[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 51-55

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Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 51

 photo snip_20170227182100_zpsqorzookd.pngBai Qian asked her 4th brother to help cover for her while she go down to the mortal world to look for Ye Hua. He teased her about being to clingy. Her brother agreed in the end but decided to follow her to see what is she up to.

 photo snip_20170227181549_zpsep2urqk3.pngBai Qian went to visit Ye Hua in the mortal world. She saw him at a school as a 10 years old student. He got made fun of by other students because he doesn’t have a right arm. Night time, she entered his room to seduce him!! (LOL! JK) She woke him up and told him that he is her future husband. She warned him around marrying other women because once he’s grown up, she will marry him.

 photo snip_20170227182406_zpstcwn3z1u.pngBai Qian’s 4th brother teased her some more for seducing 10 year old Ye Hua. After they went back to Kunlunxu, they saw Feng Jiu sitting at the entrance while the snowing. When Bai Qian saw her, she immediately went to console her. Feng Jiu told her that she can’t forget Dong Hua no matter what and asked if Bai Qian felt the same of Ye Hua. Bai Qian’s answer caused a chuckle out of Zhe Yan and made Feng Jiu realized that they’re not along. She called Zhe Yan rude for eavesdropping. (FJ stopped crying so quickly! Hahaha)

 photo snip_20170227183109_zpsagvivgmn.pngMo Yuan and Zhe Yan invited them in for alcohol. Feng Jiu asked Zhe Yan why would Dong Hua not like women. Zhe Yan told her that it’s for the world. When Feng Jiu woke up the next day, Bai Qian told her to head back to Qingqiu and prepare to take over her position. Feng Jiu immediately realized that Bai Qian also wanted her to give up on Dong Hua. She ran away and said that she doesn’t want to be queen. She just want to be with Dong Hua.

 photo snip_20170227184337_zpsjwms3i0z.pngFeng Jiu cried her way to where Li Jing is. He told her that she looked ugly when she cried. That made her cry even harder. He continued to reminisce on the time he was with Xiying and left soon after. (Lol. I feel like they threw this scene in just to satisfied Dilireba and Zhang Vin shippers!)

 photo snip_20170227184616_zpse6nh0qj6.pngLi Jing returned home to an anxious Yanzhi. She asked him what is the plan to seal their dad again before his get released. Li Jing decided not to involve Mo Yuan because he loves Bai Qian and he doesn’t want to see her died in order to save her shifu. He planned to seal his dad himself and knocked Yanzhi out and sent her and his baby to a safe place.

 photo snip_20170227191627_zps8qbvvvy8.pngZhe Yan told Bai Qian that he’s going to make some medicine for Mo Yuan to help him recover during the time he “meditate.” When he mentioned that this time Mo Yuan might mediate for a few days or few years, Bai Qian rushed to go see Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan asked her how is Ye Hua treating her. She said he treats her as sincere as Mo Yuan does.

Episode 52

 photo snip_20170228164444_zpsxmuylymw.pngSujin also came down to the mortal world to visit the young Ye Hua. He not only did not recognized her but also outrightly ignored her. His dad invited a young Sujin to be Ye Hua’s play date but he was not too happy to have her around and ignored her most of the time (just like when he was still Ye Hua, young or old).

 photo snip_20170228165654_zpshwoyx0on.pngWhile Bai Qian was cleaning the wine cellar, Mo Yuan came to find her. She asked if he knew that she was female since the beginning. He said yes but still accepted her as his student. Mo Yuan asked her why did she used her blood to save him body. She replied that she wanted to repay his teaching and kindness. Mo Yuan asked if he never used his soul to seal the Ghost king what would happened. Bai Qian said perhaps she would forever remained in Kunlunxu by his side (as a student). Mo Yuan asked again if she why he worked so hard to piece his soul back together. She said that he didn’t want the people he cared for to worry. He scoffed and said yes the person I cared for. (Bai Qian mistook that as her and his other disciples as well…poor Mo Yuan talking to such a dense lady!).

 photo snip_20170228170131_zpslv2jhk2m.pngMo Yuan and Bai Qian’s moment got interrupted when Ali came to visit Bai Qian. The minute he saw her, he called her mom and hugged her. The shocked Mo Yuan asked who he is and he told him that he is Ye Hua’s son. Everyone started teasing Bai Qian again.

 photo snip_20170228170816_zpsh6e8rgnj.pngThe young Sujin started bugging Ye Hua again. She stole the pearls the Bai Qian gave him and got him angry. Sujin asked a servant who gave him that pearls and the servant told her that it’s from someone from Qingqiu. After that, Sujin from heaven started carving a wooden figure of Susu.

 photo snip_20170228171814_zpsf2axkkqv.pngFeng Jiu continued her crying fit in the cave at QingQiu. Mi Gu cheered her up by saying that just because she’s queen doesn’t mean she can’t be with Dong Hua. And once she becomes queen, she will get to see Dong Hua more often when she goes to discuss politic at the heaven kingdom. That cheered Feng Jiu up and she decided to start studying on queen stuff instantly.

 photo snip_20170228171529_zpszpkfaqcl.pngXiming came to Qingqiu to gave Feng Jiu a history record of Dong Hua’s life. In there it tells her why Dong Hua cannot accept their relationship. Ximing revealed to her that Dong Hua went to the mortal world in order to have a relationship with her. After hearing that, Feng Jiu rushed to the heaven kingdom to look for Dong Hua.

 photo snip_20170228172735_zpsmutriexx.pngFeng Jiu waited outside of Dong Hua’s court until he saw her. Just as he was about to close the door on her, she turned into a fox and pounce on him, injuring him in the process since he had lost all his power. He told her again that they are not fated. He erased his name from the three-lives rock when he became king and that erased his chance of love. Feng Jiu said she doesn’t believe it therefore grabbed his sword and cut one of her tails off. It is said that the tail of a fox can be turned into an incredible weapon. She used it to turn into a knife to engrave his name of the rock.

 photo snip_20170228181001_zpssujtqrbd.pngOn her way to the rock, Feng Jiu recalled what Ximing said. He told her that Dong Hua is not as heartless and she thought. It just for the peace of the world, he erased his name from the rock and therefore cannot and will not accept any relationship. At the rock, Feng Jiu cannot find Dong Hua’s name anywhere. When she found her name next to someone else’s, she tried to carve his name next to hers. But it kept disappearing. She kept trying until she fainted. (Gaaaahh! Another sad scene! T.T This is also the first time we’re seeing DH’s worrying face)

 photo snip_20170228181428_zpssqyrbcfq.pngDong Hua carried the fainted Feng Jiu and asked Ximing to send her back to Qingqiu. Since no one was at Qingqiu, Mi Gu rushed her to Kunlunxu. Zhe Yan gave her medicine to ease the pain of losing a tail. Dong Hua came to visit her but was stopped by Bai Qian who was angry at him. She let him in eventually. Dong Hua caressed the sleeping Feng Jiu and when she woke up and saw him, she immediately leaped into his embrace.

Episode 53

 photo snip_20170228183508_zpscvnz2zwc.pngIn her sick stage, Feng Jiu thought that her and Dong Hua are back in the mortal world where Dong Hua carried her on his bad in the rain and Dong Hua went along by calling her Jiu Er. But she said she knows he’s Dong Hua and asked that he repay her, at least in her dream, for all she did for him. He kissed her on the forehead. When he left, he told Bai Qian not to tell her that he came. (WHAAAT! That was the repayment!? And she doesn’t even get to know that it’s real…..)

 photo snip_20170228193300_zpsqpdcwzjt.pngFeng Jiu woke up thinking that all it was a dream. Bai Qian told her to go back to Qingqiu to rest. Feng Jiu still held on to hope that her and Dong Hua can be together.

 photo snip_20170228193659_zpsdhgtsdsf.pngSujin finally finished her wooden carving for Susu and used her magic to sustain her so that she can stay by Ye Hua’s side in the mortal world. She wanted to use this Susu to make Bai Qian jealous.

 photo snip_20170228194135_zpsilhzors1.pngSujin sent fake Susu down to the mortal world to get close to Ye Hua. At this time, Ye Hua is all grown up now. He saw fake Susu begging for money to bury her dead dad and thought that it was Bai Qian. But even after realizing that it wasn’t, he still gave her money and took her in.

 photo snip_20170228194407_zps0jm4n93f.pngZi Lan came to visit Bai Qian who is brewing medicine for Mo Yuan. She jokingly strike up but the strike ended up injuring him since he lost half of his power making the medicine to Yan Zhi. Bai Qian asked him what is his plan in the future. Since Mo Yuan must “meditate” he plan to go and guard Wu Wan Hai, a place where the dead are buried.

 photo snip_20170228195629_zpsuhkllspq.pngThe next day, Bai Qian gave Mo Yuan the medicine before he closed himself off. After that Zi Lan also left for Wu Wan Hai. Bai Qian decided that to leave for a bit too. Before she left, her er shixong gave her back the Jie Po lantern.

 photo snip_20170228200524_zps7hfmxruf.pngBai Qian went down to the mortal to visit Ye Hua. She saw him sitting with another woman whose back faces her. Not long after Sujin popped up and told her that the woman is a carved wood made to resemble Susu, Ye Hua’s first love. In front of Sujin, Bai Qian pretended that that doesn’t bother her. After Sujin left, she felt sad and jealous that mortal Ye Hua didn’t remember her but remembered Susu.

 photo snip_20170228201826_zpsqrfez250.pngThe sad and jealous Bai Qian returned to the peach orchard and talked to her 4th brother. She said she knows that she shouldn’t be jealous of a dead person but she can’t help but think that she’s just a replacement for Susu. 4th brother told her to think about her time with Ye Hua and how he treats her. (Yes! Remember how he lost an arm for you!)

 photo snip_20170227183602_zpsbq7sxfov.pngSujin was ecstatic that her plan worked. All Bai Qian did was sleep and drink after she came back from the peach orchard. While drunk, Bai Qian told Feng Jiu that she realized Ye Hua loves Susu not her. (You’re the same person!)

Episode 54



During a drunken stupor, Bai Qian accidently knocked Jie Po lantern over and shattered it. The minute she pricked it, the lantern started replaying her memories of Susu and returned those memories to her. She finally realized that Susu is her and she is Susu. After the shock, she told Feng Jiu that she is actually Susu and demandingly asked her if she should get back what belonged to her (her eyes). Feng Jiu said if she is indeed Susu then she should get it back. Bai Qian left Qingqiu and Feng Jiu followed suit.

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-61e7f4aaly1fd5azm5c5vg20du07phdu_zpsrv7exia9.gifBai Qian summoned her fan and arrived at the heaven kingdom (Feng Jiu got blocked by guards). She arrived at Sujin’s room and asked if Sujin like using her eyes. 300 years later, Bai Qian’s here to retrieve her eyes. Bai Qian asked if Sujin rather gouge it out or have her do it herself. Bai Qian cold heartedly gouge Sujin’s eyes. Now that the eyes are returned, Bai Qian told her that she must also repay her regarding Zhuxiantai. Bai Qian gave her two options: 1. jump down the well herself or 2. guard Donghuangzhong and never to return to the heaven kingdom again. Bai Qian left the crying-eyeless Sujin to decide. (COOOL! Sujin finally got what she deserves!! Funny how the eyes are just 2 little light balls)

 photo snip_20170301174510_zpsbvsbz1fi.pngDong Hua and Ximing saw Feng Jiu at the gate of the heaven kingdom. Ximing confirmed her identity and asked the guards to let her in. Feng Jiu told Ximing that Bai Qian is actually Susu (Lol! At Ximing’s reactions!) On the way to find Bai Qian, Feng Jiu bumped into eyeless Sujin who is on her way to seek justice. Sujin flipped the table and accused Bai Qian of stealing her eyes. She made it sound like she’s the victim in the whole drama and asked that the king give her justice.

 photo snip_20170301175231_zpskxvpspgx.pngBai Qian walked toward Zhuxiantain and recalled her lonely and helpless time as Susu. She asked herself how can she marry Ye Hua after all that he did. She left to go to the peach orchard to ask Zhe Yan to help her revive her eyes.

 photo snip_20170301175918_zpsidefsyvs.pngBack in the mortal world, Ye Hua is dying. On his deathbed, fake Susu was by his said. Even without his memories, he told her that he named her Susu for her bland clothing. He only regret is that he can no longer wait for Bai Qian who visited him and told him he was her future husband.

 photo snip_20170301180714_zpsjen24kvt.pngAfter mortal Ye Hua died, crown prince Ye Hua woke up at Kunlunxu. Mo Yuan told him everything regarding his birth. He also told him that Bai Qian took care of him when he was just a golden lotus. Ye Hua calmly accepted everything.

 photo snip_20170301181252_zpsycycigro.pngSujin cried her way to the front of the king. She played the pity card and blamed everything on Bai Qian. Feng Jiu wanted to defend her aunt but was stopped by the king. Dong Hua stepped in and told the king that because Sujin used to be his wife, he should not be the judge of this case. Dong Hua volunteered to judge this case.

Episode 55

 photo snip_20170301193234_zpsmg1npjx7.pngYe Hua finally came back to the heaven kingdom. Ximing waited for him at the entrance and told him everything about Sujin. He told Ximing to gather fake Susu, 3rd prince, 2nd prince, and Yuan Zhen to accompany him. One by one, Ye Hua exposed Sujin of making a fake Susu to seduce him and framed Yuan Zhen of seducing her. The pitiful Sujin begged Ye Hua and other people for understanding but the heaven king deemed her guilty and sentenced her to guard Donghuangzhong. After that, the king declared that Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s marriage must be held as soon as possible.

 photo snip_20170301194544_zps4zyehenm.pngAfter the whole thing, Ye Hua told his mom that September 2nd will be his marriage date. Bai Qian is the person he has been waiting all along. Feng Jiu asked Dong Hua if he never erased his name from the rock, will he fall in love with her. He walked away without answering her.

 photo snip_20170301200757_zpsg8ueygte.pngLi Jing’s preparation is completed while a rebel is happening outside of his kingdom. Since him and the Ghost king is connected by blood, he wanted to use that connection to summon the king’s soul and destroy it. Inside Donghuangzhong, the Ghost king is answering to Li Jing’s call.

 photo snip_20170301194737_zpsgynmh0wa.pngYe Hua continued to wait outside the cave to meet Bai Qian. But she’s still too angry to see him. She continued to question his love for her. She told Mi Gu that she will cancel their marriage tomorrow and continued to drink. Ye Hua asked Mi Gu to ask her whether she still remember what she said about tying back to Qingqiu cave if he fall for another woman in the mortal world. Bai Qian got even angrier after hearing that. Ye Hua continued to wait for her in the rain. (Gahh! Why are there so many sad scenes near the end!!? Poor YH! =( Treasure him while you still can!

 photo snip_20170301200907_zpslo2t85ei.pngOn the other side, Dong Hua decided to visit the sealed up Ghost king to investigate. Ximing and Feng Jiu tagged along. Dong Hua wanted to see if the Ghost king is still sealed up but doesn’t have the power to do so. Feng Jiu offered to help. Using magic, she told Dong Hua that she wasn’t able to detect any soul in Dong Huang zhong.

 photo snip_20170301201126_zpsrqz6erzn.pngLi Jing successfully called upon his father’s soul using his blood and trapped his dad in the Ghost kingdom. He wanted to kill his dad but the Ghost king summoned his sword and with knocked Li Jing down with one strike.

Chexmix: OMG these episodes are so sad!! FJ cutting her tail off, DH loves her but can’t be with her, Li Jing sacrificing himself, Zi Lan forever alone, Mo Yuan….., mortal Ye Hua forever waiting for the one that promised she’ll return for him till his death, Ye Hua standing in the rain waiting for Bai Qian. Why would you put all the saddest scenes in the last few episodes!!? I hope there will be closures in the end. Tho I heard that FJ and DH didn’t show up at all in the last ep…. Anyway’s who is done with watching the drama already!? The drama finally ended on Thursday and there are a lot of people saying that they are gonna miss Mark and Ye Hua! I’m so happy to see that this drama is bringing him so much recognition!


Lol! These BTS never fail to make me laugh! I need these with the drama turning so sad all of a sudden! T.T Both Ali and young Ye Hua are such cute actors!

Lol! at the bug! This team seems to get along really really well! The director is so funny! hahah


23 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 51-55

  1. im putting off watching the final 6 eps cos i never want it to end. so for now im watching all the BTS, any clips i can find on the drama & mark. i’m even tempted to re-watch So Young (4th time). i tried Les Interpretes but cannot get into it.. sighhhhh..

    obviously my body & heart is not ready..


    1. hahaha! same here. I’m just lagging the last 2 eps just so the drama can last longer. You should try rewatching the first few eps of 3l3w. It makes so much more sense now! *.*


      1. actually that’s what ive been doing as well, of course I skipped SJ & XN’s parts, not worth to dwell on theme when there are so many swoon-y scenes, kekeke..

        i’ve read the book and honestly I was looking forward to the movie version more. but this drama just snuck on me. YH is more likeable thanks to Mark Chao and i think Yang Mi suits BQ. now im quite worried for the movie,hehh.

        anyway, thank you for the recaps! i really2 appreciate it.


    2. Btw do you watch mark movie Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe? the setting is knlun mountain. its very funny for me that He did different character and time but have a same place background. Love Mark Chao!!! I repeat the eternal love mre than five time (only focus to bq and yh part)


      1. I haven’t seen the movie. But I might give it a try. Lol. Sounds like ure just marathoning marks movies and dramas. 5x…wow.. O.O


      I almost typed that but i decided not too.
      He reminds me so much for HuGe especially when he was smiling


  2. Even though I love Ye Hua and Bai Qian, I also love Bai Qian and Mo Yuan and would’ve loved to see a love story line between the two characters!


  3. Thanks for the recap!!!!
    Young Ye Hua is so cute in the bts vids.
    Drama is over and i feel so empty!
    I will miss the crew so much and I am beyond happy Mark Is getting this recognition.

    Poor Mo Yuan though. SuSu is so dense. LOL


    1. Awww. You finished? Sigh gonna be feeling that emptiness after 2 more eps.
      Lol! She is. After so many hints and she still doesn’t get it! But I’m glad she doesn’t at the same time. Their relationship will be too complicated if she does.


      1. I have finished but i still have to watch with subs.
        I will miss all of them so very very much.
        The last episode made me so happy but i want a lot more. lol

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I truly do not want this to end. I’m so gonna miss every character. Thank you so much for the recap. I really appreciate it! I always check your site out everyday to see if there’s another update! Thank you!!! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  5. These episodes did not go well for my Mo Yuan ship 😦 my heart sank for poor shifu

    You can see Mo Yuan’s eyes light up (in very MY like way) when BQ told her plans to stay at Kunlun Xu by his side longterm. ..that is, until Ye Hua happened. Literally followed by a defeated expression 😦

    IMO it just means if BQ never became set on YH then BQ-MY is a very open possibility.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IKR. I feel like if Mo Yuan just said the word, Bai Qian wouldn’t dumped Ye Hua immediately. Somehow, it feels like Mo Yuan is always on the top of her priority list. Sad thing is the guy never bothers to fight for her.


    1. I actually love FJ and her determination to pursue a man she loves (especially her will to cut off her tail to make them possible) but at one point I also wanted her to stop. Desperate and lact of self respect indeed. After he rejected her so many times…she should have just stop. That’s why I kept hoping that near the end, DH was the one chasing her and give her character so self redemption.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I watched 1-58 twice. I’m a big fan of this drama. Anyone knows who is FJ destined person? I’m so curious what was written on the rock besides FJ’s name.


    1. On dramafever they translated the person’s name next to Feng Jiu as Lord Wen Chang. Idk who that is lol. Hey what if Feng Jiu also erase her name from the rock? Then double negative ill-fated relationships for Dong Hua and Feng Jiu makes a positive relationship.


  7. Hi Chexmix, i ahve been reading your recaps since i started watching c-drama because of Eternal Love. And i would say, thank you so much, your recap is really good, it’s like watching the epi again…

    I have a favour please, since this drama is almost over (which i don’t want to..) – do you any c-dram almost the same as this? Please let me know!

    Thanks a lot! 🙂 ❤


    1. Hi Duchessmd40. Welcome to c-drama world.
      I have to warn you thou..I’m a huge fan on Zhao Liyin so my recommendations might be biased. Lol.
      If you’re looking for something with the xianxia genre (immortal worlds, flying. etc) The Journey of FLower with Zhao Liying is a good one to start with =D Legend of Chusen is also among the popular choices (thou not my fave). Legend of Ancient Sword with Yang Mi was popular (thou if you’re not a fan of CGI..I would skip). Chinese Paladin 3 with Hu Ge and Yang Mi is also a fun one to watch (It’s old so the quality might not be so good). Hope this helps. =D


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