[Breaking News] Tong Liya’s divorce, Chen Sicheng’s girlfriend, and Sandra Ma’s boyfriend revealed

Major bombshells were dropped. First of all, Sandra Ma (Love Me if You Dare) was photographed at a hotel with Ou Hao (The Left Ear).

They met on the set of The Left Ear (2015) back in 2014. She was 26 at the time and he was 22.

Another big announcement was Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng‘s divorce. Many netizens are on Tong Liya’s side as Chen Sicheng was found cheating a month ago

Supposedly, Yaya will receive full custody of their one year old son, Chen Duoduo. She also stopped wearing her wedding ring. Currently, they are in the process of dividing property

The full story of the cheating scandal is that Chen Sicheng had dinner followed by KTV with friends. Afterwards, he escorted his girlfriend back to her hotel. She is a model named Qi Qi. Later (around 11:30pm), Qi Qi came to his presidential suite. She has a role in “The Monkey King 3: The Land of Beauty”. Around 2:58am, another girl entered his room and left around 6:30am. Qi Qi claims that they were discussing work, but they have no project together especially one that requires a night of discussion

This is an old video of the couple in 2014 (skip to 19 minutes). Chen Sicheng had planned a traditional wedding with the hosts of Happy Camp as a surprise for Tong Liya. Their fathers were present. Yaya’s father entrusted her to Chen Sicheng and there’s a lot of happy crying… looking back, it just makes me so sad. She said that when he confessed to her, he said, “the moment I saw you, I knew you were my wife”. Their love story was one of love at first sight

Based off that quote, netizens came up with some other bombasts other male celebrities have said:

  • Chen He once said “I am a good man” (he cheated on his childhood sweetheart and got someone else pregnant/had a child out of wedlock)
  • Liu Ye once said, “if not Xie Na, I will not marry” (he ended up marrying a French photographer)
  • Li Chen once said “I will always protect Viann Zhang Xinyu” (he broke up with her and allegedly cheated on her with Fan Bingbing and accused her of cheating on him with Wallace Huo along with other attacks on her character)
  • Nicholas Tse once said “I do not mind Cecilia Cheung‘s past” (he divorced her and is back with his ex-girlfriend, Faye Wong)
  • Wen Zhang once said “the thing I’m most proud of is my wife, Ma Yili” (he famously cheated on her with Yao Di [he missed the birth of their child to be on vacation with Yao Di] and she famously forgave him and they’re still together)

24 thoughts on “[Breaking News] Tong Liya’s divorce, Chen Sicheng’s girlfriend, and Sandra Ma’s boyfriend revealed

  1. OMG, didn’t know you wrote an article about this… thank you!
    Sandra Ma and Ou Hao have SO MUCH chemistry!! And he looks like such a dreamy boyfriend 😀 So happy for them.
    Good for Tong Liya to be able to walk away from all of this. I believe she forgave him a few times in the past too. 😦 I wonder why guys always fall for these girls… And I didn’t like how Li Chen and Chen He acts either. They act as if they are the most honest people on TV but does this kind of thing without remorse.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They do! Such a cute pair.

      It doesn’t make sense why he would repeatedly do this. Also, the girls they cheat with… are almost insulting to their wives. I guess it’s not uncommon for actors to act one way on camera and another way off-camera, but it’s still sad to know that for a fact 😦


  2. He cheated on her while she was filming take a real man 2 with yang, Huang tao etc. I really hope yang mi and hawick cam stay strong despite his cheating allegations with wang ou.

    I don’t think hawick is that type that will cheat on ym.unless he falls out of love with her.


    1. Yeah… supposedly, they have an open relationship so it wouldn’t be cheating, but they allegedly already divorced but are keeping it under wraps. We won’t know anything until they talk about it publicly though


      1. oh I didnt know they had open relationship. I read that they can’t get a divorce bc of their company. I dont know how true it is since most rumors are false but theirs have been going strong for a year. Really sad


  3. Thank the heavens Yaya is divorcing that loser, not just because he cheated on her, but he is such an asshat….can’t stand him


    1. Always nice to see people happy! And they look so compatible… can’t believe I never saw it before. When that pap claimed that Sandra Ma had a boyfriend while filming Love Me if You Dare, I was wondering if that was true or who it was. Now, we know!


    1. Oh wow. That’s surprising, and kind of sad. While he probably deserves it, I hope his wife will be able to conceive and have kids


  4. awww. Sad for her marriage but glad that she made to choice to cut it off. Good thing she gets to keep her child!

    Happy for Sandra Ma tho! =D


    1. It is so sad! I thought they were a perfect couple, but I am glad that she ended the marriage and has custody of the child. Same 🙂


  5. I was happy for Tong Liya. She deserves better. Wow a lot of cheaters in the business, just like Hollywood. Celebrities and men cheating on their wives seem to go together. There is no use on her wasting her youth on a man that doesnt care about her.


    1. She is so beautiful, kind, and talented… I have always admired her. I think she deserves so much more too. I think that with fame and money, cheating is almost expected… it’s still sad though


      1. yeah really sad. I think she deserves someone better too. And in the end, it is better to be alone than in bad company.


  6. He calls one of the most beautiful women in the industry his wife, and yet that’s not enough for some men. Sigh. Tong Liya can do SO much better anyway! She’s gorgeous and a nice enough lady, hope she finds true happiness soon. A lot of people don’t seem to like her husband anyway as he always seemed “off” – might be a blessing in disguise and good on her for getting rid of him rather than stand by the cheater of a husband like some have done.

    Glad for Sandra Ma!


    1. You know how the saying goes… they always think the grass is greener on the other side. It makes so sad though. Tong Liya will find someone 100x better, I’m sure! What’s not to like? I don’t know much about him, but I don’t think many people will like him after this whole debacle. And I completely agree – it’s better for her to leave him alone instead of sticking with him and regretting it later!


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