[Thread] Surgeon (2017)

After the 3l3w withdrawal I think I just found my next drama to watch! =D  Surgeon will be released on the 17th of April! This drama was directed by Li Xue, the same person who directed Nirvana in the Fire, The Disguiser, and All Quiet in Peking, so I’m hoping that this drama will be just as good. And Jin Dong is in this drama!!  


Title: Surgeon (外科风云)

# of episodes:45

Release date: April 17, 2017

Broadcast station: Zhejiang TV and Beijing TV

Synopsis: The story is set in a general hospital, and revolves around an accident that happened 29 years earlier and lead to the death of a patient. The nurse involved in that accident was blamed and later died in a car accident while her 4 year old daughter got kidnapped. Years later, Zhuang Su came back to China in order to unveil the truth behind that case.


Jin Dong as Zhuang Su,  a well-known Chinese-American expert on thoracic anatomy.  He returned to China in order to find his lost sister.

Bai Bai He as Lu Chen Xi, a skilled thoracic surgeon with an upright and strong personality.



5 minute long trailer!


《拾光》 sang by Jin Dong


Cut of paste scenes of doctor Jin Dong (from Surgeon) and doctor Wang Kai (from Ode to Joy)

Sources (Baidu)


20 thoughts on “[Thread] Surgeon (2017)

  1. Cast is top notch. Is this a heavy drama? not sure I’m prepared for something heavy.


  2. This, Ode To Joy 2 and The Advisors’ Alliance are in my anticipated watch for the coming 3 months.

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  3. is anyone going to sub it? Idk if viki or DF is going to license any upcoming dramas 😦


    • Really wish there was an exclusive site for subbing Chinese dramas, the struggle is real to be able to watch all the dramas I am looking forward to

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    • Unfortunately I haven’t heard news. And most likely not too just cause it’s falls away from the typical romance dramas that DF and Viki subs. I might be able to do a recap on this one if you’re interested.


  4. If possible in the Information section do you think you can put airing schedule and channels for dramas? I find some dramas so hard to follow bcoz I never know when or where exactly they are on


  5. the director and cast makes me curious, but I have a feeling it will be a heavy drama


  6. This looks pretty good but if it doesn’t get subbed I’m out of luck 😦 I want to watch this and Advisor’s Alliance as well but who knows … Thanks for the updates!!


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  10. Hello all, it s a great drama and even I m here in Cambodia – I watch it with my eyes-opening. Even the place where the drama is filmed.
    Oh by the way – what city (of Renhe Hospital) is the drama filmed?
    Thank you for yr reply in advance.
    Warmest regards,


    • Glad you’re enjoying it! =D
      I know the hospital is set in Jialin city (in the drama) but not sure if that’s the city in real life.


  11. the drama has a nice plot but the recap is not extensive enough. also I think screenshots are also important while recapping.


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