Magazines: Jing Tian, Ren JiaLun, Guan Xiao Tong, Yang Xuwen, and Crystal Zhang

Jing Tian (The Glory of the Tang Dynasty)

Ren Jialun (The Glory of the Tang Dynasty)

Guan Xiao Tong (Novoland: Castle in the Sky)

Yang Xuwen (The Legend of the Condor Heroes)

Crystal Zhang (Go Princess Go)


13 thoughts on “Magazines: Jing Tian, Ren JiaLun, Guan Xiao Tong, Yang Xuwen, and Crystal Zhang

  1. Guan Xiaotong’s photoshoot, the clothes… I see some photoshoots with those dresses… are they trying to promote them or are they popular?? Doesn’t look flattering to me.
    I like Crystal’s photoshoot, Crystal is so gorgeous ~


    • Isn’t it Dior or something? I know it’s the latest season so it’s in all the magazines, but that shape is so unflattering on anyone wearing it. I don’t see the appeal at all

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    • Dior has been promoting their collection in China so strongly. You probably have seen Liu Yifei, Zhao Liying, and Tang Yan wearing their latest collection. In this post we have both Guan Xiatong and Jing Tian wearing Dior.

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  2. After GOTD, I think Jing Tian looks good in ancient garb but then pretty ordinary in modern attire. Ren Jia Lun needs to get rid of those bangs IRL….


  3. I like Jing Tian’s photoshoot. Anything involving fencing is a win to me.

    Crystal Zhang is just so gorgeous. I wish we saw more of her. She carried Go Princess Go. Why isn’t her career popping the same way the robotic and stiff Peter Sheng’s career is? The benefits of being a man in a sexist industry.


    • I think she will take off after her drama with YangYang. Honestly, I dont know how Peter Sheng gets roles. He is so bad, but then again there is a lack of good leading male actors in the industry. A lot of young popular male actors are really stiff and have a hard time emoting.


      • I don’t understand how he gets roles either. Like I’ve never seen an actor so bad before he actually struggles portraying basic human emotions! He only has one facial expression for everything and can’t emote at all. But he’s handsome so fangirls think it’s “cute” despite his lack of talent and acting ability.

        You make a good point about the lack of good leading males. I think there are lots of very talented young actors around but unfortunately, in the CDrama industry so much hinges on popularity rather than talent so the popular actors keep getting the roles.


        • yeah sadly it is about popularity and not talent. They are some talented young actors, but finding a talented and popular one is harder.


  4. Only saw Peter Sheng in Pretty Li Hui Zhen but I definitely have a soft spot for him. Totally unexplainable but I find his stiff awkwardness quite cute, LOL. I actually found LYF dazed-ness in Chusen less tolerable and when WC overacts, it really puts me off more than Peter Sheng


    • I find him worse than LYF and WC lol. I only saw in him Go Princess Go and he only had one facial expression. I never hated his character due to his lack of emotion unlike for LYF/WC, but I am not likely to watch his dramas unless the story looks super good.


    • He’s much worse than WC and LYF. They are mediocre actors and I don’t like either of them as actors but I will give them credit that at least they TRY unlike this guy who can’t act and has the same facial expression for everything in every role. I mean no offense to you as a fan but I expect more from a lead actor in a drama than stiff and “cute”.


      • No offense taken! It’s a completely shallow observation 😂 I guess it grates on me less coz I have only seen him in one show and his demeanor quite suited his character in Pretty Li Hui Zhen


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