Magazines: Zhao Liying, Li Yi Feng, Zhang Vin, YangZi, Zhang Crystal, Tang Yixin, & Chen YuQi

Zhao Liying (The Mystic Nine/ The Legend of Chusen/ Rookie Agent Rouge)

Zhang Vin (Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)

Li Yi Feng (The Legend of Chusen/Sparrow) 

Crystal Zhang (Go Princess Go)

Yang Zi ( The Legend of Chusen/ Ode to Joy)

Tang YiXin (The Legend of Chusen)

Chen YuQi (The Princess Weiyoung)


9 thoughts on “Magazines: Zhao Liying, Li Yi Feng, Zhang Vin, YangZi, Zhang Crystal, Tang Yixin, & Chen YuQi

  1. Yangzi band tang yixing look so cute in these pics.
    Lol. Liying looks like she’s spacing out while doing the shoot.
    Zhang Vin is just wow!


    1. Zhang Vin looks super handsome. I find Tang Yixing so cute, she always looks super bubbly. I hope she gets more popular. Yangzi is also naturally cute, she fits those roles where she has to act cutesy. One of the reasons I am anticipating Dragon Pearl.
      I want to see ZLY doing different photoshoots, something more fierce. But she rarely does photoshoots compare to other popular actresses.

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      1. TYX has one of the best smiles ever! Her dimples just make it that much better! hahah
        Me too! I still remember Liying’s motorcycle shoot back in the days. Wish she would do more of something like that. hahaha I’m just glad that we got another shoot so soon after the last one! =D

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        1. and the one with the combat boots and wedding dress. Yeah, when we get a photo shoot from ZLY I am like wow a miracle 😛
          TYX’s dimples are the cutest


  2. ZLY looks beautiful although the photoshoot itself is kind of meh.

    Zhang Vin looks so handsome. I don’t usually like his photoshoots because I think he’s someone who looks much better in motion than pictures but this shoot is really good.

    Li Yi Feng looks handsome but boring photoshoot. I know it’s for Coach but I feel like every actor in their 20s has done the exact same photoshoot with the same props and same fake backgrounds

    Like another poster said Crystal Zhang looks fierce. I like her features they are a bit stronger and distinctive than a lot of the popular actresses at the moment.

    Seeing Yang Zi reminds me I still need to finish watching Ode to Joy before the second series starts.

    Chen Yu Qui looks just lovely. I liked her in Princess Weiyoung

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  3. I am DYING to see Crystal Zhang in another drama. Of all C-actresses, she leaves the most impression on me, with her effortless talent and looks yet the amount of work she’s done doesn’t reflect that. I hope that changes soon.

    Zhang Bin Bin has really charismatic eyes, and oh so handsome ❤ Another actor I'm happy for his success.

    Btw anyone else suffering a Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms withdrawal and have been reading up whatever they can on the 4th book about Mo Yuan and his Demon Realm lover Shao Wan?! Don't y'all think Crystal Zhang would make a FANTASTIC Shao Wan??


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