Entertainment Update: Beijing Film Festival, The Monkey King 3 press conference, drama news

7th Beijing International Film Festival started on April 16th and will end April 23rd. Hundreds of film directors and actors attended the ceremony.

Liu Yifei

Zhao Liying

Aaron Kwok

Feng Shaofeng

Lin Chi-ling 

Cast of The Monkey King 3: Daughter of the King

Shawn Dou

Crystal Zhang

Guan Xiaotong

Raman Hui, director of Monster Hunt 2

Cast of The Founding of an Army

Cast of Youth Dinner

Sasaki Nozomi

Jiang Yiyan

Xi Mengyao

Ian Somerhalder

The jury:

The festival received over 400 entries including international and domestic films.

The Monkey King 3 held its press conference April 16th in Beijing

New poster

Angelababy showed off her baby in Hurry up, Brother

Ella Chen gave birth to a baby boy. Congrats!

Drama news

Rebellious Youth with Rachel Mao and Alan Yu released a trailer

First trailer for The Fated General with Zhang Ruo Yun and Rachel Mao, which will be released later this year

The Destiny of White Snake hosted a media day. I think we will have two couples, not sure since I didn’t see the original. A lot of the cast members were in The Legend of Chusen and a few other dramas together. I am keeping my eye out for this new version. They are filming another version of the same story at the same time, but the cast is pretty unknown and it will probably won’t get any buzz

Main cast: Yang Zi, Allen Ren, Mao Zi Jun, and Li Man

In The Name of the People (人民的名义) with Lu Yi and Zhang Fengyi is making waves in China. It is a contemporary anti-corruption drama and some have called it China’s House of Cards. It’s received rave reviews and became a ratings powerhouse surpassing ratings of 3 while airing on two networks at the same time.

I was not interested in this at first, but I keep seeing good things about it.

The director was asked why he didn’t cast any young and upcoming actor and he said because they were way too expensive and have face paralysis. lol

Anyways, I found this fan-channel who is subbing the episodes themselves. They only have the first episode so far. You can find raw episodes on youtube, but I don’t think any of them are official uploads.



20 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Beijing Film Festival, The Monkey King 3 press conference, drama news

  1. LOL about the face paralysis. So true about many of the current crop of young actors.

    Zhao Li Ying looks gorgeous and I’m so happy to see her hair looking different. She even makes the black Dior ensemble work and I think that could easily have looked tacky on someone else.
    Dior are really pushing their collections in China lately aren’t they?

    Guan Xiaotong hair doesn’t really go with the dress. It looks limp like they didn’t bother to do anything with it.

    Liu Yifei and Xi Mengyao look stunning.

    Nice to see Rachel Mao in lead roles.


    1. I liked her Dior outfit too and yes they are really pushing this collection. A lot of top name celebrities are wearing their stuff.
      I am glad Rachel Mao is getting lead roles. I think she is a good actress.
      LOL I agree too with the face paralysis. It is hard to find a young, popular, good actor. But I am hoping they improve with time.


      1. The face paralysis thing reminded me of our discussion about Peter Sheng and his non-existent acting in the comments section last week lol!


    1. I think they just paid him to show up. He said something about liking China on the press conference and I think he presented something on stage. But I was surprised too, it was kind of random. There were also a few other foreigners from other countries that I dont know.


  2. My mind is blown. I know Zhao Liying is wearing heels, but how is she taller than Aaron Kwok? I knew he wasn’t that tall, but damn.

    Also, glad to see Rachel Mao getting lead roles. Happy Alan Yu is also going to be a lead in their new drama.


    1. He did look really short, I guess he is not that tall. But ZLY is wearing super tall heels.
      I am glad about Rachel too, I think she is a good actress. At least she impressed me in Princess Weiyoung.


  3. Wwoow! Liying is gorgeous! She looks especially fairy-like in the first dress where the background is all white!! Love her messy bun-head style that too!
    Thank got they stopped giving her mid split! hahah
    Yangzi looks so different for the destiny of the white snake. Almost didn’t recognize her.


  4. Is it me or does Sasaki favor Ariel Lin when she smiles (maybe it’s because they both have that cute wide smile thing)? ZLY as always looks AMAZING! *yes, I’m being bias* the camera loves and I love her first dress, it makes her look like the fairy goddess that she is. I’m going to check out White Snake because I remember it but then I don’t remember it. MapleStage has 32 ep of In The Name of The People (planning on watching soon)


    1. they do look similar in that pic
      Zhao Liying looks so pretty in that dress, very fairy like. Are there two couples for Legend of the White Snake?


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