Drama Review: Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me


Title: Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (恶魔少爷别吻我)

Episodes: 23 (season 1), 23 (season 2)

Episode Length: ~15 minutes


An Chuxia loses her mom and ends up in the custody of Han Qi Lu ‘s family, who is very rich. They help her attend the same prestigious high school as Han Qi Lu. There people call him Master Devil and no one dares oppose him. He makes her life very difficult as she tries to adapt to her new life.

Watch with Eng Subs:

Season 1: Tencent Playlist

Season 2: Tencent Playlist  (airing right now)


A typical high school romance but the chemistry between the leads really drives it. It has some quirky humor that makes it a fun watch. Episodes are only fifteen minutes long. On the bad side, conflicts are really weak and purely driven by jealousy and rich kids with too much time on their hands. In other words, pretty typical. The show feels like it combined a lot of popular mangas and in the end, it works.


An Chuxia by Xing Fair


The heroine is feisty and really smart, except when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Even if I can’t fully follow her train of thoughts, I understand why she makes certain decisions and why she hesitates so much to like the male lead. She has a lot of personality, but it still doesn’t explain why every guy falls for her. This same question gets asked by the male lead on one occasion.

Han Qi Lu by Li Hong Yi


The male lead is your typical rich, smart, good looking male lead who acts mean but is actually nice. He reminded me of Irie Naoki at first, but he is actually much nicer. He ends up falling in love first.


Some of my favorite characters are probably the side characters. The mom is hilarious, she is very similar to the mom from It Started With a Kiss. Another favorite is WanZi, a sidekick for the main mean girl of the show. She has very few scenes, but I find her hilarious in all of them. My favorite part is how rumors spread on the show.


Overall, the show doesn’t take itself seriously. The leads bicker and argue, but care for each other. Their relationship develops slowly and it feels like it evolves naturally from the circumstances. The show doesn’t just revolve around their romance but their high school life. The cast is really young so it really adds to the theme of youth.


Season 1:

Season 2:

Who should watch: someone looking for something light hearted, a bit silly, quirky, or high school romances

Who shouldn’t watch: if you want a deep storyline, more mature romances, and mature characters overall. The dubbing in the first season is really bad, thankfully by the second season they are using their real voices. If you hate when like every guy likes the same girl.

This is a webdrama, but it has gained a lot of buzz online. The first season almost has 1 billion views and is only available to Tencent VIP members right now. The second season started airing a bit over a week ago and it almost has 500 million views. It doesn’t seem like a lot compared to big budget dramas, but the cast is young and unknown. They recently got a CF for sanitary pads and lol men should never be hired to endorse this product.

I will give my final impression after it finishes airing, but as of now I am enjoying it.

Some spoilers in this FMV

NG scenes:

21 thoughts on “Drama Review: Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

  1. Hi, there is an instrumental soundtrack which is nice. I want to download it but couldn’t find the song name. Does anyone know?? Please help. Really like it badlyyy…


    1. Hi!
      These are all the soundtracks that I could find.
      Hi 亲, 我会永远爱坐在我对面的男生, 暗算, 晴, 人海

      I would put each of those into youtube along with 恶魔少爷别吻我 to see if that is the one you are looking for. Also try 恶魔少爷别吻我 OST.


    1. so far nothing, I don’t know if they are filming it or not. My guess is no bc the main lead actress was filming other webdramas recently but maybe they will film it this year.


    1. I love that part! It is so funny and at the same time realistic how the rumor changes from one person to the other and ends up being something completely different and exaggerated.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks so cute and fun! Reminds me of my beloved Hana Yori Dango. I so want to watch after this review and the trailers. Do you know if there are English subs available?


      1. YES!!!when yoy said Naoki(thought the same thing) and especially Devil Beside You. They probably realized what worked after it aired, still a nice show tho


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