Entertainment Update: Demon Catcher Zhong Kui, Win the World, Love Auroras, The Unique China Queen

Yang Rong‘s new drama Demon Catcher Zhong Kui starring along William Yang and Madina Memet released new stills and trailer. It revolves around Zhong Kui after he is cast into the mortal world without a memory of the past. In his desperate search to recover his identity, he gets acquainted with an unlikely set of friends and sets out on an adventure to fight evil for the sake of good.

Love’s Lies starring Luo Jin, Pan Zhilin, and Zhang Chengguang completed filming on the 17th of this month.

Poster released for Fan Bing Bing’s new drama, Win the World, revealed their extravagant costumes. Based on the story of a Qing Dynasty widow who was named the most successful and richest entrepreneur of the time, Widow Qing. Her ancestors became rich for digging “elixir.” She was even once rewarded by Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Season 5 of Running Man (Run Brother/Hurry Up Brother) to premiere early April with Dilireba replacing Angelababy. The original cast will remain the same (Deng Chao, Li Chen, Zheng Kai, Wang Zulan, LuHan, and Chen He)


A longer and funnier trailer released for Dilireba’s upcoming film, Mr. Pride and Miss Prejudice (aka Ao Jiao and Pian Jian). The film will be released on the 21st of April starring Leon Zhang Yunlong and Vengo Gao.

Spring Breeze Ten Miles starring Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Yishan released a cute new teaser for the drama.

Older trailer released for the drama.

Love of Aurora starring Ma Ke and Guan Xiao Tong released an 11-minute long trailer! Love of Aurora is a bickering romance of the two leads from school all the way into their adulthood.

A Lifetime of Love starring Huang Xiao Ming and Victoria Song Qian released one poster. The drama is an adaption from on of Tong Hua’s popular novel Once Promised (the prequel to her other popular novel Lost You Forever)

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-28419c315b2200bf74ebbf67e4e23c4b_zpszudvubdg.jpg

Drama Three Lives Three worlds broke its own record and hit 35 billion online views! That’s an amazing number! I think it’ll be awhile before another drama can come in and swoop its top spot.

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-029361e2534e251d11e00c72a825c953_zpswmbtrlie.jpg

The Unique China Queen with Chen Xiao and Joe Chen had its booting ceremony.

Rule the World with Tang Yixin, Raymond Lam ,and Ray Chang finished filming. It is scheduled for a Summer broadcast on Tencent

Once Upon a Time released more character posters

Liu Yifei as BaiQian

Yang Yang as Ye Hua

Luo Jin as ZheHan

LiChu as Sujin

Yan Yikuan as Qing Cang

Gu Xuan as Xuan Nu

Peng Zisu as A-Li

Happy Birthday to Eddie Peng, who just turned 35 on March 24th

His upcoming movie The Tales of Wukong released some posters. The movie is based on a novel telling the stories of Sun Wukong before he became Monkey King

Eddie Peng as Wukong

23 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Demon Catcher Zhong Kui, Win the World, Love Auroras, The Unique China Queen

  1. Happy birthday Eddie!! Can’t stop looking at his super cute gif!! Hahaha

    Congrats to the 3l3w team for the view. The drama was a dark horse but came out awesome.

    And yes the movie’s costumes and hair pieces are too much.


  2. I’ve read from other people that the movie outfits are closer to the novel… but I personally don’t think SuJin needs that plate on her head… Nor should Qing Cang be wearing that much makeup because Yan Yikuan doesn’t fit with that eyeshadow or lipstick color 😛
    My friend and I were joking his eyebrows are higher than our grades 😅
    As for ZheYan, I get that he wears colorful clothes, but I don’t think that circular pointing phoenix? looking thing on his head fits him. I think they should have him be covered with more feathers like SuJin. Plus there’s another photo where his outfit is just gradient rainbow and it flies up and that looks cheap to me. If they wanted to show phoenix -like characteristic then they should opt for separate pieces of thin fabrics and make a gradient from multiple separate color fabrics since each feather of the bird would layer with one another and make the color gradient that way 😛


    1. LOL! you know it’s makeup gone wrong when it gets compared to grades!
      Yea…that head piece is way too distracting! But then again…that’s before the rainbow costumes….so maybe the head piece won’t be too bad.. .?hahah
      They should have hired you to design their costume! lol. I like that thin multi fabrics idea. More phoenix godly than one gradient piece for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I rather they stick more feathers in his head than a head piece lol. Or give him more warmer tones than blue because for a dude who looks after the peach blossom orchard, I imagined him to be in shades of firey red 😀 I wish I can design costumes but my sewing and sewing machine skills are terrible 😛 Knowing Luo Jin, he’ll probably give out a phoenix godly acting lol.


    2. I mean I was thinking that Luo Jin as Zhe Yan would be red or maybe golden, though I’m not an expert in Chinese mythology. To be honest, the actor in full costume looked like a parrot to me ^^;

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the costumes of both adaptations of “Thirty Miles of Peach Blossoms”! They are visually pleasing in their respective ways: the drama’s robes tend to incline towards simple and ethereal while the designs in the movie focus more on embellishments and strong colors.


  4. Congrats to the cast of 3l3w!!! The views are deserved. I think they will hold on to that titled for a while. Also congrats to Eddie Peng.
    The outfits for the 3l3w movie look too exaggerated. LuoJin looks like a peacock lol.


    1. He looks so ugly!
      I don’t want to judge anything before it’s out but honestly, i can’t help not feeling deflated about the movie. They look like they’re trying TOO hard and it’s not really working for me.
      35 billion views is amazing. Go Peaches team!


    2. Lol! Yea….didn’t expected that headpiece for him at all! But Cingchang (the ghost king) looks good tho! Too good looking to be the villain. Hahah


      1. He’s hot! Too hot to have a son that will fall for SiYin. LOL
        I will admit to not liking his makeup because i know the actor is much hotter without that lipstick

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The headpiece is just too much lol. I think his character will be a bit of comedic relief just from his outfit. I like the Ghost King minus the lipstick. That gold lipstick is so weird.


  5. Once Upon a Time’s poster are so pompous that is even scary. I would switch Zhe Yan and Qing Qan. Xuan Nu reminds me of some game character. Su Jin is ok even though her gown is too much I think.At first I thought it is Ye Hua’s mother. I’m more interested in how mane leads looks like, especially Ye Hua. After drama I can’t see anybody in Ye Hua’s role rather than Mark Chao. They’d better cast Yang Yang as Bai Zhen. He fits for 4th brother better than for Ye Hua.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard to get over that characters image that the 3l3w drama castes in us. I like the costume so far but the headpiece is…..too much. I agree that sujin reminded me of YHs mom. Haha Love that XN looks so badass in the movie version.


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