[Thread] Untouchable Lovers: new stills, trailer, and synopsis


We got a trailer for this drama with English subtitles. They also changed the name to Untouchable Lovers. Sadly it seems like the drama won’t follow the book.

Title: Untouchable Lovers (凤囚凰)

Episodes: 40 

Release Date: 2018. It is based on the novel, A Tale of Two Phoenixes, by Tian Yi You Feng.

Drama Synopsis: 

In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decided to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple, Chuyu. There she meets the princess’s companion RongZhi, who is actually a spy from Northern Wei. They grow closer but their opposing goals hold them back. During the rebellion Liu Ziye and the real princess are killed. Both RongZhi and Chuyu lose their memories. Some time afterwards, Chuyu is sent to their neighboring country, Northern Wei to marry RongZhi.

Book Plot:

Chu Yu wakes up in the body of Princess Shanyin in the Liu Song dynasty. The princess had once questioned her brother, Emperor Qian Fei of Southern Qi, on why he was able to have several concubines, while she only had one consort. The emperor decided that she was right and gave her thirty male concubines. 

After discovering her new identity, Chuyu decides to deal with her new fate. History tells her that there is an upcoming rebellion, in which her side loses. She must figure out a way to survive. This includes dealing with her thirty concubines, some of whom dislike her, dealing with her prince consort, who definitely dislikes her, and dealing with her feelings for Rong Zhi, one of her concubines. 

As you can see the drama and the book sound nothing alike, except for the same names. Obviously fans are upset with the changes since it is no longer the same story. And the plot … I hate amnesia in plots.


Main Cast: 

Guan Xiao Tong as ChuYu


Song Wei Long as Rong Zhi


Booting Ceremony:

Some BTS pictures of filming so far:


There was some drama with the casting since the original actors casted were changed due to the production company. I read some of the book and visually my dream cast was Rachael Mao and Yang Yang, but I like the previews so far. I am really looking forward to this drama and I hope the acting is up to par.

The drama should be all about RongZhi ( my super biased opinion). There is a lot of plotting in the book, so I expect that it is well executed in the drama. I am curious as to how the scriptwriter will deal with the time traveling since that is an essential part in the book. But honestly I wouldn’t mind if they removed it completely. Are you looking forward to this drama?


It looks better after the trailer. Not a fan of her hairstyle, but at least it is different. Did you like the trailer? I am really liking RongZhi so far, but I am disappointed that the drama will be so different from the book. But I do understand they had to make changes since time traveling was a major plot in the book. I am still interested and I will just take it as a complete different story. 



26 thoughts on “[Thread] Untouchable Lovers: new stills, trailer, and synopsis

    1. i’m replying to you cos i have the same reaction to Agelababy. she’s so pretty but that lipstick plus her being total opposite of my version of BPT make me drop the drama.

      ad yes that hair is atrocious, pity the young actress.. but the male lead is so cute (and he’s a 99er?) so maybe i’ll still give it a try. Yumama is a hit and miss for me


      1. Yeah I mean I definitely will give it a try and hope that I can get pass the hairstyle. I thought General and I was decent watching it however like you, I did end up dropping it since her lipstick was so much of a distraction especially when she is pretty (her make up artist just have to go) LOL! And yes from the novel, my image of the character is completely different as well.


  1. This is the lead role that should have been played by Yang Rong, right? I would have been much more excited to see her as she is a much better actress.

    The male lead is gorgeous.

    The trailer is a bit disappointing. It’s looks very pretty but even with the subtitles I don’t know what is going on. I thought the story would be more from the heroine’s perspective. And that hair is horrid! Why would they plop that mess on her head instead of using actual hairstyles from the era?


    1. yeah I think Yang Rong is better too. It seems like the changed the whole story.
      The trailer was confusing for me too until I read that they changed the story. I am excited that RongZhi looks similar to what I imagined, and that is about it.


      1. I haven’t read the book but I just saw the updated drama plot you posted and compared to the novel plot you posted it’s completely different! The only thing it seems to have in common is the time period and a few names. Why did they even bother to buy the rights for an adaptation and not just make an original drama? Weird.


    1. I feel bad for Yang Rong too and she is a good actress so it is such a shame. In the other hand, I can see that they did it bc they wanted a younger cast which fits the characters. Both leads are really young.


  2. I’m confused about the plot. Please someone help me!
    In mydramalist, originally the drama was written as the following: a girl gets transported to a princess’s body, and the latter happens to have 30 male concubines. She is very shocked and hides in her room but her childhood friend-cum-butler says that she cannot hide her situation forever and thus needs to face it.
    Then, the plot got edited and it is instead about a royal’s aide who impersonates the same princess in order to assassinate her (the princess is said to be very hedonistic – I understand this is where the part about the 30 male consorts makes sense) and the male lead betrays her (he is some kingdom’s prince) and they both lose their memories and she gets sent to his palace to become his consort.

    I am interested in the drama and it would defintiely help if I know the exact plot to be better immersed.

    Thank you for your explanations!


    1. actually up to the part where she hides in the room is correct. In the book, one of her concubines, RongZhi, tells her that she cant hide anymore. I am not sure about the rest. The drama will make some changes to the plot, like time traveling is a big part of the plot and they need to remove that since it is not allowed. So I think what they are doing is changing that part to her impersonating the real princess. The male lead in the book has a hard time falling in love with her and his actions could be seen as betrayal. Not sure if they changed his role to a prince. As information comes out on changes I will update the synopsis so far I am just going off the book.


  3. The story line sounds interesting. hahaha 30 concubines!!! I’m so sad…This is the one that Yang Rong was suppose to be in but got replaced due to time conflict =(


  4. Thirty male concubines???? I do t think this is a good drama…just like the japanese version the female shogun had one new male concubine each day ….i will not watch this chinese version..i dont like male concubines…


    1. lol For the fact that the book starts in the premise of thirty male concubines, they dont stick around for long. I think the author just used it to grab attention. It reminded me of the Japanese reverse harem manga.


    1. yeah it wasnt what I was expecting, but maybe that is what they used during that time. RongZhi looks like I pictured him so I am happy so far.


      1. Nope. That hair is purely the work of someone’s overactive imagination. No historical accuracy to it at all but I see this is a production from the dreaded Yu Mama so ridiculousness and style over substance is to be expected. Anyway drama looks very pretty.


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