[Breaking News] Bai Baihe caught with another man

Another day, another celebrity exposed by Zhou Wei. Although one could say he’s good at his job, it’s almost scary how closely he follows celebrities! For a long time, there have been rumours of infidelity and divorce between Bai Baihe and her husband, Chen Yu Fan. It’s been rumoured that their marriage is as plain as water for as long as Yang Mi and Hawick Lau have been rumoured to have split

They have been married since 2006. However, it is not commonly known that Bai Baihe is married… or that she married so young (at 22)! They actually got married the year she graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. Their son, Chen Sheng Tong, was born two years later (in 2008).

When they married, he was the more famous one. He was in a rock band called Yu Quan. After shooting to stardom in 2011, Bai Baihe has been the breadwinner.

For quite a few years now, rumours have plagued the couple. Both have been accused of cheating. Yesterday, Zhou Wei released evidence proving that Bai Baihe has been seeing someone else. In fact, she went away on holiday with a model named Zhang Ai Peng

He is pictured with Mark Zhao and Lin Gengxin. He is the middle one

On the other hand, Chen Yu Fan was pictured with various women

To end this post

EDIT: Bai Baihe and Chen Yu Fan admitted that they got divorced in 2015, but did not announce it for the sake of their son.



30 thoughts on “[Breaking News] Bai Baihe caught with another man

  1. I saw there was a video on YouTube of Chen Yufan saying that they’ve been divorced since 2015 but just didn’t really tell anyone. Then he said that he’d be stepping out of the Entertainment Circle indefinitely. Hopefully this will soften the scandal? She’s been one of my favourite actresses since Grow Up (长大) and I’m really excited to see her in Surgeons. I was so shocked and sad when I first read this post.


  2. Wow. Crazy news.😵 Saw that she got pulled out off of variety show Singer because of this scandal. I reaaaaaaaaally hope this doesn’t affect Surgeons air date….


    1. She’s currently filming the drama, “Only Side by Side with You”. Do you think she’ll be replaced? I can’t imagine Monster Hunt 2 being edited to exclude her, seeing that she’s the female lead.


      1. I honestly wonder if they will take her out of the drama, it only started filming this month and if I was financing the project I would be afraid. The plot didnt sound interesting and I think the major appeal was BHH’s drama. But now it will be involved in scandals, etc.


    2. This is such bad timing. Her first drama is going to be released so soon. I hope this doesn’t affect the airing of Surgeons. Jin Dong is a great actor and doesn’t deserve it. If this drama is shelved, I’ll feel unjust for him.

      I can definitely see her career being negatively affected by this scandal… the variety show is to be expected. But, it will be terrible if her dramas get sidelined or if she gets pulled out of dramas/movies. She’s an amazing actress and that fact should not be overlooked in light of her personal life.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I absolutely agree!! Regardless of the scandal she is still an amazing actress no matter what.
        No annoucement yet..so hopefully surgeons will still be aired as planned. 😣


    1. Oh why Bai Baihe. Why wasn’t she more careful?! 😦 I still think she’s a great actress, but I feel bad for her son who is old enough to understand what’s happening


      1. yeah I feel bad for her son that will see all of this. Even for non celeb her PDA was excessive and paps were waiting for it.


  3. hi been lurking for a while, guess there’s no better time to post than breaking news?:) I had no idea she was married either and not to condone cheating coz it is wrong but the paparazzi is brutal..


    1. Haha always feel free to comment!! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s not widely known! I guess it’s not really cheating if they were in an open relationship, but paparazzi is scary… having no privacy is terrifying


      1. Was he the one that got the shot of Nichoas Tse and Faye Wong getting back together, kissing in her apartment? That was a crazy one.


  4. Thanks for updating us. Messy! The Chinese paparazzi don’t play!

    So they were married but seeing other people. Seems it was one of those marriage that has been over for a while but they pretended to be together keep up appearances

    They should have just divorced when they realised the marriage was over and co-parented which would have avoided rumours and this whole scandal instead of making first her and then him look so sleazy.


    1. Chinese pap go all out! They are serious.

      It would’ve been better for everyone involved to divorce before this scandal, but it’s still taboo to divorce in China. I think that might’ve factored into the decision to stay together until it was a good time to divorce


      1. It is not taboo to divorce in China, some young couples get married and divorce after one or two months, I think it’s more about they image they want to sustain, for endorsement sake.


  5. 1. Her husband looks so creepy in those pictures.
    2. Zhou Wei is so accurate, it is scary how much he knows about celebs. It is also scary the lengths that he will go to when following a celebrity.

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      1. I didn’t until you pointed it out, now it is even more creepy.
        It must be really scary for celebrities to lose all your privacy. But like you said, it is the price they pay for being celebrities. If I were a celebrity, I would not be doing stuff like that out in the open. Tbh even without being a celeb, I dont think I would ever do it.


  6. Being in the entertainment industry is scary. Having the media/paps following your every moves. i feel bad for their son. Hopefully, Yang mi & Hawick will stay strong in their marriage and for their daughter sake.


    1. I guess it’s the sacrifices that celebrities have to make… but, it’s terrifying. I feel mostly for the children. Tbh, Zhou Wei has never been wrong. So, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau are likely to be in the same position… in an open relationship until it’s time to announce their divorce or Zhou Wei exposes them


      1. I read somewhere that the reason they dont get a divorce is bc they would have to split assets and they are co-owners of a company that manages artists, which could lead to problems with their artists.


        1. I have read that too… that it is not a good time for them to split and it is hard to split assets, which makes sense.


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