[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 47-50

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-b33c09a4986f70cec712d52cd7060279_zpsbtmcliep.jpgThree Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 47

 photo snip_20170224163359_zps20n6inw5.pngThe king asked Zhe Yan again to heal Ye Hua. Zhe Yan came in time to save him but also found out that he used up all his power to make the medicine for Mo Yuan.

 photo snip_20170224163617_zpsgb1ef88o.pngThe elder prince of Xi Hai finally woke up. Because Bai Qian cared for him so meticulously, he thought that she likes him and told her that she is not his style. (Lol. BQ just got rejected)

 photo snip_20170224164026_zpslafi0hcg.pngBai Qian once again entered the elder prince’s soul to see how Mo Yuan is doing. She noticed that the power that is protecting Mo Yuan is not Zhe Yan’s. She guessed that it has to belong to Ye Hua. Die Feng confirmed that the soul belonged to Ye Hua therefore Bai Qian rushed to leave.


Bai Qian rushed back to the heaven kingdom to check of Ye Hua. Ye Hua pretended like nothing happened. She told him that she knows he used his power to make the medicine. He pretended like it was no big deal that he just happened to walk by and picked up the herb on the way. When he told her that she should go back and care for Mo Yuan, Bai Qian noticed that was he’s too injured to hold up much longer and therefore left. Outside the door, she cried silently when she heard him cough. (Mark’s acting here was superb! He was about to convey the “I’m sick and can’t hold up much longer” message here perfectly without internal dialogue at all to help viewers understand!!)

 photo snip_20170224170054_zps3oxzh8q3.pngBai Qian rushed back to the peach orchard and look for Zhe Yan for answers. He told her everything how Ye Hua planned to get the herb and lost in arm in the process. Since Ye Hua doesn’t want her to know, Bai Qian decided to pretend that she doesn’t know and returned to his side.

 photo snip_20170224170703_zpstw1vnabg.pngWhen Bai Qian came back and wanted to sleep in Ali’s room, Ye Hua back hugged her and told her now that he only have one arm, she can push him off whenever. She agreed to sleep on the same bed with him. In the morning, Ye Hua had a coughing fit and sneaked out to not disturb Bai Qian. He coughed up blood outside and Bai Qian heard it all but pretended to still be sleeping. (Awww…YH is too good to BQ. Plz remember what he did for you when you get your SS’s memory back!)

 photo snip_20170224171337_zpst8nlj1ci.pngYanzhi tried to make medicine with the herb but failed to do so since she’s not from the heaven clan. Li Jing told her that perhaps Kunlunxu might be the only place where she can make the medicine. She snuck out with the baby to go to Kunlunxu. Li Jing got report that there are movements at the ocean where the Ghost king is trapped. There are signs that the Ghost king will break free soon.

 photo snip_20170224171842_zps7doci7aj.pngSujin got news that Bai Qian is with Ye Hua again. She realized that all her schemes had been failing so far. This time she want to use Susu to break her and Ye Hua up. (Lady you should learn to give up after so many fail attempts!!!)

 photo snip_20170224172417_zpsfhgczgfp.pngWhile Cheng Yu and Ali were picking sugar cane, they over heard Ling Bao and Dong Hua’s conversation. Ling Bao told Dong Hua that he is facing a critical trial. Cheng Yu explained to Ali that every immortal must go through a critical trial and that trial can kill the immortal if not overcame.

Episode 48

 photo snip_20170225093031_zps7pptljow.pngYanzhi took the baby to Kunlunxu and wanted to borrow their medicine pot but was stopped by Kunlunxu’s disciples. Before a fight broke out, Zi Lan came. Yanzhi told him what she wanted and he used his power to make the medicine for her. But he promised never to see her again. (NOOOOO! Why is it that every time good and evil fall in love they always use that excuse to break up!!?)

 photo snip_20170225093841_zpsjaxilhhv.pngAli and Chengyu came back while Ye Hua and Bai Qian are sitting around. Chengyu asked if she can touch Bai Qian but Ali stopped her saying that his mom belonged to his dad. Only his dad can touch her. After Ye Hua finished drawing them, Bai Qian explained that Ye Hua is weak recently. Ali asked if that mean he can carry him but not Bai Qian. (LOL. Chengyu and Ali are so cute here!)

 photo snip_20170225094736_zpsfjlx9hwu.pngThe haughty Ye Hua took Bai Qian by one arm and carried her back to his room and dumped her on his bed. Bai Qian confessed to him that she loves him and asked him to ask the king to plan the wedding on September 2nd. Ye Hua was ecstatic by her confession and asked her to give him another child! (Lol. Instead saying I love you back, he asked for another baby. How romantic…)

 photo snip_20170225095925_zps3gtwkjct.pngYanzhi and Li Jing waited outside of Kunlunxu for Zi Lan. There, Li Jing told Yanzhi that Xiyin is Bai Qian and that her personality is if she wants to cut you off she doesn’t it completely (Foreshadowing!!). Later, a kunlunxu’s disciple came out to hand the medicine to Yanzhi. They gave the medicine to the baby and for the first time, the baby started crying.

 photo snip_20170225101039_zpshhn5zbov.pngBack at the heaven kingdom, Bai Qian woke looking for Ye Hua. A maid servant came to prepare tea, Bai Qian put something in the tea and the maid saw it. She reported it back to Ye Hua’s mom and Sujin. They suspect that Bai Qian is seducing Ye Hua with that medicine.

 photo snip_20170225101820_zpsmowzx3rt.pngYe Hua’s mom and Sujin came to meet Bai Qian. As Ye Hua was about to drink the tea, his mom tried to stop him. He explained to her that Bai Qian put into some medicine herbs in the tea to help his injuries. After his mom heard that, she happily talked about their marriage. Cute Ali came running to his grandma and told her that she’s the best! (kekeke Sujin’s plan backfired!! )

 photo snip_20170225102757_zpsjecs0qki.pngEveryone met to talk about Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s marriage. His dad brought up the fact that because Ye Hua killed the 4 beasts that belonged to the old god, he must be sentenced to the mortal world as punishment. The king said that since he destroyed the herbs, as reward Ye Hua’s fate in the mortal world will be left blank and filled as he live, including his love life.

Episode 49

 photo snip_20170225203040_zps8o9zodsw.pngBai Qian went back to Qingqiu to discuss her wedding with Ye Hua with her 2nd and 4th brother and Feng Jiu. She wanted to rush the wedding so that she can help Ye Hua accept the trials to ascend the throne. Before she left, she suggested that Feng Jiu inherit her throne to govern her region of Qingqiu. Bai Qian also relayed the message to Feng Jiu that Chengyu wanted to see her.

 photo snip_20170225203926_zps6tvrrrjw.pngBai Qian came back to the heaven king and was led toward the lotus pond to where Ye Hua is. On her way there, she remembered the path that Susu took toward Zhuxiantai. Once the fog cleared out, she saw Ye Hua and a bunch of immortals greeted her as the future wife of Ye Hua!

 photo snip_20170225204415_zps1p7duk9z.pngYe Hua and Bai Qian headed back to his room. He told her that they cannot get married on September 2nd because he has to go to the mortal world for 2 months as punishment. Since his fate is left blank, Bai Qian warned him that he cannot marry other women if not she’ll lock him up in her cave.

 photo snip_20170225204845_zpspwzjciyn.pngAfter Bai Qian left, Feng Jiu asked 4th brother to help her escape her dad’s surveillance. 4th brother agreed to help her and together they left the cave.

 photo snip_20170225205813_zpsz3obn4bm.pngZhe Yan and 4th brother came to Xi Hai once again to check on Mo Yuan. After Zhe Yan checked Xi Hai’s elder prince, he told Die Feng to prepare of Mo Yuan’s return! His soul is no longer with the elder prince but had returned to his body.

 photo snip_20170225210312_zps5gyfe287.pngThe bell at Kunlunxu rang loud and clear across the land. Everyone who heard it know that Mo Yuan is coming back, including Bai Qian. Just when she came back to Qingqiu, Zhe Yan told her that Mo Yuan is coming back and the three rushed to where Mo Yuan’s body is!!

 photo snip_20170225210458_zpsd1c32epj.pngOn the other side, Ye Hua is preparing to go down the mortal world. But before he leave, he must drink the “amnesia” potion and forget everything. (It’s like him and Mo Yuan are not fated to meet or something. Once one come back the other one leave…)

 photo snip_20170225210951_zpsgghk8rig.pngBai Qian, Zhe Yan, and 4th brother stood outside the cave where Mo Yuan’s body is. The nervous Bai Qian entered and saw her shifu sitting there. She cried and hugged him saying that she had been waiting for him. Zhe Yan and 4th brother came in and told him that he had been sleeping for 70000 years. Outside, the Ghost king stirred and said that with out Mo Yuan’s soul, he will break out in no time.

 photo snip_20170225211932_zpsgrxzji30.pngThe crew finally settled down in the cave. The first question that Mo Yuan asked was if they have seen anyone that look like him. Bai Qian told him that that would be her future husband, crown prince, Ye Hua. Mo Yuan was shocked to hear future husband but regained composure and told them that that is his twin brother. (Wow…Now I feel bad for MY. He used his soul to save the world and slept for 70000 years. When he woke up, his girl was taken over by his twin brother….)

 photo snip_20170225212822_zpsqv3dp0lq.pngMo Yuan told them that back then, his mom used too much energy to maintain peace therefore could only support one baby. His dad used his power to maintain the soul of the 2nd baby in a golden lotus hoping that he will reborn one day and that baby is Ye Hua. Mo Yuan wanted to see Ye Hua but because of his injuries and Ye Hua is in the mortal world, Bai Qian convinced to head back to Kunlunxu first and heal.

 photo snip_20170225213316_zpszafypyhp.pngFeng Jiu met up with Chengyu in the heaven kingdom. Chengyu that Dong Hua is facing a critical trial and might die. Feng Jiu got anxious and rushed to look for Dong Hua. She found him by the lotus pond and hugged him right away. She told him that if he dies, she will die with him. (Gahh! How can he not be touched by all the stuff she did for him!)

Episode 50

 photo snip_20170225214136_zps34daghgc.pngDong Hua was indifferent while Feng Jiu was crying and hugging him. She said that no matter what she will not leave his side. Not even when her dad is here. When her dad did happen to appear, she cowered behind Dong Hua but Dong Hua just left without a glance back.

 photo snip_20170225214722_zpsa8qxrdv0.pngMo Yuan finally returned to Kunlunxu. Before him are his 16 disciples that waited 70000 years for his return.

 photo snip_20170225215048_zpslfhkx9iy.pngOnce they settled, Zi Lan told Mo Yuan that they are still looking for Xiyin. At that time, Bai Qian came out and claimed that she is Xiyin. Zi Lan disbelievingly told her just because she’s trying to avoid them, she didn’t have to dress as a girl to do so. Die Feng laughed and told him that before him is the queen of Qingjiu, Bai Qian. (LOL!! Zilan and his conclusion!)

 photo snip_20170225220329_zpsbi407fia.pngBecause of the number of guests at Kunlunxu, Zi Lan’s room was occupied. He came to share Bai Qian’s room. The conversation went on to Yanzhi. Based on his tone, Zi Lan missed Yanzhi.

 photo snip_20170225215953_zpsp3dyz0vd.pngThat same night, Zhe Yan came with alcohol to talk to Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan asked him why did Bai Qian take his body. Zhe Yan told him the story how Bai Qian used her blood, bowl by bowl, to keep his body alive in the last 70000 years.

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-005WwQgOgy1fd3054i1ang30dw07tx6q_zpsdvesbo97.gifFeng Jiu hid on Dong Hua’s bed and waited for him. Once he was about to sleep, she revealed herself with blood and injuries. She told him that they were from her dad hitting her. Dong Hua noticed that it was fake when he caressed her injuries, she didn’t flinched. After he kicked her out, Feng Jiu regrouped with Chengyu and Ximing. Ximing clarified that Dong Hua is not dying. If he is, there would be chaos right now.

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-80a8fed9ly1fd2zjj5ervg20go09eqv7_zpso5mi40wd.gifFeng Jiu’s dad came to visit Dong Hua and asked him to marry Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu approached Dong Hua again after her dad left. She kissed him but got no response at all from him!! He told her that he doesn’t feel anything for her. Even if her dad begged him to marry her, he would still refuse. After hearing that her strict and haughty dad begged, Feng Jiu realized that she was wrong and ran from Dong Hua. She met up wit her dad at the gate of the kingdom and he took her home. (YEs! Run away FJ and let him chase after you this time!)

 photo snip_20170226102228_zpshl6x4gg0.pngXiming came to tell Dong Hua that Feng Jiu had left. He also added that he felt bad for Feng Jiu who did so much for him. Dong Hua response was that they are not fated to be together. If Ximing’s fate book does not let two people be together, they cannot be together similar to if the three-lives-rock does not let two immortals be together, they too cannot be together!

 photo snip_20170226102559_zpsb1iog9qg.pngTwo of Li Jing’s commanders reported to him that others commanders noticed the stir in Donghuanzhong and suspected that the Ghost king is coming back. Those commanders rather support the Ghost king than Li Jing because they thought the Ghost tribe was more honorable back then. Li Jing went to look for Ye Hua but found out that he’s not there and that Bai Qian and Ye Hua’s marriage is set.

 photo snip_20170226150537_zpspqxsiyfa.pngEveryone is happy now that Mo Yuan is back in Kunlunxu. They all talked about laughed until the topic of Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s marriage came up. The sullen Mo Yuan left to avoid the topic and visitors visiting him. Bai Qian thought it was weird but decided to clean out the medicine pot room. Her shixong came and recounted the time when Ye Hua came to make the medicine with his one arm. That story put her in more debt toward Ye Hua. (Awww…Poor Mo Yuan. He never got the chance to confess to her and now she’s taken!)

Chexmix: Wow. Mo Yuan finally woke up at the end of the drama. Poor guy. He woke up to find that his girl was taken. =(  I can’t help but to ship him with Bai Qian (maybe because he has the same face as Ye Hua? hahah) but you can also see love oozing out of his eyes when he look at Bai Qian!! Feng Jiu is such a love sick fox!! I really really really hope that her and Dong Hua have a happy ending. *fingers crossed*

LOL! Found this funny picture online. What was suppose to be a solemn romantic moment turned into this…. Translate: Bai Qian did you just farted?

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-83e8c79cf34dc39ceb0cd8e62a37eea7_zpsiutbqkzj.jpg




17 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 47-50

    1. Lol! I’ll work on it. I’m so conflicted now that the drama ended. I wanna watch the ending asap but I wanna prolong the drama at the same time….

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ugh my heart breaks for Mo Yuan. As much as I love Ye Hua, I am a Mo Yuan shipper since the beginning. Poor guy. Both deserve her just as much. Mo Yuan would be healthier for her in so many ways – no heaven rules, Tianjun, or heartbreaking drama (also less amount of catty women) and less burden overall simply because he answers to nobody. Can we just iunno…clone a Bai Qian for Mo Yuan or something?

    Imagine Bai Qian’s life as Mrs. Mo Yuan in Kunlun Xu where her days consists of drinking peach wine and listening to Mo Yuan play the qin at night. If she never fell in love with Ye Hua, who is to say things wouldnt work out between her and shifu? Welp I’ll take shifu 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Can we!!? *o* that would be such a happy ending! BQ needs a twin just like MY and YH.
      I think her life would be more carefree too if she ended up with MY but…YH LOST AN ARM FOR HER! I can’t ship one without feeling bad for the other….


  2. haha, like you, I also ship Mo Yuan and Bai Qian. In fact, I was dreading the awakening. 😦 They’re just so good together. To be honest, between Yue Hua and mo Yuan, I think Mo Yuan understand her the most.


    1. I like that MY is back but everyone (mainly ZY) just look at him with pity when BQ and YH’s marriage comes up. =( Can’t help but feel for the guy…. I agree MY understand her better just because the person YH fell for was SS and she’s different from BQ.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. LMAO at the funny pic. I like their bts so much, everyone is having fun.
    I will miss this drama and mainly I will miss YEHUA.
    I do feel for MoYuan. I shipped them before reading the book and then I was just team Yehua all the way. BQ needs an aggressive man like Yehua, Moyuan took too long :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha. I’m gonna miss YH too. Gotta look for another Mark drama to watch after 3l3w.
      I do agree that BQ needs YH’s aggressiveness but every time MY look at her….I just pity him for never even getting a chance to confess. Sigh.. why can’t there be two BQ too. (lol that would be weird…)


      1. I know MY just seems so sweet and he did ask her to wait for him, but she totally did not understand him. Two of each so they can all be happy lol
        I think this is his only drama ;;;


        1. His only drama is The Taiwanese Black&White which is so different from this.
          I also have pity MY but honestly YeHua is so deserving and I support him totally


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