Magazines: Ruby Lin, Angelababy, HuGe, Liu YiFei, Sun Li, and Deng Chao

Some of the highest paying actors in the industry. I honestly found the bottom half quite boring, but it is rare that I end up with pictures of so many popular actors in one week. So I call this the everyone here is expensive edition.

Ruby Lin


How can both these ladies look so good right after giving birth?

Liu YiFei



Deng Chao

It feels like SunLi and Deng Chao’s photoshoots go together since they are both simplistic, and black and white.


7 thoughts on “Magazines: Ruby Lin, Angelababy, HuGe, Liu YiFei, Sun Li, and Deng Chao

  1. Everyone here are truly expensive 😀

    I questioned Esquire editor’s decision though – what the heck is with that car? The photoshoot ended up looking like a car brochure instead of editorial.


  2. Ruby and AB look AMAZING!! I want AB’s poka dot dress and Hu Ge looks like he’s angry that someone woke him up😂😂😂

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    • They are glowing ^^
      HuGe looked kind of depressing in that photoshoot. I think the concept was a thug or something.


  3. Ruby and AB look amazing. HuGe looks like a gangster


  4. Why is YangMi and Mark Chao not included in your list?


    • It is not a list, it is just a compilation of photoshoots. I guess I just didn’t have any pics from YangMi or Mark Chao when I posted this.


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