Entertainment Update: Drama Updates, Mark Chao’s Live Chat, Yang Yang’s Wax Figure, and Zhang Yunlong and Wang Yifei’s Relationship

Zhang Yunlong (from Les Interpretes) and Wang Yifei (from Pretty Li Huizhen) caught on a date in Japan. Both are actor/actress from Yang Mi’s company. Neither has confirmed nor denied. 



Tang Yan and Yang Shuo started filming for drama See You Again. The story is about Shi Jian who fainted during a plane turbulence. Once she regained consciousness, she realized that she had returned to her university days, ten years back. Shi Jian took the chance to change a few things for the better and one of them was to meet her future husband ahead of time (thought the CP was gonna be Tang Yang and Yang Shuo, but it turns out the CP is Tang Yan and Shawn Dou… =()

Cast during the booting ceremony61e7f4aaly1fd1mr9zx7xj21kw2mmtty61e7f4aaly1fd1mrajo9bj21kw0xh7fh

I like Tang Yan’s hairstyle for this drama


William Chan and Bai Baihe have been casted for Only Side by Side with You. It will start filming in March 25th. It is a modern drama about a rich second generation aerial vehicle designer, Bai Baihe, and the man who approaches her with ulterior motives but falls in love with her, William Chan. It is expected to be 30 episodes long.


Dili Reba and Zhang Vin are the leads for The King’s Woman. Dili Reba plays is the grand-daughter and disciple of a military commander. But she is so beautiful that she attracts the attention of the Qin Emperor, Zhang Vin, and she is captured and sent to his palace. Where they slowly fall in love.

They already started filming in December, but it just now caught my attention. I am really looking forward to it. It will be 40 episodes long and it sounds like a typical palace drama.



Nothing Gold Can Stay starring Sun Li, Chen Xiao and Peter Ho released new stills. The story is about Zhou Ying who is sold to the powerful Shen family by her foster father, yet successfully escapes by sneaking into merchant Wu Ping’s palanquin. The Wu family agreed to take her in after witnessing her remarkable business acumen. Shen Xingyi, the pampered young master of the Shen family will end up falling in love with Zhou Ying.

The Fated General with Zhang Ruo Yun and Rachael Mao released some promotional posters. The drama tells the story of the Han Dynasty undefeated general, Huo Qubing.




Zhao Ge starring Zhang Zhenhan and Bao Jianfeng released new trailer. The story is set towards the end of the Shang Dynasty, a time often revisited to tell the story of an incompetent king who led his nation to its downfall. Ji Fa is a man who endeavors to make a change as he enlists the help of powerful people to achieve his vision.

Princess Agents with Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin announced their broadcast schedule. It will start airing July 17 every Monday and Tuesday and then it will change in mid September to Monday through Wednesday. It is projected to finish airing in October. I think Hunan never learns. Most other networks are doing two episodes per day at least four times a week with great results.

Zhao Liying dressed up as an old lady for the promotion of Duckweed. On the other hand, Duckweed surpassed 1 Billion Yuan gross (~$145M) which is pretty impressive for a movie that took less than 3/4 months to film.

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-19b244064d27d7e5660aca0c04cbdb72_zpsicpzarqv.jpg photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-d34c021c14405c4a87f062f76f336219_zpsulvnysay.jpg

Yang Yang’s wax figure in Madame Tussauds revealed.


Yang Mi’s costume from Three Lives Three Worlds sold for 8000 Yuan (~1000 USD) on an online auction!  This led to an online discussion where people questioned “what’s the point in buying it?” (wow…the stuff people do with money…)

Mark Chao had a live chat with fans as a celebration of reaching 10 million weibo followers. It was trending last night on Weibo. I have not seen it, but I will leave it here in case anyone wants to see it.

He told fans to not buy him gifts and that he’d rather they spend the money on themselves or their parents.


After the Chinese Quality TV Awards some fans were screaming at Mark Chao, “Yehua, you cannot die” and this was his reaction.


Zhang Lu Chi‘s (Ode 2 Joy) ex-wife responded on Weibo to Zhang Yan Yan’s (Nirvana in the Fire) post asking that “is it not enough to seduce my husband… now, you publicized it?”  She pointed her fingers at both Zhang Lu Chi and Zhang Yan Yan and accusing the both of them of having an affair. Zhang Lu Chi and Zhang Yan Yan both denied the accusation and stated that they are only friends.

The National Tourism Administration launched a campaign for 2017. It promotes civilized tourism. Some celebrities were asked to participate in the promotion they included: Zhao Liying, Hu Ge, Wang Yuan, etc.


19 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Drama Updates, Mark Chao’s Live Chat, Yang Yang’s Wax Figure, and Zhang Yunlong and Wang Yifei’s Relationship

  1. I would have bought the outfit for $1000 if I knew. 😦 That’s like dirt cheap and I would love to own a Hanfu. A well made one that is not famous is probably around 300-500 by itself.


  2. I’m looking forward to Tang Yang’s new drama even though I’m so tired of heroine has accident and time travels plot.

    Very excited for The King’s Woman with Dili Reba and Zhang Vin. Both great actors, good-looking and have tons of chemistry together. 40 episode is good to – nice to see a drama with a reasonable number of episodes.

    Great for Zhao Liying that Duckweed is doing well. I liked the trailer except for Eddie’s hair. Has anyone here watched it?

    I hope we get a trailer for Princess Agents soon. The airing schedule is disappointing especially when there are so many episodes. I think the marathoning schedule for dramas especially long ones works so much better as it keeps the hype and momentum going.


    1. Me! hahah saw duckweed about a week ago. Funny film. Lots of humors and puns. I can see why it’s doing so well. =D

      Me too! excited to see Dilireba and Zhang VIn as CP. hahah


  3. I like the synopsis of the new Tang Yan drama. I hope it is good. WC’s drama sounds very meh. And as much as I like Sunli her drama doesnt sound like my cup of tea. As for the rest my conundrum with palace dramas is that I love the time period but ohh so much angst just in the synopses. But, I am looking forward to The King’s Woman just bc recent 3l3w feels about the leads. Ghost King deserves some love.

    Forever ranting about Hunan ruining stuff with their scheduling. I hope they change their mind and they fix the schedule for Princess Agents, a lot of people were complaining about it.


  4. ZLY will dominate again in the summer, but that is a really crappy schedule lol

    2 episodes per day is the trend! July-October? Jeez! How many episodes are there?


    1. 68 episodes. Agreed. 3 months to finish airing it is a lil too long…..
      But look on the bright side..we’ll have 3 months worth of ZLY before another dry period! hahaha


    2. I am so mad at Hunan. I do think they will air 2 episodes per day but only twice a week, which means 4 episodes per week. It will take a long time to finish the drama. The trend is just airing 2 episodes every day, except for the weekend. People just want to marathon the story not wait forever.


      1. I feel you. What are we gonna watch for the remainder of the week!!? I hope they decided to change that. At least 1 episode a day like Chusen did.


        1. Chusen ended up with 4 episodes a week, which is the same. I just think it is a bad marketing tactic plus I hate waiting. I like my daily drama fix if I like a drama 🙂 plus 68 episodes is so long already. I really hope they change it.


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