Review: Because Of You

I started watching this because I needed a palate cleanser after the gut wrenchingness of Glory of Tang Dynasty (still haven’t brought myself to watch ep60!) and although I was rooting for OTP Sun Yi and Zhang Ruo Yun in 15 Years Waiting for Migratory Birds, I thought she and second male lead Deng Lun made a cute couple too. The fact that I love embroidery sealed the deal despite it being a 46 episode modern drama.

How was it? Surprisingly good! Sure there were a few facepalm moments but overall, it was well acted, well paced and well thought out. I am usually wary of modern c-dramas because without the surfeit of gorgeousness present in palace or wuxia/xianxia dramas with the still-understandable-life-or-death-whole-world-will-end situations there, I find modern c-dramas tend to be trope-heavy and utterly repetitive, cough ehem Stay With Me, when they exceed 20 odd episodes.

Because Of You is premised on an age-old drama trope – little rich girl gets lost , loses her memories and evil second female lead assumes her life. However, it manages to inject some freshness and vitality to this theme as:-

1. The OTP Zhang Guo Guo/ Jing Yi Bei (Sun Yi) and Lee Yun Kai (Deng Lun) have very few ridiculous misunderstandings and by and large, have a normal relationship. Sure it’s not all hunky-dory but neither is it a tragedy of mammoth proportions despite initial resistance from Yun Kai’s family. It’s 2017 people – nobody can forcibly separate you just for being in a relationship!

2. Evil second lead, Zhang Yu Xin (played by Wu You) and who has a really amazing wardrobe of Gucci inspired clothes does not fight with Guo Guo over Yun Kai. Sure, she is a narcissistic near-psychopath who doesn’t think twice about forsaking her mum or her kid BUT at least, she is not doing it to win over a man!! So refreshing!

3. Guo Guo and Yun Kai meet and fall in love as adults despite them having met as kids without developing that strange c-drama affliction where every adult has crystal clear memories of their 8-10 year old self and do not find it weird to fantasize over a childhood playmate which has become the symbol of undying love imprinted in their minds!

4. Guo Guo’s noble idiocy actually made some sense – I still think she was foolish not to tell Yun Kai about Le Tong’s parentage after they had gotten married and was one of the unnecessary drama-mama moments but aside from that, I could understand why she was adamant in not immediately disclosing that Le Tong was adopted. The backstory as to why she was immediately drawn to Le Tong made sense too – she met Le Tong quite soon after discovering she too, was adopted, and felt an immediate affinity with the abandoned child on their doorstep, a mother’s love is noble, regardless whether she birthed the child and for once, I didn’t roll my eyes (as much!) on that aspect of noble idiocy.

5. Without being preachy and self-aggrandizing, I thought the show demonstrated quite nicely how our behavior is , too, shaped by the environment and the people we interact with, despite our core self. Would Guo Guo have turned out differently if she had lived her life as Yi Bei under the auspices of her uber competitive, pre-occupied mom, Hui Jie (played flawlessly by Pan Joy) with an inherent streak of meanness? Being by nature rather compliant and forgiving, would she have become another Yu Xin in her misguided attempts to please her mum? Ai Yu (played as the world’s worst enabler mum by Gou Hong), whilst definitely biased against Guo Guo when it comes to Yu Xin, did love Guo Guo in her own way and her more relaxed attitude in Life as a whole rubbed off Guo Guo too. Would Le Tong, who is obviously precocious and self-aware, similar to her birth mom Yu Xin, turned out differently if she had been raised by her instead? With a giant chip on her shoulder as a child born out of wedlock would have turned out to be an even more vicious manifestation of Yu Xin? All interesting thoughts that did not weigh down the drama but yet worth pondering on.

6. Song Xiu Hua. I really like how Liu Min Tao played her. A lady in every sense of the word, classy and graceful but yet not a doormat. She was not a person to fight for glory but yet when pushed to the brink, she would defend her position the best she can. Love, love all her dresses too – those embroidery and muted pastel hues! And on that note,

7. All the ensemble cast members – everyone did such a great job and there really isn’t one truly bad character (aside from Yu Xin!). They were just humans trying to live their Life the best way possible beset  with the range of human frailties. Li Yun Zhe (Played most steadfastly by Dai Chao) was not the typical fight-for-inheritance-son and even Lu Si Chen (played with utter calm by Li Zhi Nan) was not a deranged ex but rather a thoughtful man who wanted to right things and protect his loved ones.

Were there flaws? Definitely. Did some parts drag? Undeniably. But I didn’t really use the FF button (except where Yu Xin was just a tad too sickening with Yun Zhe!)  and I found the OTP so rootable and the entire story watchable. Sun Yi has such a pretty dainty face but I really  like that she is not prone to kawaii actions and is able to convey that sweet factor  without being trite. This wasn’t a difficult role for Deng Lun  I believe but I like him so much! That earnest Boy Scout-ness and that smile which lights up his face. I hope to see these 2 in other shows since Because Of You has become such a runaway hit even surpassing 3L3L!

A watch? Absolutely!!

Note: Just been informed that this is a c-remake of a korean drama, Jang Bo Ri, so not sure which parts of the storyline are from the original and which new!


15 thoughts on “Review: Because Of You

  1. Wow. You have a lot of good things to say about this drama! =D I never got started on this drama because it focused about embroidery actually. hahah I have little interests in that field.
    But I know that this drama had a way higher TV rating that 3l3w so that definitely puts this drama into the watch it category. hahah I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the review!


  2. Thanks for the review!
    I saw a lot of the episodes here and there, but I didnt finish it. I loved the otp, but it felt like too much of a family drama. I mainly fast-forward to otp moments. Deng Lu super impressed me. I had never seen him before, but I adored his portrayal and now I am super excited to see him in Princess Agents.
    SunYi was pretty good, I will keep my eye out for her. The actors were all really good. I hated the evil characters with a passion so job well done.


    1. I would agree with you and say that its a family drama with fab OTP moments. I liked their interaction when she was short haired too. She was so bubbly but not annoying!

      Princess Agents!! Where thy trailler???


  3. BTW, this is a remake of kdrama Jang Bori is here. It followed the original pretty closely but had fewer episodes. I also enjoyed the relationship between the lead couple and the slight changes made to the story were actually well executed.


    1. Thanks for mentioning that. Will update that in the review later. Glad to hear that the c-version was not a bad adaptation!


  4. I started out realizing this was an adaptation of Jang Bori which is also dog blood and wanted to rip the evil characters so so badly (when I first watched it), so I definitely knew what I was going in for. There are definitely some crazy moments and annoyances mainly from Yu Xin. In comparison to the korean drama, Lu Si Chen was calmer than his korean counterpart and I felt that hint of thoughtfulness from the actor, kudos Li Zhi Nan.
    The mom, Ai Yu, was horrible in this one like the other version, but I’m glad they never wrote her character out to be as violent or illogical. She knew she did wrong and she hit Guo Guo less than the mom in Jang Bori who I felt was committing major acts of abuse. Also yay for Zhang Guo Guo! The female ,despite her flaws, was willing to stand up when needed and is not afraid of threats from Yu Xin. Sun Yi’s and Deng Lun’s OTP chemistry was really the highlight of the show and they were given more moments compared to the korean one. Anyhow, I really enjoy some parts of the show and I mostly fast-forward Yu Xin’s part (I did not care for her sadness after Yun Zhe found out the truth).
    Another point is that Le Tong is so cute!!! I also like the aunt and her boyfriend, they were nice as well and I enjoy seeing her brother’s (Li Yun Kai’s dad) exasperation with his sister lol. Despite the scheming stuff from Hui Jie, I saw that she too was a flawed character and the show displayed a part of her humanness pretty well. Xiu Hua, love her character!
    This drama definitely dressed ZGG quite well and I love the various color scheme of the embroidered clothes including that one feather black dress 🙂

    A drama for those who want to see the growth of the OTP as they weathered through all the craziness. It did drag on some parts, but that’s what the fast-forward button is for 😀


    1. Yes, thank goodness for the FF button! I could still tolerate Yu Xin’s sadness but I really couldnt deal with her “sweet” moments with Yun Zhi because they really felt too fake. 🙂

      Ai Yu, too me, is a foolish, pig headed woman who cant see the forest for the trees and the typical mother who does more harm than good despite her good intentions. Unfortunately such a character is not uncommon in real life!

      Agree that Guo Guo was not a wimp in any sense but just an accomodating person and when she realised she was duped, she immediately stood her ground although it pained her. I want that feather black qipao too!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As someone once told me, “Dog blood is when you want to vomit blood from the ridiculousness” … or something along those lines 😛 It’s basically taken from an idiom “pouring dog blood on” (note this is just a rough translation), that means to curse or berate something. Most people use “dog blood” to tell that the story has ridiculous plot or something that make them want to vomit over how frustrating the plot point(s) is/are.


  5. Yep, I was watching this over the weekend and thought the plot line looked familiar! Then my friend and I were laughing and said this show totally ripped off the korean drama “Jang Bo Ri”. Lo and behold, Because of You as others noted is a chinese remake of Jang Bo Ri. 🙂 Wish Viki called that out beforehand…


  6. Thank you for the review! Been waiting for something which is easy to follow after Three Lives Three Worlds. This one has a lot of heart and love!! I love love love all the child actors/actresses. Little Yi Bei and little Yun Kai are absolutely adorbs! And all the kids are suitably smart for their age (unlike some TV shows that make the kids say too adult-like things which is very off) and their interaction with every single one of the cast to be memorable. Le Tong especially. I never skip her scenes! I skip some parts of scheming by Yu Xin. She is just so ^÷&÷&$;€$€÷;#;÷*÷£3€÷_73€÷^$&÷£÷£#,$!!!! Hahahha. I still feel angry even though I watched like 10% of her parts. I love Yun Kai as a character. His inner monologues and easygoing and playful nature just made this an enjoyable ride. And the way he played with Le Tong!! They way they both play with Le Tong! I can imagine they all had lots of fun on the set with the little girl! 😀 This show didn’t drag at all. The pace is just right and every scene worth watching. I had to replay a couple of Yu Xin scenes because I missed out stuffs. 😛

    Overall, this is an amazing drama! Not something I usually watched, so I was pleasantly surprised. 😀


    1. Yay! Glad you liked it 🙂 yes I thought that Le Tong was really cute too and none of the kids’ characters were overly adult in their thoughts and interactions. Too bad Sun Yi and Deng Lun are dating other people IRL as they really look good together, kid in tow!


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