Magazines: Yang Yang, Li Yifeng, Yang Mi, Ni Ni, Mao Zijun, and Qin Jun Jie

Yang Yang (Love 2O2)

Li Yi Feng (Legend of Chusen/Sparrow)

Yang Mi (Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)

Ni Ni (Suddenly Seventeen)

Sun Yi (Because of You)

Mao Zi Jun (Legend of Chusen/Glory of Tang Dynasty)

Qin Jun Jie (Legend of Chusen/Glory of Tang Dynasty)

*both Qin Junjie and Mao Zijun will also appear as leads in Legend of the Dragon Pearl with Yang Zi

*I am trying a new thing, where I put the last known work for each artist. I don’t think it will matter for popular celebrities, but it could help to put a name to a face with the lesser known ones. Let me know what you think



7 thoughts on “Magazines: Yang Yang, Li Yifeng, Yang Mi, Ni Ni, Mao Zijun, and Qin Jun Jie

  1. Everyone looks AMAZING! Im glad to see Yang Mi, she seems to be MIA *well, out of all the Eternal/ Peach cast *


    • she has been mia in comparison, but probably bc she was filming her other drama. Now that she is done, we will probably get a lot of photoshoots.

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  2. I love Yang Yang’s cover and Sun Yi looks amazing with her red lips, everyone else looks great too!


  3. What’s up with that pink drape on YangMi……?
    Qin Junjie and Mao Zijun!! Yang Zi should be jealous seeing that last picture! lol.


    • I know! THe other pink outfit is also really weird. Qin Junjie and Mao Zijun showing off their bromance. I hope Dragon Pearl is good since all the cast get along so well and have a lot of experience working with each other.

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      • im not into fashion, im guessing it’s a flowing cape+dress+jumpsuit? lol.. but have to admit she is pretty.

        btw, I like your effort with adding their movie/drama title. I’m aware of Nini but never bothered to check out any of her work. Last night (actually very early morning) i watched her Seventeen Again movie. I do realized I have a serious and need to take a breather from this Peach Blossom madness.


        • Thanks for the feedback! I am glad you liked it. I am the same with Nini tbh, I had to look up her last work. I know her more for her fashion and dating Jing Boran. I feel you on recovering from 3l3w. When will I recover from 3l3w and Mark Chao? I havent found anything new to watch.


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