[Recap] Three Lives Three World Episode 56-58 [End]


We’re finally at the end of this drama!!!!! 

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 56

 photo snip_20170302170903_zpswe6flcd6.pngWith the help of his weapon, Ghost king knocked Li Jing down and severely injured him. He killed Li Jing with one strike and absorbed his power to help him break the seal.

 photo snip_20170302171227_zpsswyzobpt.pngWith Li Jing’s dead, the Ghost king’s power increased and shook Dong HuanZhong and injuring Feng Jiu in the process. Dong Hua caught her mid air and told Ximing to go look for Bai Qian for help. He wanted to stall the Ghost king with what little power he has but Feng Jiu stopped him. She told him she would not let him risk his life like that. During the chaos, one of the Ghost king’s attack stroked and Feng Jiu shielded Dong Hua and got severely injured.

 photo snip_20170302172409_zps99qtmeqf.pngXiming arrived at Qingqiu and told Bai Qian and Ye Hua, who was also there at that moment, what is happening at the moment. Bai Qian ordered Mi Gu to seek 4th brother for help while her and Ye Hua rushed to the scene. Bai Qian left first, still ignoring Ye Hua in the process.

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-0069DgXily1fd6g9idcq5g30go09eb2e_zps77sryudx.gifBai Qian charged to the front of Dong Huang Zhong and wanted to battle the Ghost king but Ye Hua came and bind her. He went in her place for the battle. At the same time, Ghost soldiers came to support their old King. Luckily 4th brother also came in time to battle with them.

 photo snip_20170302173211_zpsiw8iapmw.pngDuring the battle between Ye Hua and the Ghost king, Ye Hua had the upper hand in terms on swordsmanship but Ghost king wins with magical power. Ye Hua lured the king to strike him and turned the blade around to strike the king back. Both ended their battle severely injured. (I was so surprised that he was able to yield his sword! I thought it would take thousands of years before he can move his arm again!?)

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-861deec6gy1fd76szsiqrg20f307jkjs_zpsookkllai.gifNear his death, the Ghost king revealed that his life is tied to Dong Huan Zhong. Once he die, the weapon will be activated and destroyed the world! With one final laugh, he died. Ye Hua saw the situation and immediately flew to seal the weapon.

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-840b2007ly1fd6icno1lfg20go0dhx70_zpsnkjqigjd.gif

Ye Hua used his life to seal the weapon. Before dying, he entrusted Bai Qian to Mo Yuan. He told her that she has been the one he loved all along. He asked her not to forget him. In order to keep him awake, Bai Qian told him that if he dies now she’ll drink the “amnesia” potion again and forget him. He said that’s fine too. She begged him not to die but he closed his eyes in the end. (Phew! That is one heck of an emotional rollercoaster! Wow! The emotions from this scene is just so raw and heart wrenching! Bravo to Mark and Yang Mi.)

 photo snip_20170302175110_zpsq5e9taao.pngXiming came to report to the heaven king that Ye Hua used his soul to seal the weapon and is dead. Mo Yuan also sensed the movement of Dong Huan Zhong and knew that someone had used his soul to seal it off.

 photo snip_20170302175229_zpsc7crpfhr.pngBai Qian guarded Ye Hua’s body within a force field and blocked everyone out. She sat there dazed and didn’t listen to anyone until Mo Yuan came. Bai Qian asked him to save Ye Hua but he confirmed Ye Hua’s death instead. Bai Qian still cannot accept that fact and said that she will wait for him to return no matter what.

 photo snip_20170302180947_zpsdek81t3d.pngBai Qian took Ye Hua’s body back to QingQiu and guard it days and nights. The envoys that the king sent to retrieve Ye Hua’s body cannot do anything but wait outside the cave at QingQiu.

 photo snip_20170302180613_zpssvnqv2op.pngBecause Sujin ran away when the Ghost king woke, the heaven king punished her by sentenced her down to the mortal world and never to return to the heaven kingdom again. After that, the king asked Dong Hua to accompany the two princes to help retrieve Ye Hua’s body.

 photo snip_20170302181424_zpsccqudpke.pngDong Hua, the two princes, and Ye Hua’s mom came to QingQiu to ask to Ye Hua’s body back. Ye Hua’s mom got angry and told Bai Qian that Ye Hua did so much for her but never got anything back in return. She asked Bai Qian what right does she have to monopolize Ye Hua’s body. The dad also stepped in to ask for the body so that they can bury in Wu Wan Hai.

Episode 57

 photo snip_20170302183219_zps4lv63ypy.pngBai Qian kneeled to give Ye Hua’s parents a bow and requested that she be allowed to tidy Ye Hua up before they take him. While tidying him up, Bai Qian cried and told Ye Hua that because of his position as crown prince and her position as queen, she cannot keep him by her side. But in truth, she had already forgiven him when he waited for her outside the cave for 7 days. She gave him one last goodbye kiss before she handed him over.

 photo snip_20170303151521_zpsy7gmpiwt.pngThe lid was finally closed over Ye Hua’s body. Bai Qian asked eldest prince if she can accompany them to Wu Wan Hai with Ye Hua’s body but her request was denied due to the heaven’s rules. Since she is not Ye Hua’s official wife. Within seconds, heaven people disappeared with Ye Hua’s body and Bai Qian collapsed in sadness.

 photo snip_20170303151835_zpsipzzihab.pngFeng Jiu chased after Dong Hua to the heave kingdom. She asked about his injury but replied to her previous question on if he never erased his name from the rock, would he fall for her. He said he would. He touched the birth mark on her forehead and left. (I still can’t believe this is their ending…..)

 photo snip_20170303152650_zpsltlqemdp.pngThe depressed Bai Qian day dreamt about Ye Hua coming back. She told him that she wanted to die with him but was afraid that he’ll come back once she does. Ye Hua disappeared and she woke up from her dream. 4th brother saw her and yelled at her to pull herself together. She told him that she doesn’t know how. She regretted not valuing Ye Hua when he was alive now that he’s dead.

 photo snip_20170303153657_zpsjvufb2fh.pngThat night Bai Qian also dreamt of Ye Hua. In the dream, he called her over and explained to her that there is nothing going on between him and fake Susu and Sujin. She hugged him and told him that she believes him. Bai Qian realized she was dreaming when she woke up in her bed. She spent the night with Ye Hua’s wooden tombstone and asked him to visit her dream more often.

 photo snip_20170303154813_zpsydyihohd.png3 years later, Feng Jiu is preparing to ascend the throne as queen of Qingqiu while Bai Qian and 4th brother travel the world. As she ascended the steps to take over the throne, she accepted her position as queen and know that she must give up on her chase toward Dong Hua with her new position. Ximing came on behalf of Dong Hua to gift Feng Jiu an old map of the world. His message to her was that everything in the world changes, she will realized how insignificant [her feeling] is in the future. Even so, Dong Hua continued to monitor her and carried a piece of the red fur as remembrance of her.

 photo snip_20170303160029_zpsehpxu3uc.pngIn the mortal world, Bai Qian and 4th brother met Zhi Yue who asked to borrow money from them to reward the performers. Bai Qian told 4th brother that she’s been dreaming about Ye Hua everyday and that’s the only reason why she was able to live on. Later, they saw mortal Sujin chasing after her husband and begging him not to abandon her.

Episode 58

 photo snip_20170303160908_zpsirekdemb.pngBai Qian and 4th brother continued their time in the mortal world and met Yanzhi and her daughter at a tea station. Coincidently, Ali also saw her mother on his way to visit Ye Hua at Wu Wan Hai and ran to her and asked her not to abandon him.

 photo snip_20170303162101_zpsnvknyc85.pngUp in the heaven kingdom, the king summoned Yuan Zhen and asked him what he wanted for the wrong punishment he received regarding Sujin’s case. He said he wanted to see Bai Qian and repaid her for her kindness during his time in the mortal world. The king looked solemn and told him to discuss this further. Afterward, Zhi Yue stole the fan that Bai Qian gave Yuan Zhen to return to the people she borrowed money from.

 photo snip_20170303163558_zpskqnh1kz0.pngAli, Bai Qian, and 4th brother arrived at Wu Wan Hai to visit Ye Hua. Zi Lan lead them to Ye Hua’s resting place. Ali apologized for not visiting sooner because he was forced to study. Bai Qian silently weep for him. Ye Hua showed up again in her dream. After she woke up, Ali said goodbye to her and told her that he must continue to study hard as the son of crown prince Ye Hua. (I’m a little disappointed that we never got to see BQ interacting with Ali as real mother and son except for this 2 seconds and even then she just let him go even tho they were apart for 300 years, not counting the time she took him as his stepson)

 photo snip_20170303163921_zpsh8rae2hc.pngAfter Bai Qian and them left, Ye Hua’s energy started to increase tremendously. Zi Lan reported it to the king and the king asked him to seek Mo Yuan for help. Mo Yuan transferred energy into his body and awaken the sleeping Ye Hua! Mo Yuan told Ye Hua to go look for Bai Qian at the peach orchard. Ye Hua gave everyone a bow and left to look for Bai Qian.

 photo snip_20170303164458_zps4bheauek.pngZhi Yue found Bai Qian and wanted to return the fan to her. During the conversation, she accidently leaked the fact the Ye Hua’s body emitted tremendous energy and guessed that maybe he’s not dead. After hearing this, Bai Qian figured out she was talking about Ye Hua and immediately disappear.

 photo snip_20170303165047_zpsklq6rmxu.pngBai Qian rushed to the heave kingdom to look for Ye Hua. Mo Yuan found her and told her how back then their dad used half to his power to protect Ye Hua and after Ye Hua defeated the 4 beasts, he inherited the other half of the dad’s full power. When Ye Hua sealed away Dong Huang Zhong, the two powers collided and put him into a deep sleep. With the help of his coffin and Wu Wan Hai, Ye Hua was able to fully rest and recovered within 3 years.

 photo snip_20170303165703_zpsclm1ptgn.pngOur main leads finally meet again!!!! Bai Qian rushed to the peach orchard to look for Ye Hua and saw him standing there waiting for her.

 photo snip_20170303165840_zpsb4dsgahh.pngYanzhi brought her daughter to Kunlunxu to thank Zi Lan for saving her back then. The “son” the Xuan Nu had been carrying turned out to be a girl. She asked about him and he gave her one word answers. He told her to never to Kunlunxu and look for him again. She turned around and left. However, both were left with longing feelings for each other.

 photo snip_20170303170615_zpsfehc4s3h.pngMo Yuan returned to Kunlunxu and told er shixong that Ye Hua is awake. Er shixong happily said that now seventeen can marry off. Mo Yuan looked sad at first but slightly smiled afterward for the happy ending. (Does that mean that he had let go of his love for her!!?)

 photo snip_20170303170840_zpsvnfgabmi.pngYe Hua asked Zhe Yan to keep Ali occupied while he and Bai Qian have some alone time. Bai Qian asked him to confirm that she’s not dreaming. He recounted their love story and told her that she’s not dreaming. Whether as Susu or Bai Qian, Ye Hua loves her. He kissed her and they live happily ever after!

Chexmix: WHAAAAT!!? I love the ending for our main leads but….what about the other people!!!? Like Zi Lan and Yan Zhi!? Why would you let them meet again to so that he can tell her to leave and never show her face again…? And what about Feng Jiu and Dong Hua!!!??? I didn’t seem them at all in the last ep! I understand that they are not fated to be together and probably will not end up together (in this version) but they could have totally cut out Sujin’s part and give them a little individual air time! Boo! Other than that.. Love love love that our main leads get a happy ending after all those tears! My favorite scenes were Susu jumping from Zhuxiantai (of course), BQ and Ali first meeting, FJ’s cutting her tail off to write DH’s name of the rock, YH making the medicine with the herb for BQ to give to MY, BQ reclaiming her eyes from Sujin (love BQ’s arrogance in that scene).

58 episodes worth of journey and we finally came to an end. I absolutely love this drama and the amazing cast that played out the characters so well. Sujin and Xuan Nu were despicable but pitiful at the same time for their possessive love that they were willing to hurt others. Yanzhi and Zi Lan were separated by their differences of their clan but honestly I think it was just Zilan. Yanzhi was willing to give up everything to be with him if he was willing also. Damn these noble mindsets! They could have had a beautiful normal life together in the mortal world raising Xuan Nu’s daughter together!! Li Jing’s life was also pitiful. He was trapped in the love with Xiying forever and sacrifice himself for her in the end. But no one knew about it!! And no one cared about his death! I don’t even know if they knew he died! Mo Yuan is just such a likeable person! I felt bad that he didn’t have a love story with BQ but that slight smile in the end was closure for me. He was happy that YH woke up and was happy to see BQ and YH got their happy ending. Not much to complain about our main leads. Such a sweet ending for BQ and YH!!  =D

As for DH and FJ’s love story………What was that crappy ending….? If some one wanna convince me that they have to end up that way..I’m all ears. To me DH is suppose to be all powerful. If he can erase his name from the rock then why can’t be write his name again? Also, he doesn’t seem like the type who would just accept that they are not fated therefore “I will give up even thought I like you” type of guy. I can understand FJ’s part who chased after him endlessly but got nothing in return. Here’re some gifs for those who want more DH and FJ. Plz share some good FMV if you find any. I can’t seem to find much. hahah.

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-a599beaf7080e9f1344ce95b97886e65_zpsaqyaprvm.jpg

v photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-006wdiJ7ly1fciwts0nsig30go09eqv9_zpsvomxpxiy.gif photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-68272609gy1fcibuuanm0g20go09e1kz_zps6jcyozyw.gif photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-80a8fed9ly1fd2zjj5ervg20go09eqv7_zpswdynxhvl.gif photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-0066xj8mly1fd5e0txr7mg30li0dxqvm_zps4wa0syuf.gif

Anyway. Thank you to all  that stayed with me throughout this drama. I think it was much more enjoyable having people to spazz with over Mark and YH, get angry over SJ and XN’s evilness, and pity MY, FJ, DH, and Zilan and Yanzhi.  =D To those that finished, what do you think of this drama? What was your favorite moments? What do you think of the ending? To those that read the novel, how was it compared to the novel? What would you change in the drama? I’ve always been curious how FJ and DH’s story deviated from the novel?

Finally, I’ll leave you with silly Mark! hahaha! I’m so used to seeing him as serious YH but Mark is such a silly person in real life.

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-bdbe6a6egy1fcxwjrzfv4g209s06le84_zpsbnnz3d5i.gif photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-6d40f7f4ly1fd1kj9solyg20b4069e82_zpsuxxuznn0.gif photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-6d40f7f4ly1fd2nipownkg209q05h4qq_zps5wb70ujn.gif photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-6d40f7f4ly1fd1kj6k2fzg20b4069b29_zps9alpadsq.gif photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-6d40f7f4ly1fcz6onikoqg20ds0767wi_zps3djuefjf.gif

BTS of Ye Hua’s death scene. They were so emotional that it was hard to recover even after the director yelled cut.

Yang Mi and Mark’s interview. Lol at the end. They are so silly! Yang Mi explained the similarity between her and Bai Qian. Mark said that him and Yang Mi collaborated really well.

Last but not least. Please vote to let others know if you would recommend this drama to others or not.



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  1. Thank you so much for a your work and recaps !! And for providing an extra discussion platform for this drama as there never seems to be enough !

    Probably the best Cdrama I’ve seen to date. And I’ll be rewatching this one for sure !

    I don’t know if MY let go of his love for her but he certainly was happy for his little Seventeenth. Those were bittersweet feelings and if he truly did let go of her then his initial reaction wouldnt have been sad imo. But yea he probably realized her happiness mattered more than his feelings, making him selfless in love unlike certain others.

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    1. I don’t think he let her go either. Like YH, MY has that love one person only for a long time personality. But he truly accepted her happiness with YH and let go of his…i guess..desires? to be with her? Selfless love indeed! Unlike SJ and XN.

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      1. Immortals who have lived practically forever already learn to look at and feel the impermanence of matter and events. They understand not to force things, and know when to let go.

        I think author of 3L3W didn’t really know how to create “drama” out of immortals with such characteristics. Here, the all drama/melodrama arise out of immortals with strong mortal/human traits. This drama is fundamentally similar to a palace intrigue drama.


  2. Omg this is what i was talking about. Like ugh the ending for the main leads were great but what about the side characters. I hope they make another drama just for DH and FJ with the same actors! Also ZL and YZ should have been together. It’s not like it is forbidden or anything.

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    1. If not a drama a movie would still be closure FJ and DH! but absolutely with the same actors! cause I can’t imagine anyone beside Dilireba and Vengo as FJ and DH.
      RIGHT? I don’t they ZL and YZ needed to split at all. It’s not like the two clans r at war still…


  3. Thank you for your recaps! I loved everything about the ending except for the lack of interaction btw Ali and his parents. I do wish they had shown a scene with all three of them (like 1 min would have sufficed) and of course I did hope that BH may show more affection for Ali after learning that he is in fact her son.
    But then again, she has lost Yehua twice now and is pretty mentally disturbed. She also doesn’t seem like a very maternal person from the get go; I think it will take her a while to learn how to become a good mother. But other than that I was very happy with everything. From the beginning to the end, this show just gripped you. There was not much else here except romance, but what a romance it was; I haven’t rooted this hard for a couple in a while. Thanks again for all the recaps.


  4. Slightly aggravated of the ending of FJ and DH. I been watching this drama eagerly because I read all three of Tang Zi’s novels, and I preferred Pillow Book slightly more, so obviously I was rooting for this couple the most. I just wanted a sort of a satisfied ending, but of course, the drama wanted to cut off my heart strings and make DH and FJ separated at the end. With all the hardship these two went through, isn’t it right to give them somewhat of a happy ending? Even if DH instead of SM handed that map to FJ, I would have been somewhat happy, at least they could see each other! I just slightly astonished that DH didn’t fight for his love, if he’s so powerful, and FJ just accepted that she cannot have him after all she done for him. It just makes me so sad. I need a sequal starring FJ and DH, with the original cast members Dilraba and Vengo Gao, because I think they did an amazing job in their roles. Probably not going to happen, of well, but I really want one. *cries* I want to see Bai GunGun!

    Mark literally wowed me at his acting. Yang Mi did a better job than I expected. Their multiple roles must have been hard, and they pulled it off so well. I am so happy that YH and BQ had such a satisfying ending. *Claps* his was a great drama.


    1. I’m with u on this one. I was so unsatisfied DH and FJ’s story especially after all they went throu!! He pretty much hinted that he loves her and yet they both just gave up…? accepted fate…? I wanted to see DH chasing after FJ and do everything he can to make them happen!!
      Who’s Bai Gungun?


    2. I think his giving her the map of the world is basically a hint that no one knows what will happen in the future, and that if they’re really destined to be together, they will, given they right time.
      And Siming did say many times throughout the series that if 2 people who are not fated get together anyway, they’d meet with some ill fate in the end. So Dong Hua could totally accept Fengjiu but since he’s not sure if they are fated to be together, he’s afraid that something bad might happen to her down the line.
      (Look on the bright side, guys, at least no one dies LOL)


      1. Ah! You’re right. No one dies. But the lovebird in my heart can not stay satisfied with the two separated. And as viewers, may never be able to know the continued ending of DH and FJ, if there is one.


    3. I actually read Pillow book and really fall in love with FJ and DH story..FJ persistence in pursuing her love for DH, and little by little DH fall in love with her. I love FJ quirkiness in the novel and DH shamelessness and lack of interest in interacting with anyone except FJ(He always teasing her)

      So their story is change because Pillow Book copyright is bought by another company, they better take same actors and follow the original storyline

      Spoiler ahead for FJ and DH storyline in Pillow book(Not following book timeline because FJ have so many flashback regarding her encounter with DH)

      So basically Feng Jiu falls in love with Dong Hua when he saved her and she falls in love with him and wants to repay him. According to Bai Qian, she follows him around quite a bit before begging Si Ming to get her a job at his palace. Then it is mentioned in the Pillow Book that she was quite bullied by Zhi He when she was a palace maid.

      Then, came the whole Dong Hua and Ji Heng incident and they were trapped into a mural of sorts and Feng Jiu sold her skin and voice in exchange for power to save him and she becomes his pet. But then, when she realized that Ji Heng and Dong Hua were falling in love, she wanted to leave and when Dong Hua finally locked her up for misbehavior, she begins to lose hope. Then Ji Heng had a tiger that almost killed her but Feng Jiu was saved by Si Ming who sent her home.

      But what wasn’t mentioned in the Pillow Book is now mentioned in TMPB – according to Bai Qian, Feng Jiu was supremely upset over losing Dong Hua. When Dong Hua went into the human universe secretly, Feng Jiu (with Si Ming’s help) looked into his mortal life book to grant him a wish.

      And hilariously, human Dong Hua’s wish was for a woman to truly love him. And according to the life book, he would fall in love with a woman who loved his mortal son (this was the subject of Bai Qian’s mission) and so when one of his concubines died, Feng Jiu took over her body in hopes of giving mortal Dong Hua a true love.

      And in a hilarious scene in TMPB, Bai Qian and Feng Jiu were able to twist Fate around and mortal Dong Hua falls madly in love with mortal Feng Jiu. Thus, when she returned from the mortal universe after their mortal lifetimes were up, she insisted upon remaining a widow, since she wanted to remain loyal to mortal Dong Hua.

      Thus when her father wanted her to marry Cang Yi (this is back in the Pillow Book) she caused a huge ruckus. This event now brings us back to the present, when Dong Hua and Feng Jiu meet again in the heavens. But since Dong Hua was on a mission, he doesn’t know that mortal Dong Hua was in love with mortal Feng Jiu and he also doesn’t know Feng Jiu was his beloved fox pet.

      Her 3rd meeting with DH as she attending a ball with her aunt Bai Qian.They met few time and DH always teasing her. DH also interrupt her date. She mistakenly thought he is his date and try to ruin it but DH outwit her.

      She mistakenly follow DH into battle and got trap into another realm, there she is taken into palace and forced to learn in a school. She wait for DH to save her but he never come.

      Because of some circumtances she enter into Aranya dream(curse that land upon that palace). In the dream she enter Aranya body, DH also enter the dream to save her.
      In that dream, she discover sad life of Aranya and her unfinish love.(I really love Aranya story, and cried for her fate dying without knowing her man love her)

      It is reveal, Aranya and his lover(forgot his name too, sorry) is a part of FJ and DH soul.Their unfinished fate is laid upon FJ and DH fate and eventually they have some chance together.

      So FJ wake up from the dream, and DH trick her that they already married(to protect their fragile fate of love).FJ believe him and try to convice her family to organize wedding ceremony for her.

      Fengjiu eventually ascend to the throne and the lovebird spending their time together but suddenly Ji Heng in danger and DH have to save her before their wedding day.

      He promise that he will come back for her. But he didn’t come back, and heartbroken FJ were determined to cut all ties with him and leave everything. But she found out she is pregnant with DH child.

      She descend to mortal realm and vowe to never met DH again. She give birth to a boy and name him Bai Gun Gun.

      DH eventually know that FJ ran away, and he try to find her in all realms but he fail. But eventually when DH in danger, FJ know why DH didn’ come back and went to save him.

      FJ severely injured and DH take care of her, and BGG come to meet his mother and ask who DH is, and he say “I am your father”

      ***Happy ending*****
      I ak sorry for any wrong story, because I read this novel 1 year ago, maybe longer than that..haha

      Here the e-book of Pillow Book if any of you want to download the translated novels


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      1. Thanks for recapping the pillow book!! Surprised that u still remember everything so well after more than a year! Aranya dream was my favorite part of their story too! Really hope to see that in a movie/drama version!


  5. I keep repeating the last ep and Im rewatching the series as I type😂😂 kind of sad LJ died. Cried when YH went away and loved the endimg but I wanted to see YH, BQ, and AL in one frame😍😍😍 ( i also wish they had more mother-son time)one more thing: how did you feel about the bloody kiss? I thought it was beautiful and sad but others thought it was gross


    1. LOL!! I thought gross for the actors but beautiful for the characters. When you’re that much in love you don’t really care about blood but just your dying partner atm.
      ME TOO!! I wanted them have some family bonding! but I guess YH wanted BQ all to himself. hahaha They should have an epilogue with some family love.

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  6. I watched this drama and fell in love with DH and FJ. Was rooting for them to be together, however their ending in this drama made me so sad. Vengo and Dilraba both played their characters well. Can anyone explained to me why DH lost his power and couldn’t fight with the Ghost Lord cause in the Pillow Book novel, he is supposed be to very powerful.


    1. He lost his power because he didn’t complete his full trial in the mortal world. If i remembered correctly, the trial ended 18 years earlier than expected and that harmed his power.


      1. Thank you. Im still waiting for Drama Fever to sub the rest of this drama since i can’t understand Mandarin. I thought he only lost like 9% of his power 😦


      1. Thank you keekeepod. I wished they will eng subbed that lilo part of that clip. Seems like he treated yang mi like his guy friends. glad both of them got along well in the drama.


        1. Yang mi and mark has great chemistry. Even yang mi and Li jing.. lol.. unfortunately mark and yang mi are both married lo.


  7. Thanks for the recap! I loved this drama. It is a must watch. FJ and DH couldn’t end up together bc the production doesnt have the rights to their story. I wanted Yanzhi to have a happy ending.
    Silly Mark is the best. I will miss this drama so much.


    1. hahah Me too. I know they didn’t have the right to the pillow book but they could have made up a more satisfactory ending….I think that was the only disappointment I had for this drama.


  8. I’m in the minority here but I was not impressed by this drama given the hype. I will give credit to the majority of the cast who did a very good job despite the mediocre script and writing. The supporting cast were very good. Mark Zhao has received lots of praise. Yang Mi as the heroine was OK but her acting was average at it’s best and bad at it’s worst.

    Did not care for the DH and FJ storyline at all. FJ was so desperate and pathetic and DH’s acting was so stiff.

    Someone on another site said this author secretly hates women and I agree. I was so appalled by the portrayal of women in this drama. They are nearly all spoiled, man crazy, desperate to steal a man, catty, have no motivation besides men. Even the cattiest harem dramas usually have some strong female friendships but this story couldn’t even manage that.The men are allowed to have aspirations, goals, friendships, character development outside of relationships but nearly all the women’s storylines revolved around men and chasing them desperately. And I thought our alleged heroine was a poor parent basically abandoning her baby because of her issues with her husband.

    On a positive note, the hair, clothes, make-up and scenery mostly looked very nice. Some of the CGI was a bit dodgy but I’m used to that now in most dramas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I find a lot of c-/k- dramas do seem to “hate” women. Hard to comprehend when dramas have predominantly female viewers. Then again, in real-life, women often are meanest to other women.

      I’ve wondered whether demonizing female lead characters’ rivals is an easy way to get female viewers to emphasize/sympathize with the nice innocent main female characters, as people often see themselves as good and innocent “victims” at the hands of bad people. Additionally, there are a lot of fairly idealized lead male characters like MY and YH who are completely devoted, faithful and tolerant of their love’s (many) flaws/faults. I suppose they are who female audience prefer for themselves in real life, if possible.


    2. I had a huge problem with BQ being such a bad mother. She was even worse in the book. Even after remembering that Ali was her son, she showed little interest in his well being.
      CGI was bad but better than other xanxia dramas.


        1. Bc Ali is a child and he needs her. It is not about being maternal, but about caring for a child in need. Honestly other people cared about the kid more than her. She should at least worry about his well being after Yehua dies, but she just goes off getting drunk every day. Then she sees him after many years and shows very little regard towards him. She was like that in the book too, even worse. I cant make excuses for a bad parent.


      1. @keekeepod: I’ve noticed the same thing in Kdramas. Actually one of the reasons I started on Cdramas is that I felt like they had better and stronger roles for women particularly in the costume dramas.

        Like you said demonising the other women is a way to get easy sympathy for the lead female and the men are usually either obsessed with the lead to show how irresistible she is or is the ‘perfect’ man is to satisfy the fantasies of the female audience.

        @fireflymaoh: She didn’t seem interested in her son at all. I can’t stand women who put men before their own children so I found it hard to sympathise with her but like the majority of women in this drama her existence revolved around a man.

        @nana and @ dramamochi: It’s not even about being maternal. She has a responsibility and duty of care to him as a defenseless child.

        @dee mentioned the Demon Princess Yan Zi below and I agree that she was one of the few likeable and admirable women in this drama. A true strong woman she pulls herself together and even does a great job of taking responsibility and taking care of a child that isn’t hers.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Given that they are royalties, it’s not surprising that their offspring are entrusted to other people’s care. Sounded like BQ was raised more by 4th and Zhe Yan than by her own parents. FJ by BQ. YH spent little time with his mother as a child…

        In general, the children become tools in their parents’ power struggle, until the kids join in themselves. At least this didn’t happen in this drama.

        YZ is an exception, but probably more due to her (overly?) compassionate nature and strong sense of family ties than maternal instinct. Who ruled over their realm after LJ died and YZ + baby went on self-imposed exile?


      3. I understand BQ for her nature..She once told implicitly that her parents are a quite easy going parent..she was raised by an easy going and democratic family and community. So, she does the same to A-Li.. It doesn’t meant that she doesn’t care about A-Li..She just showing her love and care by release him from a binding and burdensome (heaven’s) rules.. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    3. Bai Qian isn’t a maternal person and even in reality, some mothers don’t have maternal instinct too. Given after the death of her husband, she was grieving and depressed, she couldn’t take care of herself, how was she to care for a child? The Heaven sect wouldn’t let her gain custody of her child either because A Li is set to be the next Heavenly Crown Prince. I guess another two episodes of the three of them happy together would better demonstrate Bai Qian as a mother.


  9. Silly Mark is the best – thank you.

    I prefer him with that troublesome long hair, still need to get used to modern looking Ye Hua .. i think this is what happened when one been rewatching his scenes like a million time, kekeke

    no comment on the ending cos i haven’t watch it myself.. (at 55 & half, i’m still in denial, LOL) but if i remember the book correctly, BQ is not the maternal type or lovey dovey to begin with (OMG, so dense it’s funny) she hardly raise the boy so u cannot expect her to be a doting mother especially in her grieving state. i know it will be nice to see she & ALi being close together. here’s a thought will the book purist (oh so ironic when the story is lifted from somewhere else in the first place) be unhappy about that slight deviation? ofcourse the team did make a few change here and there already so what’s with another one, right?

    For me YH as a hands on single parent is amazing to me after what he went through growing apart from his parents. i guess his love for Su Su made him treasure A Li. Yang Cuo – she’s the only positive maternal figure in this drama, but she is confined within the Heave’s rules.. BQ’s mother is OK, SX i guess she meets the standard of a loving mother with all the effort she made with Yuan Zhen but XN is downright scary.

    sorry if i rambled too much. i hate discussing my thoughts my dramas – after so many years,you learn to let go and relies on a single (or a few) moments and that shall equals yes drama makes me happy or no, not worth to think about it and delete from memory space..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Who in the world is Yang Cuo ?

      The only positive maternal figure in this drama is pretty much the Demon Princess Yan Zi. And what’s even better is she’s not even the real mother but she seems to be a solid woman. Despite being a Demon – she is kindhearted, stands up for what is right, and a darn good mother to her dead brother’s kid. One of the few likable females here and ironically a much better person than any of the Heaven’s Realm. Also seems to be more productive than the women from Qing Qiu, and carries on living her life after tragedy. She doesn’t flash her noble air like Bai Qian nor does she kick ass (tho I’m sure she can hold her own if she needs to) but she is strong. Wish there was more from her, and I would’ve loved to see her and 16th get their happy ending. That is one character I felt deserved a lot more than what she was dealt with. Oh well


      1. Agree. Yanzhi is the most maternal in this drama. Love her character so much that I had hope that she could have her happy ending. But even without ZL, I feel like she can still live on happily and strongly. Just wished they didn’t show us that meet up between her and ZL. Gave us hope and then killed it within seconds…..


      2. Agreed with everything you wrote about Yan Zi! She was pretty much the only admirable and likeable female characters in my opinion. I wish she had received more screen time.


  10. Thank you…i always big fans of the recap..since i dont understand the movie at all when i watch the raw…
    This my first tine watch mark zhao hope we can see him on another project


  11. Thanks so much for the recaps. I will truly miss this drama. First drama that made me feel such strong emotions since Disguiser and Lang ya Ban.
    Mark Zhao made a believer out of me. He was amazing. So was Dilereba and Vin Zhang. Yang Mi was ok while Vengao needs to put in more work. But that’s just me being picky. I truly loved everyone. Even the crazies acted well Lol.
    Hoping to see you very soon in another drama Mark!!

    Answering your question about the book, I preferred the drama to the book. And in fact wished the drama hadn’t followed the book so faithfully in some things e.g. bQQ and her unmotherly nature, etc. but as I said earlier that’s just me being picky.
    I do wish we had got the epilogue with her pregnant and a family scene with ALi. That would have been perfect.

    I wish ZL and YZ got together though. For some reason I was rooting for them more than even DH FJ. FJ started annoying me toward such the end don’t know why.

    It was so much fun reading recaps here and spazzing out again.


    1. I love the cast but I agree that Yangmi’s emotions were pale compared to Mark. That’s why it seems like YH loves BQ so much more than BQ’s love for YH.
      I can see why FJ annoyed you. I thought her chase toward DH was a bit obsessive. That’s why the whole time I had hoped that she would give up and let DH realized what he was missing out and try to win her back. But they just ended with both of them giving up in the end….


      1. But it’s pretty clear the drama is more about YH’s love to BQ. He loved her even when she didn’t know his existence as golden lotus spirit. YH also loved Susu first and went after and married her. It’s also YH chasing after BQ… until she loved him back… He has done so many things for her without her even knowing. There wasn’t much time to show BQ’s love to YH, because she has like 3 differences roles and most of the part they don’t connect to their love until the last 2 episodes. I think Mark is excellence but BQ is pretty much like this in the book. She only realized how much YH loves her when he died… And I think YM did a good job I think it’s unfair to say BQ doesn’t seem to love YH as much because of her performance.. .

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Dong Hua and Feng jui ends like this because there are other books for them called Three lives three world the pillow book. And it is a rumor that they gonna make the next series for DH and FJ.
    There is also a book about Mo Yuan but I can’t remember its English name. and I hope they will make this one to series too.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I think I preferred the Pillow book version of Dong Hua and Feng Jiu rather than this drama version. When Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s story took place, Feng Jiu was busy chasing Dong Hua as a small red fox but he never knew she was Qing Qiu’s princess. After BQ and YH were together legit, that was when DH noticed Feng Jiu as a ‘person’ and started liking her a bit. Then bam he realized the small red fox is her. So he was oblivious the ENTIRE time Feng Jiu was chasing him to no end. In the book, Feng Jiu also mentioned that she was thankful he didn’t notice her efforts while she was at Taichen Palace because she saw how DH rejected a girl that was chasing after him too. I seriously don’t know how they’ll pick up the story from the drama version if they plan on making Pillow Book the drama 0.0


    1. I think I prefer the thick skin shameless DH in the book too. He doesn’t give a care in the world and would do anything to take advantage of FJ. hahaha.
      If they are doing a drama with the pillow book, I think it’s best if they just start afresh. But keep the same cast plz!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I sincerely doubt keeping same cast is possible as YM studio didn’t buy rights for pillow book.
        I guess that’s why they deviated so much from DH story from the book.
        I’m confused as to why they didn’t get the rights. Maybe they didn’t know 3L3W would be so successful. Lol


  14. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! SO…… MUCH ❤️❤️❤️ I appreciate and so grateful for your time and effort for doing recap summaries for this beautiful series for us all. I was searching for recaps and found your site. So glad was going crazy coz wanting to know what’s happening. I can’t understand Chinese n the subtitles is slow. I constantly check this page non stop for new summaries haha… Yea! So Thank You again 🙏🏻👍🏻
    I absolutely LOVE this drama n OMG! 😍 MARK totally fell in love with him. Yang Mi she portray her character very well too. The rest of cast was amazing too. I was so sad when it ended. Hope they can continue part 2 somehow bring this cast back together again. Anyways awesome work now I know where to come for to check for CD recaps summaries 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  15. if you read the book “3 life 3world 10 miles peach blossoms” it ends with BQ and YH together fullfiling their love life and FJ became Queen with an opened love realtionship with Dijun . That is really the end of the book. And in another book called “Pillow Book” is the extended love story of FJ and DH starting when FJ already a Queen of Qinque. The love story of FJ and DH are even more interesting, excitements and celestrial fulfilling experiences of love trial. In this book tells a story of how Dijun proof his deep, devotion and and sacrifices for his love for Fengjiu.
    If you are interested here are the links https://hamster428.wordpress.com/tag/pillow-book/ for downloads.
    Enjoy the love trial of Fengjiu and Dijun.. for me its more interesting than BQ and YH,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I started reading about their story and the translation was amazing! The language was just so eloquent. And their story is so much deeper. Love it!


    2. I saw in a different post that there is a book written about Mo Yuan. Does anyone know what the title is? I really want to read it. I finished reading the Pillow Book and it’s very good.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would love to know the same thing! But I read on another blog that the author is writing Lian Song’s book and also Mo Yuan’s book. I do not think any of them are finished yet.


  16. If this team can adapt Tonghua – Lost You Forever that would be wonderful. As far as novels adaptation to dramas I’ve seen so far, this one top the list^^


    1. Dear Mei..do you know where i can get the english version to download of ‘Lost You Forever’ and “Once promised” ( if you would be kind to let me know..tanx a million


      1. Oh my..I read both few years back..really nostalgic and best angst ever..hoping they will make it into a drama

        I read Once Promised in a translation blog, and also read Lost You Forever until the end. If I found any completed translation I will tell you.


  17. I really love how faithful they were to the novel in regards tot he main leads. the ending for me was both fantastic but also bittersweet considering that the other couples didn’t end together. However, a part of me felt that it is good set-up for season two. What do you think?


    1. OOOh you just got my hopes up!!!! I haven’t even thought about that! hahaha If that’s the case then I’m totally for not having DH and FJ, ZL and YZ together!!! But I heard that the rights to the pillow book was sold to another company tho…..I don’t know to feel if it’s not the same cast.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yikes that unfortunate. However, with the success of this one, who knows. They might buy the right to it from that other company. Lol. I hope it’s not true. It’ll be a big loss if they gave it up that easily.


  18. thanx for your recaps..at least I understand what’s happened in the story cause I didn’t understand chinese…I already saw the series untill the end without Eng subtitles..so I really curious about what they’re talking about…the whole casts…thanx to you…now I know..
    DH and FJ such a sweet couple..and the casts also suit to play that like Vengo and Dilraba,I can’t imagine if DH roled wasn’t by Vengo and FJ wasn’t roled by Dilraba…may be will had different result…by the way both of them are good actors anyway….I’m still feel so sad with their bad ending in this drama….and Dong Hua…owh Dong Hua..why did you do that to her? such a sweet and cute and a brave lady who sacrifice everythings for you??But I knew that Dong Hua loved her so much..just looked at his cold eyes..there are big fire of love in it when he watched her..and for beautiful Yang Mi and Mark Chao and others…good chemistry…in the movie and also behind the scenes…I saw it already..they’re like big families
    okay then…thanx..and sorry for my English..

    Liked by 1 person

  19. I have been obsessing over this drama! can’t thank you enough for these recaps and all the extras you posted as well. I am watching it on DramaFever and can’t wait for the English subs so have been watching episodes raw. Your blog helped me make sense of everything! Thank you, thank you for all your efforts. It is very much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Ohhh I was so disappointed with DH and FJ ending as well. Cave it. I think because Dilireba and Vengao had so much chemistry, I loved them as much as I do. But FJ is honestly a little bit weak and to fixated on Donghua. In the book she was just stronger, less childish and what I really liked about her in the book that even though she loved Donghua nothing was more important than her home country Qing Qiu. Eventhough sometimes childish most people wouldnt know, because she hid it and only showed this side ofer her to people close to her. She was always self aware because she is going to be queen. And Dong Hua wasnt as stiff in the book. But yeah the chemistry between Diliraba and Vengao saved the drama character lol.
    The end for BQ and YH was perfect, loved it!

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Everytime I read any review about this drama, it left me with a bitter taste of DH and FJ’s storyline. I would like to fly to China and shake that writer. What have you done? Why did you do that? Why couldn’t you just leave their story out? Why did you need to change a whole ordeal of their epic love story? Why why why?

    Sorry for my rants. 😀
    Thank you for your recaps! It has been a great journey for the past months!


  22. One thing i wanted to see from the drama was the Wedding of YeHua and Bai Qian, also taking those lightning bolts but i guess that might hurt for a while.

    Overall in my experience I loved this drama, I would buy the DVD if it had English Subtitles in it ;-;
    Also i think it should have ended with 59 episodes, i was left wanting a bit more of a happy ending

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The wedding itself is part of pillow book, since YM studio did not buy the rights to pillow book, they can’t show it…


  23. I’m upset over Zhi Lan and Yanzhi a bit here! No one needs more Sujin’s screentime >.> Ugh. I know for FJ and DH they can’t make the characters like the novel due to copyright, but at least, do something about Zhilan and Yanzhi, there’s no copyright issue there! But in some way I kinda understand why Zhilan didn’t want to be with Yanzhi. As for FJ, felt they could have made her stronger and less fixated with DH. In the end, at the least main OTP wins out. As for MY, they need to write his story with his other half. I comfort myself in knowing that he does have someone out there for him! I would love more moments with Lian Song and Cheng Yu. Also more 4th ge and Zhe Yan scenes would be nice but their happy ending is there… in a way lol


    1. I almost forgot about Cheng Yu and Lian Song!! It’s too bad that we didn’t get to see much interaction from those thow. Cheng Yu’s character is so funny! hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Didn’t Yehua ignore Ali for like 60 years (i think that’s what it says in the book) because he was too consumed with his grief? And then he only got the will to live after he found out about the lantern? And he then he tried to kill himself when he thought it had been put out.
    So while I agree that BH should probably have had paid more attention to her son’s welfare in the 3 years after YH’s death, it isn’t fair to compare her maternal instinct to YH paternal insticnt. YH wasn’t that great a father in the beginning either.


    1. And in both cases, it’s grand parents that picked up the slack, though not terrible good at it. I would say it mirrors real life.


    2. THIS!
      YH had 300 years to adjust and his family keeps Ali so it’s unfair to even compare to BQ’s. He even tried to kill himself twice…
      He is much more capable and smarter than BQ too… but doesn’t make BQ anything lesser of the mother…


  25. How did Mo Yuan love or had feelings for BQ in the first place? Can someone explain? Their “love” story was confusing


    1. BQ is xiying who had been with him for 20,000 years. After he woke up he also found out what she did to preserve his body for 70,000 years.


      1. Thanks! I know Mo Yuan’s face appeared so sad after learning his twin brother was with his love… instead he said that BQ stole his twin brother


      2. But I feel like Mo Yuan already liked her before but how did he fall for her in the first place, the story wasn’t clear there


        1. Yea it wasn’t that clear. They just briefly went through MY and XY’s story without much details.
          (But then again…he was surrounded by guys with her as the only female….lol. there really is no other person to fall for)


          1. True good point, also do you or anyone else here know what the third life was? Was the between BQ and MY or BQ and golden lotus YH?


  26. OH I Loved this drama.. This is probably the first C Drama I have watched with such anticipation and love. The story is stunning and filled with such awesomeness, I cant even.
    Also I would extend my grateful thanks to this blog for the recaps. The subs for this show is only available till episode 43. But I couldnt wait to know what had happened, especially regarding Fieng Ju and Dijun’s love story.
    Thank God I chanced upon this blog, else the suspense would have given me sleepless nights.

    Also thank you for the link to the “Pillow Book”. and if anyone knows where I can read the novel,(in english translations) Do let me know.
    Thanks guys,


    1. Agree!!! I was waiting for the wedding especially since they kept on saying that she is not married to him yet so she is not his wife.


  27. Thank you for the recaps.hugs. my favorite drama of all time. I am fans of Donghua and Fengjiu couple. I sm wishing to see them get together.

    Zilan and Yan Zhi are perfect couple. They can rise Lijing’s daughter as their children.

    To bad Zilan doesn’t love Yan Zhi enough. If someone fall in love, he or she will go to hell if they are must to. Love is unbearable things.


    1. I wanted to say that it’s not love/not love at first..but you’re right. If Zilan cared about YZ more than Kunlunxu, he would have fight to be with her. I still don’t get why he had to pick one or the other. It’s not like both clans are at war again….
      One of my favorite dramas too! =D


    2. I disagree. I think he loves her a lot but since he made a promise to his master, he had no choice but stick with it. I also think not being with her is his way of protecting her.


  28. worth watching. thank for the recap btw.. i have waited 300 years (lols)for eng subtitle on many sites.Only your recap made my day sunny.

    the last scene where they kissed with long short shot from the back just like seeing two beauties kissing one another. He got a nice long hair! Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love this drama so much that I watched the entire drama couple of times and then watched some of favorite epsidoes countless times. Obsessed! Read the book in English. The drama is much better. So happy for BQ and YH, but feel so bad for MY. After reading your story, makes me feel so much better. Thanks much for writing it and so imaginative. Love it!


  29. Can someone explain to me how Ye Hua suddenly regained the use of both arms during his battle with Qing Cang? When he returned from the mortal realm, he still only had the use of 1 arm.


    1. He was able to use both his arm right away after he got back from the mortal world. During that whole Su Jin’s trial, right before he leaves, he used both hands to bow to his grandfather. I too was wondering how it got better. I just assumed that maybe the 60 years in the mortal world had helped it to finally work.


  30. The ending for FJ and DH was disappointing but I took it as hope because since everything is always changing, there is a possibility that Heaven’s law can be change and DH will be able to get married again.

    Love Ye Hua and Qing Cang’s love for each other…but when Ye Hua was dying and spitting blood and Qing Cang was rubbing his blood back on his clothes, I find that a little funny.


    1. LolllL! YH and QC’s love.
      hahah I thought the part where BQ wiped the blood back on YH’s clothing was a bit funny and awkward too.


  31. Is there someone out there who sincerely admire yang mi’s character and how she portrayed it. Coz for me she did great. She’s been an actress for quite a while she’s not perfect but I know that she’s trying her best to portray her roles well. There’s always a room for improvement. I am proud of her as a fan and I wish her the best And more success she deserves it.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. I loved everyone except main couple. I mean that love story was seriously bad. I am still bitter about dj and fs ending. Loved them as couple and yang zhi’s charecter. I have a feeling that by sending his messanger and map DJ declared he has her back. The series dj is very firm on responsibility and fj is just learning. I have a feeling when she has learnt enough dj will find a way to make change. Did anyone notice how he was actually going to follow her in that fox den and was checked by his duties. He has fallen for hook, line and sinker. He won’t go of her that easily.


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