[Breaking News] Ady An announces her marriage to CEO Chen Ronglian

Today Ady An revealed her marriage to Chen Ronglian. Back in October of 2016, she revealed in an interview that she was given a precious stone for her birthday. She didn’t elaborate and now we know it was a diamond ring. Congratulations!

She posted:

“1230 days ago you suddenly broke into my world, and I seriously used 810 days to meet you. Did not expect to be persuaded by you. Well, by your side, I will eat until old age, play until old age, never aging Doraemon. In the future please take care of your Mrs.Chen.”





Chen Ronglian is the president of Macau Dejin Group. It is reported he put a lot of effort in pursuing her and that he would adjust his schedule to hers. After a year and a half, they finally started dating in 2014.

It sounds like a modern romance drama. They look so happy. I wish them the best!

Of course Hu Ge is trending again. The forever bachelor is seeing another couple getting married. I feel bad that every time a friend announces their relationship everyone just goes to Hu Ge’s Weibo to leave their condolences. At least, Eddie Peng is still single so he is not the only one.



18 thoughts on “[Breaking News] Ady An announces her marriage to CEO Chen Ronglian

  1. She looks so happy and pretty! I saw her in a t-drama with mike he and although not the best actresss, she has a likeable vibe (kinda like Joe Chen).

    It’s bad enough when you have meddlesome relatives hounding you about your marital status, HG has the whole country! 😂

    Hopefully ZLY finds her happiness too!!


    1. lol I know HuGe has the whole country thinking about his bachelor status. I am hoping the same for ZLY. I think she will have more time now that she is not working as much.


    2. Lol! So true.
      Gah! That would be the biggest news for me if she announces that she’s in a relationship!! O.O. But I hope ZLY finds her mr. right soon too!! I remembered she once mentioned that she wanted to get married before 30 and she’s almost hitting that age. (Not that it matters since she has such a baby face hahaha =D)


  2. The pictures are lovely. She looks incredible in that sequinned dress. Wow!

    “I feel bad that every time a friend announces their relationship everyone just goes to Hu Ge’s Weibo to leave their condolences”



  3. OMG!! I’m so happy for her esp. after Shone but I’m so HAPPY SHE”S MARRIED AND HAPPY she looks gorgeous (as always), omg all my Cdrama loves are married *cries* except for Eddie and Hu Ge (I’d gladly volunteer if they need me to)

    Liked by 3 people

  4. OMG she is still gorgeous!
    Haha, Hu Ge and Ady An used to star in Chinese Paladin~~ I guess there is still Eddie Peng and Liu Yifei left 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Liu Yifei seems serious with her boyfriend. I think they will probably tie the knot too. I feel bad that Eddie Peng and HuGe always get this treatment when news come out but it always cracks me up.
      Ady An looks super pretty and happy.


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