Zhao Liying March Update

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Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin covered the 2017 spring issue of CosmoBride! This is like the modern version of our CP in Princess Agents!

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Zhao Liying attended the the xStep 321 Kickoff event as the brand ambassador. (Yay no mid-split here! And Is it just me or does Liying look really happy in these pictures? Look at that smile!! =D )


They gifted Zhao Liying a pair of limited edition shoes and asked her to advertise for the shoes (she’s so awkwardly cute =D)

Before the event, the brand also released a series of pictures of Liying exercising and a lot of people were surprised by that Liying has abs. Her abs were trending on Weibo for a short while

Black and white pictures of Zhao Liying while shooting for the xStep workout brand (now I’m just spamming this post with Liying’s pictures! She’s just been so inactively lately that I can’t help myself =D but seriously! That smile!)

She also attended the press conference for Lee Man Paper Company, an eco-friendly driven company (more smiles! =D)

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-cbaa4559966173c33394e1ea348791d3_zpsvi5kmsyj.jpg

Preview for Liying and Yang Yang’s new commercial for the tea brand where Li Ying becomes the picky girlfriend that doesn’t like any of the typical gifts

Zhao Li Ying wishing Jie Ting Lady Care brand a happy 20th anniversary.

Liying for Aquair Hair Shampoo brand

Liying new ad for Pure and Mild, a cosmetic brand

Our Zhao Boss is the ambassador for so many brands that I’m losing track (last smile for the post)!

10 thoughts on “Zhao Liying March Update

  1. Zhao Boss…I love that!

    Looking beautiful in every pic and even different hair for the first time in a while at the xStep event. I’m a bit disappointed none of the pictures from the bridal shoot have her with hair up or braided or something. Maybe in the other pics?


    1. Hahaha something beside that mid split! Ooh braided hair would be awesome! Hopefully. Can’t wait for the rest of the pics to come out! 😆


    1. ME too! Can’t wait to see Liying in cool bride dresses. I am looking forward to see her on a motorcycle again! Lol. Was expecting something more for her individual shot but still pretty nonetheless.

      Liked by 1 person

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