderfully and is so handsome.

    Sadly most of the other women on the show are disappointing – the stepsister, Li Yan’s mom and the chairman (although I like that the chairman is a woman and not a man) are to one dimensional and silly.

    Hope to finish this drama soon …


    1. Yes I really like Tan Song Yun here and her Li Yan Shu is priceless. One who knows when to speak up and when not to , all while retaining a wry sense of humor and self awareness.

      Agree with you that the characterization of the other female characters are pretty weak esp the second lead. It could have been an interesting character as her backstory definitely is pitiable too but she is so one-note and not well fleshed out that it’s bordering caricaturish. I do think however that Yan Shu’s mom is quite realistic – a pretty girl who knows what she wants and will do what is needed – doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her daughter, just not as much as she loves herself !


  3. Omg I totally forgot about this drama! I actually saw the first 2 eps when it first came out but had to drop it because of work. It was definitely a fun light-hearted drama to watch. I’ll probably pick it up again now that you reminded me. hahaha Thanks for the review.


    1. i didnt quite like the beginning of the first episode and the blackface part put me off a bit. I persevered and it got much much better!

      BTW, cant seem to find the chat channel for contributors now – is it still existing?


      1. I think the blackface is ok in context because the character doing it is supposed to be an extreme immature idiot. Like when Prince Harry wore that Nazi uniform


      2. It’s encouraging to know that the later eps will get better. I thought the blackface was ok too. It wasn’t as funny as they intended it to be but at least it didn’t give off a mocking intention.

        Yea it still exists. probably buried a pile of other posts. hahah


        1. yep agreed that there was no mocking intention. The show does have a bad habit of flashbacks pretty much right after it happened so that’s when the FF button becomes handy too!

          cant seem to find it. i am not sure how to edit the article so that it is just the first para when the website is opened and then expanded when a reader clicks. If you know how to do that, could you help edit mine?


          1. hahaha the FF button is always on standby when I’m watching drama. Haven’t really found one where I do not use that button (last was NIF for me). Thanks for the heads-up though. =D
            Sure. Done. =D For future reference there’s a icon with a — sandwiched between 2 black bars puts a line at where you want to cut off the post so that not everything shows up on home page.


  4. It sounds interesting. I feel like there is a similar manga out there. Are the episodes short, ~15-20 min? I find webdramas easy to marathon, they dont take themselves too seriously.


    1. I think it’s the usual length though – 40 minutes? My one negative would be that the second female lead is your stereotypical hateful female lead so you maybe tempted to FF her parts!


    1. It’s too addictive ! They are subbing it still so can go back and watch parts of the episodes that needs further clarity 🙂 what she says to him is actually super funny if you understand Mandarin !


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