Entertainment Update: 72th Floors of Mystery, Mark Chao’s popularity, Ruby Lin, Datawin’s Most Influential Celebrities of February, etc.


Zhang Yixing is changing his team. He is reported to be signing with the same company as Zhao Liying, Hairun.


Happy Birthday to Huang Xuan. Hopefully Tribes and Empires will air soon.


The writer for The Mystic Nine and The Lost Tomb, Xu Lei, announced that he finished working on a reality show called 72th floors of Mystery. It will air on Hunan. It will be an original story adventure reality show. Guests will enter the 72th floors of mystery, which is a massive building, to explore mysterious rooms and also travel to all parts of the country. The show will expose the audience to a variety of traditional Chinese cultural practices. Wu YiFan and Simon Yam are confirmed as cast member. It is reported that William Chan and Lin GengXin were also invited.

Ruby Lin makes her first public appearance since giving birth and she looks great.


Joe Chen recently attended an event, where she wore a baggy dress. Well this led to online speculations that she was either pregnant or fat. “Joe Chen fat” trended for a long time. She responded that she is so light that she can be blown away, which I agree with. It was just a very unflattering dress.


Zhao Liying commented on her post “O…” this is in throwback to a couple of months ago where Zhao Liying commented on a Joe Chen’s post that she also sometimes had a V face and Joe Chen joked that who was she kidding she is an O. I am glad to see they have a good relationship to be jocking on weibo.

Mark Chao‘s popularity from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms keeps rising. It is reported that he was offered 800 million yuan in movie deals. And a large number of fans have been following him to airports and restaurants. Security has had to escort him multiple times.


He can still be seen giving autographs and trying to please his fans. But I do hope it calms down a bit since it is probably overwhelming.



Zhao Liying posted a message on weibo about not selling ourselves short . It is speculated to be in response to fan complains about Hunan’s schedule for Princess Agents, which is abysmal. I don’t know if you guys remember that last year Hunan butchered Chusen and Ice Fantasy’s schedule, which did not help their causes. Well they are doing the same this year. 


Talking about Legend of Chusen, its second season just started airing on TV in China. It was trending during its release. Ice Fantasy is also releasing a sequel, Ice Fantasy Destiny, but near the end of the year.


Yonhap News reported that domestic video sites in China have stopped broadcasting Korean dramas, and some television stations are no longer inviting Korean artists to participate in their program or TV series. This means that all those dramas that were already filmed will be shelved until never. This is in response to THAAD.


Rebellious Youth with Rachel Mao and Alan Yu released some promotional posters. It is a drama about two people who exchange identities to experience the lives of each other. I don’t think it will have any romance, it seems more about youth and growing up. This will be their first lead role, about time.




First trailer for Operation Love with Zhang Yixing and Chen DuLing. For some reason the sound doesn’t work well. Here is another link.

Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms becomes the first cdrama to reach 30 billion views online. Congrats to everyone! It deserves it.


Datawin’s most Influential celebrities for the month of February


  1. YangMi
  2. Tang Yan
  3. Wang Junkai
  4. Zhao Liying
  5. LuHan
  6. Li Yitong
  7. Fan BingBing
  8. Wang Yuan
  9. Zheng Shuang
  10. Li YiFeng

22 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: 72th Floors of Mystery, Mark Chao’s popularity, Ruby Lin, Datawin’s Most Influential Celebrities of February, etc.

  1. So does this basically means that the drama that Zheng Shaun and Lee jong suk filmed won’t be aired? I was looking forward to it 😣


    1. that one is looking to be the most likely to air soon since they even released some trailers recently. But I have seen a lot of dramas with kactors get pushed for a 2020 release. We will see, but it doesnt seem like it will get any better.


  2. wu ai ni mark chao and yang mi… what a nice couple… more dramas together to come…
    from Singapore with love 😍😍😍


  3. Seeing the news of 3L3W online viewing figures I was wondering what is more important: TV ratings or online viewing figures? I was looking at 3L3W TV ratings and whilst they were very good they weren’t amazing and didn’t come near Princess Weiyoung’s TV ratings or TV ratings share but it managed to surpass it in online viewings. Is this due to a different demographic? Because it had more episodes? Anyone know?


    1. I think they are both important, but probably TV ratings are more important as of now since it means more of a general audience. Online ratings comes more from younger people. TV ratings were good but nothing amazing. I think it could be a few things, demographic is one. But I think we are seeing a shift from TV audience to online audience. It is more convenient, watch at your own time not when it airs, etc.


      1. @fireflymaoh: Thanks for the explanation.I’m still getting used to Cdrama ratings so I was surprised by the disparity between the online views and TV ratings for this and a few other shows.


        1. I think it doesnt really follow a pattern. Some do better than others, but it is not related to quality or popularity at the moment. Last year a lot of the popular dramas online, didnt do good on TV ratings. But they were still popular online and more talked about than other dramas that were doing good on TV ratings. It is a balancing act. Another way to measure success is viewer rating of the drama, like Nirvana has one of the highest ratings, etc.


          1. Thanks. I guess viewer ratings are useful as well as they are a good indicator of whether the audience actually enjoyed the show.


    2. You have to also remember that 3L3W was aired on two TV channels so that basically halved the viewership for TV. The TV viewership numbers would be higher if it was only broadcasted on one channel.


      1. while ratings were split that doesnt mean it couldnt get higher ratings. For instance Journey of Flower was doing the same but both channels broke 3 on ratings. YangMi’s last drama Dear Translator and Princess Weiyoung had the same and both broke 2. It is just a target demographic thing imo. 3L3w did good on TV ratings, highest was 1.6, but it did even better online (breaking records). Most of their viewers were watching online.


  4. Did you hear about tiffany tang studio said she got hacked and she said something about if yang mi was replaced they would watch 3l3w. I thought yang mi and tiffany were close friends


    1. Yeah, I saw that. YangMi and Tiffany are close friends. I don’t know if it got hacked or not, but it is not personally run by Tiffany. I think it is just drama among fandoms, but they are close friends in real life.


      1. I don’t think it was a hack. Tang Yan’s studio “retweeted” another weibo saying that they would watch it if Yang Mi was replaced with Tang Yan… not sure what that means, but it is TY’s official studio weibo


        1. it is her studio but she doesnt run it, like she wasnt the one personally RTing that. I do think it was probably not a hack either and now they are using that excuse since it is the go to excuse for social media mistakes. Probably a staff member saw it and agreed on it and forgot they were logged in to TT’s personal studio. But I do think Tiffany and YangMi are friends, so they dont really care about stuff like this.


    1. Makes sense though – it was close to 60 episodes so only 1/3 of people had to watch the series once to get to that number. Or if people watched the series multiple times, maybe 1/6 of the population

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m in the US and I watched it on qq without using a VPN. qq is kind of hard to trick anyway. So, at the minimum, 58 out of 30 billion came from the US 😉.


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