April Airing Schedule

List of dramas and movies to air in the month of April. This list will be updated as more dates are announced.

April Dramas:

Operation Love starring Lay Zhang Yixing and Chen Duling will be airing April 17 on Dragon TV with 24 episodes. This drama will be airing on the weekend only.

Surgeons starring Jin Dong and Bai Baihe will be airing April 17 on Beijing and Zhejiang TV with 45 episodes.

The Glory of the Tang Dynasty part 2 starring Ren Jia Lun and Jing Tian will be airing April 3rd on Beijing and Anhui TV


Across the Ocean to See You

Across the Ocean to See You starring Wang Likun and Zhu Ya Wen got pushed back and will now be airing on April 2nd on Zhejiang TV with 44 episodes.

The Fox's Summer

The Fox’s Summer, a web drama,  starring Tang Songyun and Jiang Chao will be airing April 5th with 46 episodes


Heirs starring Hawick Lau and Jiang Xin will be airing April 14 on Dragon TV with 43 episodes

Image result for 白鹿原

White Deer Plain starring will Zhang Jia Yi be airing April 16 on Jiang Su and Anhui TV with 86 episodes.

Image result for 进击吧,闪电

Attack It, Lightning starring Jiang Jinfu will be airing April 17 on Hunan TV with 26 episodes

Song of Phoenix

Song of Phoenix starring Ma Ke and Viann Zhang  will be airing April 28 on Hunan TV with 81 episodes (this will most likely get split into season one and two)

Image result for 赛小花的远大前程

What a Wonderful Life starring Wei Shawn and Li Sheng will be airing April 11 with 42 episodes


Modern Matchmaker starring Zhang Li, Yang Shuo, and Zhang Dangfeng will be airing April 19 with 44 episodes

Fighter of the Destiny

Fighter of Destiny starring LuHan and Gul Nazar will be release April 17 on Hunan TV with 55 episodes

April Movies:

This is Not What I Expected starring Zhou Dongyu and Kaneshiro Takeshi is set to be released April 28

Mr. Pride and Miss Prejudice starring Dilireba, Leon Zhang, and Vengo Gao is set to be released April 21st

A Nail Clipper Romance starring Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Xiao Chen is set to be released April 14


17 thoughts on “April Airing Schedule

    1. Lol. Thought of u when I saw the release date for song of Phoenix and how much fun ure gonna have catching that 80 ep long drama! 😂
      At least ure have sha jiejie to keep u going. Hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Viki licensed Across the Ocean to See You and I am sure Lay’s fans will sub Operation Love.
    I am actually curious about a few of these so I might check out the first episode and see how I feel.


    1. Hahah. Mee too! Let the drama marathon begin! I hope lizzie will be catching some of these dramas. Looking forward to her first impressions of these to know what to watch first. Hahah


      1. Hi @chexmix12! Thanks for the shoutout but recently started working again (after a long break) and time is now precious 😦 am currently watching Because I Met You (Sun Yi/Deng Lun) and will try to write a review for that if I finish it!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh wow. All these Hunan dramas are getting pushed forward. I hope that means that we’ll get to see Princess Agent before July! Heheheh =D


          1. Hoping we get a trailer soon T_T we have been waiting so long and not even a trailer. I think Hunan is pushing forward some shows to make room for their Summer line up. I wish Princess Agents got moved up to June or May *_*


      1. I’m pretty sure Viki has the license, but it just hasn’t been announced yet, since it has the romanized title on the Viki page for it. They only add those for dramas with licenses.


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