Magazines: Zhao Liying and Lin GengXin CosmoBride Special

Zhao Liying and Lin GengXin











Note: This post also included pictures for Li BingBing, Mark Chao, and Bolin Chen at first but links are broken now.

Update: A lot of our image links are dead so some of these photos are gone forever since I don’t remember the specific photoshoot and it would be too time consuming to look back for it. I took down the broken links and changed the title to reflect the actual post.


12 thoughts on “Magazines: Zhao Liying and Lin GengXin CosmoBride Special

  1. Mark chao is sexy doesn’t matter what he wears. That man is HAWWWTTT!!!!

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  2. Omg where has Bolin been?? Haven’t seen him in anything in such a long time


  3. Zly and lgx pictures are adorable! Was expecting something more scandalous tho. Lol. Love her dress!!!!
    LBBs shoots are amazing! So exotic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • me too! I wanted something more risque, but I will take it ^^
      LBB’s photo shoot was my favorite. Really interesting and artistic.


  4. Anybody knows when will the drama COLOR OF NIGHT be aired?? Thanx


  5. Mark is sooo gorgeous I can’t take out my eyes of him. ZLY is so beautiful in white.


  6. Li BingBing remain a literal queen.


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