[Thread] The Monkey King 3 : Update Liu Tao and Lin Chiling join production

Title: The Monkey King 3

Release Date: February 16, 2018


There is little information about the plot only that the quartet stumbles upon the Land of Beauty, where Xuan Zang is tempted by its queen. He’s torn between her proposal and monastic propriety. In the Land of Beauty, there are only women and a man can also easily get pregnant by just drinking water flowing through the land.

Soi Cheang , the director of the last two films, will be returning. The Monkey King 3 is locked for a 2018 Lunar New Year release.The film is expected to cost 500 million yuan. It is currently being filmed in Taiwan.

During an interview the director talked about Zhao Liying’s character “She will experience an unlikely romance. I believe the emotional scenes will be the most appealing parts. But considering modern tastes, we added some comedic elements.”


  • Aaron Kwok as Sun Wukong
  • Feng Shaofeng as Tang Sanzang
  • Xiaoshenyang as Zhu Bajie
  • Him Law as Sha Wujing
  • Zhao Liying as the Queen of the Land of Beauty
  • Liu Tao as unknown role
  • Lin Chiling as unknown role

First Poster:


Press announcement on Dec 6,2016:



Onset pictures: no comment on this outfit

Some cast members biking in Taiwan:


More actors have joined the production: Liu Tao, Lin Chiling, Gigi Leung, Yuang QiongDan, Pan Binlong. Their specific role has not been announced.

I am pretty excited that Liu Tao joined this production. Whatever her role, she will kill it.

Update: Sneak peaks into Zhao Liying and LiTao’s outfits

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-36b4b8e6b43819c3572bebc4db771e21_zpsj71idr72.jpg photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-20eb470bef70553e7936c71ca9d0fae0_zpsdwbatmyd.jpg


7 thoughts on “[Thread] The Monkey King 3 : Update Liu Tao and Lin Chiling join production

  1. Can ZLY hold all these famed goddess as the Queen? The supporting cast is like a who’s who’s of the 2000s goddess, we just need to rope in Gao Yuanyuan, Liu Yifei and Zhang Zhiyi to complete the list.


      1. I can’t imagine LT as Liying’s follower tho…she had such a strong presence. OOh I would love it if she plays some evil role tho! GAH! 11 more months….

        Liked by 1 person

  2. WHAAAAT!!!? Liu Tao is joining Monkey king 3!!!!? OMG best news ever! =D I’m even more excited for this film now!!! Though I can’t imagine what role she’ll play….not one of Liying’s subject I assume….


    1. I think she will play a powerful role. I just see her as being a really powerful female character, maybe even evil. She can pull it off.
      Super happy she was casted.


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