Entertainment Update: 72 Floors of Mystery reveals lineup, dating news, Once Upon a Time, New Eternal Wave, and drama updates

72 Floors of Mystery had its booting ceremony

Cast: Kris Wu, William Chan, Wu Lei, Simon Yam, Wang Xiaoli, and Wokie Zhang. It is rumored that the rest of the cast members will join them at a later date. The cast is already pretty impressive on its own, but let’s see what more surprises they have. The program is set to broadcast every Friday at 10 pm on Hunan TV

According to Hong Kong media, Aaron Kwok and his girlfriend, Moka Fang, have registered to marry. The procedure takes three months, so the wedding is expected around June of this year. There were some reports that she was pregnant, which were denied by Aaron’s team.

Shu Qi and Stephen Fung were photographed in Japan kissing and holding hands. The newlyweds looked really happy

Vengo Gao was caught dating. He and his girlfriend stayed at a hotel overnight. The next morning he opened the door shirtless and it seems like he was only wearing boxers. It looked a bit staged

Darren Wang (Suddenly Seventeen) was seen with a girl in a hotel in Osaka. Netizens think that she is a South Korean actress, Kang Hanna.

Drama news:

Lie Hou Ru Ge (烈火如歌) released their character posters. It stars Dilireba, Vic Zhou, Zhang Vin, and Liu Ruilin. At least three actors from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I know Yang Mi likes to package deal her artists and it usually works, but I think she should start spreading them out a bit more. This is the fourth collaboration between Dilireba and Vin Zhang this year.


Booting ceremony:

Rush To The Dead Summer (夏至未至) with Zheng Shuang, Chen Xuedong, and Bai Jingting released additional stills


Paris Is Not In A Good Mood (如果巴黎不快乐) with Zhang Han and Kan Qingzi (Sparrow) finished filming after four months. Zhang Han was also a producer for the drama

Tientsin Mystic (河神系列剧) starring Li Xian (Dr. Qin Medical Examiner), Zhang Mingen (The Mystic Nine), and Wang Zixuan released their first stills and trailer. It will have 24 episodes and will air this year on iQIYI. It is a detective story set in the Republican time and adapted from a story by the writer of Candle in the Tomb. But. it is giving me more Mystic Nine vibes

Trailer: http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rrb4wjoc.html

Your Highness, Class Monitor (班长“殿下”) held its booting ceremony. It will star Xing Fair (Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me) and Niu Junfeng (Love 2O2). It is suppose to have 36 episodes and be an inspirational youth drama.

Fight Breaks Sphere (斗破苍穹) released some character posters

Wu Lei


Li Qin as a guest star

Baron Chen

Liu Mei Tong

Xin Zhi Lei 

Movie News:

New Eternal Wave (新永不消逝的电波) with Aaron Kwok, Zhao Liying, and Zhang Han  released a trailer, tentative release on May 1st.


Once Upon a Time (三生三世十里桃花) with Yang Yang and Liu Yifei held a news conference to reveal its official trailer. It looks really good so far. Released date is July 21st.

Liu Yifei thinks Yang Yang is too hot to handle lol


Brotherhood of Blades 2 (绣春刀·修罗战场) with YangMi and Zhang Zhen will be released on August 11th

32 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: 72 Floors of Mystery reveals lineup, dating news, Once Upon a Time, New Eternal Wave, and drama updates

  1. I am very much anticipating the New Eternal Wave with Zhao Liying and Aaron Kwok. It looks like it’s going to be an awesome movie. The casts are pretty good with old and new blood.


  2. I’ve only read Nirvana in the Fire through recaps but I found the actor Fu Lei really adorable. So imagine my shock when I saw his character poster of Fights Break Sphere: he looks so mature! o_o I know people can change in two years but he has definitely shed off his child actor image.
    And Baron Chen appears as if he didn’t grow any older from his Bromance Days… I’m Asian yet I am still astounded by the changes or youthfulness of actors…


  3. Trailer for once upon a time is awesome! It would be very sad if the actual movie didn’t live up to the trailer. I really loved Mark’s acting but I was not impressed with Yangmi. Mark carried both of them. When it comes to BQ & YH, I only wathe when they are together. I wasn’t interested in watching BQ scenes alone. But let’s face it, when it comes to visual & fighting scenes, these Mark & Yangmi cannot compared to LYF & Yang Yang. They are the ideal BQ & YH/MY. I didn’t like BQ in the drama at all, so I hope I will like LYF BQ.

    I don’t think ZB is a bad actor, but his acting is boring. So i’m always more or less indifferent to him. I am a total shipper of Vengo & Dilraba because out of all the costars the acted with, they only have chemistry with each other. I only watch 3l3w for Dinghua & Fengjiu. That’s what I call chemistry. They seem close considering how often they just naturally interact with each other, but I don’t think they go beyond friendship. Vic is back! I miss Vic on small screen.


  4. Aren’t Darren, Seungri, and Hanna all friends? So I dont think they’re dating they might be or they might just be friends. The hotel shot, really? Like that is so stage 😂😂 agree, maybe next year they’ll spread them out especially DR, she can do things on her own, im just being bias because she’s adorable. Yang Mi looks gorgeous but agree, reminds me of tl3w


    1. I dont know if they are friends. There was a gif that I couldnt get to work where she is touching his face (but again close friends could do that).
      That Vengo Gao hotel shot was tmi.

      YangMi should spread out her kids now that they are more known. I am honestly tired of seeing them together. At first, I was like yay I get to see them together, now I am like no more lol. I mainly feel bad for Zhang Vin forever stuck in second lead roles with DR. DR too should get some other leads, new blood.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agree, Vin needs to get some lead roles, if they want he could to movies for the time being and then go back to dramas and I think DR would be fine on her own, she’s done it before


        1. yeah DR is popular enough on her own right now and she will get even more popular this year. Zhang Vin needs a lead role to start cementing his place. They are both working really hard with back to back dramas. Probably trying to strike while the iron is hot.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. They are working so hard but as you said they are striking whilst the iron is hot which is smart. There is so much competition in C-entertainment it’s dangerous to stand still. I hope Vin gets some interesting and lead roles. He’s too talented to be relegated to playing miserable second leads. I hope The King’s Woman does well so he is offered more roles.

            Yeah, DR is more than popular enough in her own right now to branch away from the company for roles. Yang Mi needs to start giving the other ladies in the company a chance. Only Yang Mi or DR get the good roles and the rest of the ladies are left playing jealous bitches or best friends.


            1. yep, I agree. I think it is time for DR to start getting something outside of company roles and for the other ladies to get a chance.
              If Zhang Vin gets a second lead role, I want it to be outside of the company dramas too.


  5. OMG! The trailer for Once Upon a Time is incredible. It looks so exciting and epic even the music is perfect. I hope the film lives up to that awesome trailer.

    The newlyweds look cute and happy. How the heck did the netizens identify the girl with Darren Wang Netizens are scary! Police should use them for unsolved crimes.

    The Vengo thing looks staged to me too. Guess he was fed up of the delulu Dong Hua Feng Ju fangirl shippers. Funny that both he and Leon Zhang Yun Long have been caught dating in the past month

    LieHuo RuGe. Vic Zhou looks like he should be playing Dilraba’s uncle rather than love interest. The stories from this writer are all the same: plucky pretty Mary Sue heroine with a harem of men – one aggressive guy, one sweet and protective guy, one weak and passive guy. I really like Dilraba and Vin together but I feel his company are wasting him in these thankless second lead parts.


    1. Once Upon a Time looks amazing from the trailer. I am really hoping it lives up to the hype bc it could be epic.
      Yeah, it felt super staged. Like who answers the doors wearing boxers only? Why were people filming his door? etc
      Not really feeling LieHuo Ruge’s story or teaser so far. I feel the same, he is forever stuck as second lead. I think now he should be able to get more leading roles or just branch out with a different actress, outside of his studio.


      1. I wasn’t a fan of the drama at all but the movie looks so good. I just hope it can live up to the high expectations we all have after the trailer now!

        I hope ZBB can branch out of for work as he seems gets more varied roles outside of the company. KO was a small part but very memorable and he’s lead in “The King’s Woman” and both of those are produced by external companies. I suppose he doesn’t really have much say as the company has only started pushing him in the last year before that they were completely focused on Leon Zhang Yun Long and Gao Weitang.


  6. 1. I think all actors need to watch out for what they do and who they stay in hotel rooms with. Especially since almost everything is filmed in the same place, I’m sure all hotels in that vicinity is flooded with paps and hidden cameras. They just love stumbling on new dating news or catching cheaters (a lot of activity going on in those hotels of late)

    2. I’m starting to get sick of all Yang Mi Studio actors working together, it’s getting a little incestuous for me, much rather see some new faces.

    3. Even though there are hardcore Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms drama fans going around nitpicking the look and actors of the movie version, there’s no denying most novel fans had in mind Yang Yang and Liu Yifei as their Yehua and Bai Qian, I love the aura they are exuding. The movie is definitely not holding back on the fantasy aspect and I love it, no point in watching a movie if it’s almost the same as the drama, I’m ready for the epic battle scenes.


    1. 1. I know! Like wait until you are home or just dont do it in a hotel.
      2. I just think they should limit the amount of times they work together or spaced it out.
      3. Honestly, when the posters came out I was really disappointed. However, this trailer really blew me away. I can’t wait for the movie and I think it will be really awesome.


  7. Wow. Once upon a time trailer looks amazing! their zhuxiantai actually looks foreboding instead of just a hole in the ground. hahaha LYF looks so badass with her sword!
    YM’s movie where she’s holding the umbrella reminded me of Biyao….
    LieHuo RuGe sounds interesting. Not sure about Vic Zhou in the cast tho. Can’t imagine him and Dilireba together.
    Can’t believe Liying’s movie finally has a date!!! =D =D It’s been silent for the longest time!


    1. It looks amazing. Sujin looks more evil in the movie and I like it lol.

      It is the color of her dress. That greenish blue is overdone lately. They should avoid styling female leads with that color or white. So many colors to choose from, but we always end up with the same ones.
      I hope they dont push back the date. I am glad we got a trailer.


      1. Same! Her and xuan nu look so badass! I think the movie will focus more on fighting than romance so it’ll be different from the drama for sure.


  8. Once Upon a Time trailer is blowing up. This is so different 3l3w and visual effects are soooooo cool. Even-though YY as YH still bother me I want see this movie so bad. LYF are so gorgeous I can’t.


    1. It looks amazing. I loved the drama version, but I am curious to see a new interpretation of the characters and I think we will get that.


  9. 1. Wow 72 floors of mystery is looking like a dream lineup. Def watching it for William and Leo.
    2. Agree about Yang Mi’s artists. I am kinda sick of seeing Vin and Dilraba together even though they aren’t the main pairing most of the time.
    3. Liu Yifei and Yang Yang looks sleek.
    4. Also, Yang Mi’s teaser for Brotherhood of Blades looks exactly like her in Three Lives Three Worlds lol.


    1. 1. yep really impressive cast of popular actors
      2. Me too! Like it is one too many by now. I want to see Vin with different actresses. The clothes for this drama look like Dilireba’s character poster for 3l3w and the mixing of actors makes it hard for me to the characters and not the actors.
      3. They are looking super sharp, I loved the trailer too.
      4. It is that bluish green outfit. I swear it is the same one lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think her recent posters, except for The Kings’ Woman all give a similar vibe. I have only seen her in 3l3w so I don’t know if she usually plays similar roles.
      LYF looks super pretty for this movie, love her styling as BQ.


      1. Then i must insist u watch the chinese ver of kdrama she was pretty aka -pretty li hui zhen-. Dilireba plays the lead n totally slayed the character. Well at least i enjoyed the drama n her acting 🙂 in case u wanna shake off the bai feng jiu image


        1. I didnt like the original and I find the male lead for the cversion stiff as an actor. I will probably watch The Kings Woman later this year ^^


    2. Hmm I don’t know… Visual wise LYF is called goddess jie jie forever which YM isn’t… But acting wise LYF stays the same… YM is on and off but she definitely delivered in 3310. Let’s see if LYF can


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