Entertainment Update: Ren Jia Lun’s Relationship, Empress Dugu, Hu Ge Arrival in the US, and Drama Airing Schedule

Allen Ren Jia Lun revealed that he has been in a 5 year relationship with his girlfriend on Weibo with a sweet picture of them on the beach. Weibo: ” On the day we met, the weather was great and we walked hands in had for 5 years. I’m willing to be by your side every Spring and Winter. – Jia Lun”

Zhang Lanxin and Yin Zheng were caught together recently in a very friendly interaction and were suspected to be dating. Neither has confirmed nor denied

Hu Ge is finally off to his journey to study abroad. It is said that he will be studying English and cinematography abroad for 2 years before returning.  He was caught with a bunch of fans at the airport in San Francisco, US.


Dilireba was caught filming for Running Brother/Hurry Up Brother and partnered up with LuHan in the competition. It’s official that she will be replacing Angelababy in season 5 of the variety show. Other guests that were caught filming included William Chan, Liu Tao, and Carina Lau (not all in the same episode of course)

Secrets of the 3 Kingdom (三国机密) started filming. It’s an adaption of the novel with the same title. The leads have yet to be revealed


The Female lead to Chen Kun‘s drama Rise of the Phoenixes was revealed to be Ni NiThe Rise of Phoenixes is set in an alternate world, where ancient China is ruled by the Tiansheng dynasty. Ning Yi, the sixth prince, hides his calculating personality behind a facade of playfulness. Meanwhile, he meets Feng Zhiwei, a court official who is actually a woman. Feng Zhiwei was the illegitimate daughter of a noble clan, who got banished from her family after being wrongfully accused of a crime. She soon discovers that she is the only surviving royalty of a fallen dynasty, and seeks vengeance, even if she has to betray her loved ones (credit)

Chen Xiao confirmed for the male lead, partnering with Chen Qiao En, for the drama Empress Dugu.

Just when you think our Feng Jiu and Dong Hua will get some happy ending in the new movie Mr. Pride and Miss Prejudice release April 21st. This time, Dilireba, an online writer, is partnered up with Leon Zhang, a rich boy. Oh, and Vengo Gao is going to be the one pursuing Dilireba this time!!

A Nail Clipper Romance starring Zhou Dong Yu and Zhang Xiao Chen is set to be released April 14. Sean is a Chinese-American amateur surfer in Hawaii. After a series of bad relationships, Sean is afraid to open up his heart again. Things change when he comes across a kind-hearted tattoo artist named Emily. Emily is beautiful, yet down-to-earth, a good girl with a mild playful side. Everything is perfect until one day, Emily confesses that she is a nail clipper monster, a special sub-type of humans that only eats nail clippers. But Sean finds this very hard to believe. Can love help him override his suspicions and make him trust her and this tall tale?

Zhou Dong Yu won Best Actress at the 23rd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award. Gordon Lam from Trivisa got Best Actor and Trivisa got Best Film. Stephen Chow got Best Director.

Dragon TV and some other stations released their airing schedule up till July. Below are the schedule of dramas that will be released for the next few months. (And of course all the good ones are gonna be released in the summer of 2017)

March 3 – March 19: The Battle at Dawn with Liu Shi Shi

March 20- April 12: Razor with Johnny Wen

April 14 – May 10: Heirs with Hawick Lau and Jiang Xin

April 17- July: Operation Love with Zhang Yixing and Chen Duling

April 17: Surgeon with Jin Dong

May 11 – June 7: Ode to Joy 2 with Liu Tao, Wang Zi Wen, Jiang Xin

May 30: Song of the Phoenixes with Ma Ke

May: Legend of Dragon Pearl with Yang Zi and Qin Junjie

May: Fighter of the Destiny with Luhan

July: Flowers Shall Send Us on Our Way with Wallace Chung

July: Lost Love in Time with Liu Shi Shi and William Chan

July: Princess Agents with Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin

July:  Rule the World with Raymond Lam and Tang Yixin



23 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Ren Jia Lun’s Relationship, Empress Dugu, Hu Ge Arrival in the US, and Drama Airing Schedule

  1. Aha, the tables have turned Dong Hua lol.
    I like Leon so I’m fine with the casting 😛
    The poster for Secrets of the Three Kingdoms looks interesting, so aesthetically pleasing ^.^ I hope it’s the three kingdoms period I’m thinking of lol
    San Francisco is more than a 3 hour drive, so I’ll pass lol 😛
    A nail-clipper monster… what?


    1. Lol. My same reaction when I first read the title….then I read the synopsis…and then I read the title again…. and it still said a nail clipper monster…..THAT EATS NAILS??

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 2020….maybe……
      But seriously. They said 2017 but I haven’t heard much news on it at all!!
      Super excited for Princess Agent too!!! and Ode 2 Joy 2 hahah. Just have to endure till May comes around.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d like to believe that it’s taking this long, because the production is taking extra efforts with the final editing and effects so us viewers won’t have to be subjected to bad CGI. In the BTS they did emphasize that their main goal is to create a high quality drama like never before. I’m just hoping the wait is worth it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Damn these Yang Mi studio actors and actresses have project after project lined up, but are people going to be tired of seeing them always acting together?


    1. If the chem is right they can do it for another year, but maybe they should do a ArJoe thing where it looks like they might be on a show but then our hopes and dreams are crushed but they still make random appearances together.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL! I had to google what ArJoe is.
        In my case, if the chem is right they can go on forever!! =D maybe….just not too often ….cause it can get tiring.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats to all the couples! It is really nice that he exposed their relationship himself. Rise of the Phoenixes sounds interesting.
    So Dragon TV will be airing Princess Agents too along with Hunan?


    1. Lol. Sorry to get ur hopes up. It’s still gonna be on Hunan for now. I just lumped dragon TV and other stations in. I’ll pray with you that PA will get picked up by another station! hahaah


  4. It’s sad how the moment Hu Ge leave China a floodgate of slanders hits him. I mean, slander is nothing new in the entertainment industry but the timing was pretty sketchy. Glad that the industry people stood-up for him and put the rumors to rest.

    Also, Dilireba is on fire!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m debating if I should go stalk Hu Ge since he is studying in SF and I’m two hours away… what was he slander for and what they say, what happen????


      1. hahah If I’m that close I would totally!!
        People were saying how he went to the US for meet his gf or something. and they were criticising him for using a stunt in his drama. But others stood up for him. Maybe @aeriarahim can elaborate. People should just leave the man alone. He’s the right mindset to want to improve.


      2. Here’s the gist:

        1-He’s not actually going for further study, it’s all marketing ploy
        2- He’s going to US for dating purpose (with Wang Xiao Chen, no less)
        3- Bla bla bla

        These started as soon as the TV Quality Award ended but didn’t gained much traction at first. Then a post came out on Douban accusing Hu Ge of using mainly substitutes during filming of Shangri-La in 2010, Whirlwind Tornado in 2014 and MinuteMaid ad in 2015 (this one I LOL-ed really hard).

        The new allegations gained major coverage when someone post a video on Youku and things got quite bad over the weekend and until Tuesday.

        Things finally settled on Wednesday after top directors, screenwriters, actors (Chen Kun, OMG!!!), producers, substitutes, etc.made Weibo posts about their past experience working with Hu Ge and how he always insist to do things on his own instead of using substitute.

        Right now fans are pushing Tangren Media to proceed with their legal case in order to find the source of these allegations.


        1. Wow drama, feel so bad for my Hu Ge… hope he’s fine. Jealous people will always be jealous trying to cause problem jia you HG thanks for the info I have no idea what was going on


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