China TV Drama Awards 2017: Video Update


The award show took place on February 25th, 2017 in Shanghai.

Tang Yan



Luo JinΒ 




These two look so much in love, they just give off happy vibes. Can’t wait for their wedding.

Zhao Liying







Liu ShiShi



Zhang Yixing




Jin Dong


HuGe and Jin Dong arrived at the red carpet together making it really hard for me to find pictures of Jin Dong by himself.



Yang Yang


Mark Chao looking super handsome




Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang


Liu Tao



Wang ZiWen



The girls of Ode to Joy


Zheng Kai


LiYitong and Yang XuWen




Zhao Liying and HuGe were sitting next to each other.First row: Zhao Liying, HuGe, Tang Yang, Luo Jin, Zhang Yixing, etc. They kept changing their seats throughout the night.



Winners: everyone that attended won some type of award

I will update with a video of the ceremony once it becomes available. As of now I only found some red carpet interviews.


SunLi was also there, but did not walk the red carpet.


48 thoughts on “China TV Drama Awards 2017: Video Update

  1. OMG, watched Liying’s acceptance speech. So cute hehe Especially the part where she says she is not disappearing (probably referring to her lack of projects so far this year compared to her usual pace.. xD) Awwn, just happy she found her own production rhythm. She definitely deserves to take the time to enjoy her picking and filming her projects. Can’t wait for Princess Agents this summer~ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Someone started up a rumor that she was quitting due to that old tailbone injury. I am glad she is taking things slower and enjoying herself more. She was working too hard last year.
      Me too!! I have been waiting so long for Princess Agents, I really hope it is really good. I need a trailer asap.


      1. OMG, I didn’t know she had such an injury. 😦 Yeah, last year was definitely tough on her.
        SAMEE!!! How can we not have a good trailer out yet? I am dying here. There is nothing else I want to watch more than PA!! ❀


        1. I call it tailbone but it is that old injury from The Palace, idk really what type of injury it was but it was something on her lower back.
          I NEED a trailer. I cant believe they havent put one out and we have so few pictures. idk why the production is being stingy with releasing stuff. They should have plenty by now.


    1. She the waistband with the words looks like something out men’s underwear. I think it could have been better with a different hairstyle, but the combination and her petite frame doesn’t make it look good.


  2. Just read that not all winners attend. Apparently some of them have videos up when they win the awards since they couldn’t attend, like Wang Kai.


  3. Gao yuan yuan is one lucky girl. She married Mark. I wonder what their day to day life is like since he’s a goof ball and funny person. she probably laugh at his joke, sense of humors, and so many more. I wish nothing but the best for Mark. Hopefully, we’ll see him more in Mainland China since actors tends to make more money there.

    i will miss ALi and the casts of 3l3w once the drama end this week.


    1. She is very very down to earth and low key as is he so they match very well. I’m just pissed that she’s barely doing any projects after she got married. She is such a goddess and in my opinion the prettiest Chinese actress, I need to see more of her!!!

      I too will be really sad when it ends, but at least there is the movie to look forward to. Fingers crossed that it will be just as good.


  4. This makes me wish Korean actresses dress better for Korean award shows. These ladies here really know how to dress or at least their stylists do lol. So many pretty gowns everywhere! & colors! πŸ˜€

    Liu Shi Shi’s dress is so pretty!! Even Li Yi Tong’s dress is gorgeous fairy tale like.


    1. Yep, there is always a lot of variety in Chinese red carpets but we still complain πŸ˜›
      Her dress was very pretty, one of my favorites.


  5. Tang Yan and Luo Jin are such a lovely couple. Liu Shi Shi looks so elegant. I don’t love ZLY’s dress but I think she makes it work.

    I just appreciate the variety, cut, colour and adventurousness in Chinese award ceremony dresses compared to the uber boring off the rack various shades of white bridesmaid dresses the actresses in Korea wear to awards

    Question: Does China have a prestigious awards ceremony like the Golden Horse in Taiwan or Oscars/Golden Globes in US/ BAFTAs in UK or Cesar in France. It seems like every Chinese award ceremony I’ve seen posted is basically a popularity contest/fashion show where pretty much everyone in attendance gets an award for showing up?


    1. I am not sure. I think the Golden Eagle is pretty prestigious for TV shows. It takes place every two years and on wiki it says it is China’s Emmy. Also the Magnolia Awards and Feitian Awards (alternates with Golden Eagle).
      As for Movie award shows Hundred Flowers is suppose to be the equivalent of the Golden Globes. They also have Golden Rooster.
      I still think there are a lot of popularity contest in some of these award shows. Take last year’s Hundred Flowers, which had a lot of questionable winners.
      A lot of Chinese Award shows feel like popularity contest since they tell them before who is winning and only winners attend. Other nominees don’t bother so it really takes a lot away from it. Only the really prestigious ones, in which it is an honor to even be nominated get a lot of the nominees to attend.
      If it is not a prestigious award show that has the usual categories I usually don’t even bother putting what each person won bc each year they come up with the most ridiculous names for the awards each person gets. This one was not bad.


      1. Thanks for the response. It’s a shame there aren’t more “legit” award shows. There are a lot of talented actors working in Cdrama and it would be nice to see more people get recognised just for their talent and some surprise winners at award shows.

        I appreciate your awards posts. At least the fashion is always awesome at Chinese ceremonies!


        1. For TV: Magnolia Award (winners voted by industry players), Feitian Award (winners selected by government reps) and Golden Eagle Award (winners voted by public). The Feitian and Golden Eagle are held on subsequent years i.e. Feitian in 2015, GE in 2016.

          Out of these 3, Feitian is held at the highest regards and normally it’s the “old-bone” who’ll walk away with the prize. Hu Ge was one of the youngest nominee for Best Actor in 2015.


        2. I think if more nominees would attend the ceremony it would make it more suspenseful. I have seen surprise winners, but usually people are surprise bc they didn’t think they should win, etc.


  6. LSS dress is spot on! same with Yangzi. I’m sorry but Liying looked like she was in PJs until her stylist decided to have her slip on a see thru skirt….
    Mark looks good as Ye Hua but without the long wig…He’s HOT! How did he fall thru our radar for so loooooong!? 0.0


    1. I really was not feeling ZLY’s dress. I think I dont like her new stylist, they keep giving her similar designs, same colors, and middle split hair. YangZi was actually my favorite for the night.
      I feel you with Mark Chao. But better late than never πŸ˜€


      1. OMG! NO MORE MID SPLIT PLZ!! It makes her look so much older and it doesn’t go well with her baby face! Lol. I had to do a double check since her PJ dress overshadowed the zigzag mid split.


        1. she looks better with wavy hair parted to the side or anything that is not mid split ;;; and her new stylist keeps picking weird dresses for her that don’t compliment her figure with boring colors


  7. Those people, Hu Ge has a girlfriend so stop trying to hook him up with zhao li ying already.
    I thought Yang Mi was high this year because of 3l3w, why not presented?


    1. I never said I wanted them to date. I want them to collaborate. And I think most people are happy when two celebrities you like interact.


    1. OMG this is such a tease!! Maybe if they sit next each other enough time, someone will finally cast them together in a drama! *fingers cross* (I’m counting twice already. lol)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ;;;; I have been waiting for a drama since forever. He Jiong was trying to make it happen last time πŸ˜€ he said just sitting next to HuGe was a good luck charm.


  8. Mark Chao is definitely the new TV crush !! I really like his acting style compared to most of these mainland stars. Not the most handsome of actors, but him being so good at what he does and his ability to make his characters so attractive? Certainly puts him at the top.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mark Chao is getting super popular. He had a live chat today with fans and people were going crazy over it. His personality really adds to his looks, it makes him way more handsome than other celebs in my eyes *_* And on top of that he is a great actor which is what we need. I think he adds heart to his characters. I saw an interview of him promoting 3l3w before it came out and he said “even though I am not the most handsome my character has a lot of heart”. But of course now I think he is super handsome *heart eyes*


      1. I probably sound like a broken record bUT I’m just so happy for Mark.
        I believe he’s Handsome and his talent and heart (as you said) makes him so much more handsome to me.
        I’m ecstatic he’s gotten recognition from being YeHua. And I’m so happy that everyone can see just how immensely talented he is.
        GET IT MARK!!! Wishing you Amazing things in your career from here on


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