March Airing Schedule

List of dramas and movies to air in the month of March. This list will be updated as more releases are announced.

March Dramas:

House Full of Happiness starring Zhang Guoli, Jiang Xin, Gao Xin to air March 2nd with 40 episodes 4bed2e738bd4b31c9cd74e5a8fd6277f9f2ff86c

The Name of the People starring Lu Yi, Zhang Fengyi, Wu Gang to air March 29th with 55 episodes.

Because of You starring Sun Yi, Deng Lun to air March 2nd with 56 episodes

Razor starring Wen Zhang, Ma Yili and Ding Yong Dai to air March 20th with 48 episodes

The Battle at Dawn starring Liu Shishi, Wang Qian Yuan, and Cao Bing Kun to air March 3rd with 31 episodes.

Across the Ocean to See You starring Wang Likun, Zhu Yawen to air March 22nd with 44 episodes

Fearth Fly starring Zhang Yi, Yin Tao, Tao Zeru to air March 3rd with 60 episodes.

Legend of Chusen 2 starring Li Yi Feng, Yang Zi and (Zhao Li Ying) to air March 1st with 18 episodes


March Movie

The Devotion of Suspect X starring Wang Kai, Zhang Luyi and Ruby Lin will be released March 31st.


Source (wiki)


14 thoughts on “March Airing Schedule

    1. Chusen 2? I thought that was out already. It’s reairing?
      Yea…same….that’s why I was reluctant to finish 3l3w. hahaha
      Thanks for the link. I’ll update the post. =D


  1. Can anybody tell me when will be the airing of the drama COLOR OF NIGHT AKA SIEGE IN FOG???? Im eagerly waiting for it for months now but all i can watch is the trailer…plssss…plsss…tell me the airing date..thanks…


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