[Thread] The King’s Woman: Update

Updated Synopsis: 

Dilireba plays SunLi, the grand-daughter and disciple of a military commander. She grows up with Jing Ke, a fellow disciple. During the Warring States chaos, they are forced to leave their home and become dependant on each other. They fall in love. Jing Ke is injured trying to protect her and in exchange for the medicine SunLi enters the palace and marries Ying Zheng, played by Zhang Vin. Soon after she realises she is pregnant, but Ying Zheng tells her to lie and say the child is theirs. As time goes on SunLi falls in love with Ying Zheng. She must fight to survive in the harem and win the respect of everyone around her.


Dilireba Dilmurat as Gong Sun Li

Zhang Vin as Ying Zheng

Liu Chang as Jing Ke

Episodes: 40

Director: Liu Xin

Online broadcast: exclusively on Youku

Booting ceremony: 



I am looking forward to this, but that synopsis sounds extra angsty.

UPDATE: The King’s Woman finished filming this week. Zhang Vin should do more historical dramas. 

23 thoughts on “[Thread] The King’s Woman: Update

  1. Any updates on when this will air? Most places on Instagram are saying Summer 2017 and that Zhejiang TV has bought the rights and will soon announce the broadcast date. However there are some places that are saying it will air in Dec 2018. Please tell me it will air soon!


    1. I also saw info about it coming out this Summer, but if it does it would be late Summer bc June and July seem fully booked.


  2. HOLY SHIIITE that gif of Zhang Vin looking into her eyes and then carrying her. Words cannot explain how badly I want to see this !!! That chemistry is unreal

    AND ZHANG BIN BIN YOU FREAKING HANDSOME DEVIL I CAN’T HANDLE IT !! He looks AMAZING as an intense emperor woah and that second lead isn’t bad either.

    These two are my favorite younger C-actor and actress that can ACTUALLY act. Can this hurry up already ?!


  3. Thank you so much for keeping us updated

    What an incredibly handsome emperor! That gif where he is carrying her…*fans self*

    Is that an adorable little Ying Zheng, little Sun Li and little Jing Ke I spy in one of the pictures? Does that mean we are going to get a childhood meeting backstory between the emperor and Sun Li? It’s beginning to feel like a childhood meet cute are now mandatory for any Chinese drama romance lol.

    Very excited for the costumes. I love fashion from this period and I think I read the costume designer from Legend Of Zhen Huan is working on this and those costumes were incredible.

    Can I just say I am so, so glad this is a reasonable 40 episodes long. I really feel like a lot of C-dramas now are waaay longer than they need to be. If Bu Bu jing Xin were made now it would probably be 70 episodes rather than 35.

    Meanwhile I will keep crossing my fingers that this is subbed…Do you think you will do recaps?

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    1. yep it seems like we will get a childhood meeting between our leads. It seems like every drama is doing this nowadays lol.
      Zhang Vin looks super good as emperor. There seems to be a small preview but I couldn’t find the clip, just that gif going around.
      I am glad this drama wont be crazy long. I think this latest trend for 60+ episodes needs to end. We need to go back to episode count like BBJX.

      I won’t be doing recaps, but I will be regularly updating this thread. I tried recapping one drama and it became such a shore to watch it, I still havent finish it. Your best bet is Chexmix, if she likes it she will recap it. If not lizzieyen also does some recaps and she likes palace dramas.


    1. Agreed! Ship them in pretty li huizhen more than the main CP! Talk about major second lead syndrome! hahah Can’t wait for this drama! =D


  4. Thank you for the thread.

    Yay! Zhang Bin Bin is finally the lead! I am so excited to see Dilireba Dilmurat and Zhang Bin Bin working together again and finally starring together as the leads. They are definitely my two favourite young actors right now and we already know they have wonderful chemistry together.

    From the angsty synopsis and what we know of the Qin Emperor I think we are in for a depressing ending.

    Have they not announced a TV station yet? I think I saw somewhere it might be Zhejiang TV. I hope this drama gets picked up for subbing. 🙂


    1. yes I am happy to see them as lead, I think they have good chemistry. Yep it doesnt look like there is any way this has a happy ending. I havent seen anything about the station yet. I think iqiyi will also get rights to it since I saw them posting about it, but so far only Youku has them. So it could air on DragonTV.


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