[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 43-46

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Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 43

 photo snip_20170221183416_zpsvvh0jkn9.pngDong Hua came to release Feng Jiu from prison. Ximing kept pushing her to admit that her and Yuan Zhen had an affair but before she can say anything, Dong Hua took her away and said he believed her.

 photo snip_20170221184707_zps1tzra71t.pngAfter Dong Hua left, Ximing convinced her to follow the plan and hurt Dong Hua. He pretended to be a servant and told Dong Hua that Yuan Zhen is ill. (OMg Ximing looks kinda creepy here….hahah)

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo__img-0069DgXily1fcyd5vxwy1g30go09e4qu_zpspdzftzy1.gif

When in truth, Yuan Zhen was about to take a shower. Feng Jiu hid in the water and popped out to seduce Yuan zhen. Dong Hua saw the whole scene and asked Feng Jiu for an explanation. She had nothing to say. Dong Hua turned around and dejectedly left . Not many steps in, he coughed blood and fainted.

 photo snip_20170221185230_zpsu0ykabkn.pngThe queen took that chance to lock Feng Jiu up while Dong Hua laid unconscious. Ximing tried to convince her that once he died he will be Dijun again. But to Feng Jiu, only the mortal Dong Hua will treat her that nicely.

 photo snip_20170221185700_zpslmvqpbup.pngDong Hua woke up and saw an illusion of Feng Jiu. He held onto the spear heard tightly, coughed up more blood, and died. =(

 photo snip_20170221185740_zpslvt4p7vc.pngIn the cell, Feng Jiu was devastated. Ximing wanted to console her but decided not to. (I know it’s a small ship or maybe just a boat but for 5 seconds here, I shipped XM with FJ! At least she’s always smiling around him.) News spread that the king had died. Ximing left to go back to the heaven kingdom leaving Feng Jiu crying for her dead husband. The happy time with Dong Hua is now gone.

 photo snip_20170221190429_zps7e1s9kjy.pngOnce the mortal Dong Hua died, he returned to heaven kingdom again as Dijun. When he woke up, Dong Hua remembered everything that happened in the mortal world and in his hand is the spear head. Dong Hua asked Ximing why did he ended up dying 18 years before planned. Ximing told him maybe it was because the betrayal by Feng Jiu was too much for him. Within a sec, Ye Hua already arrived. He asked Dong Hua regarding the herb and the 4 beasts that guard that herb.

 photo snip_20170221194130_zpsli1vgv72.png
Bai Qian and Zhe Yan finally arrived at Xi Hai. Zhe Yan told the lord that his disciple (Bai Qian) will be caring for his son when he’s not there.

 photo snip_20170221194630_zpsu57pi5ja.pngOnce inside the room, Bai Qian knocked the elder son out and entered his soul looking for Mo Yuan. She found him laying there weak and unconscious. She decided that she will need Jie Po lantern to help him revive faster.

 photo snip_20170221195021_zpsoe3lsamw.pngBai Qian wanted to let the king know before she head back to the heaven kingdom. But inside the main lobby, she saw Ye Hua sitting there. Still mad about what he said regarding Ali, she wanted to take off but was pinned down by Ye Hua. He pinned her to the wall and force kissed her until he saw a scar on her chest. That scar that was left over from stabbing her chest for blood to keep Mo Yuan’s body alive.

 photo snip_20170221200042_zpsrnopuni6.pngBai Qian asked Ye Hua for the Jiu Po lantern and told him that she will try to battle the 4 beasts for the herb. She wanted to cancel their marriage because after losing so much power she will not be able to undergo the trial to become queen with him. Ye Hua teared and told her to come to his room at night for the Jie Po lantern. =(

Episode 44

 photo snip_20170222165414_zpsvmmpc1xp.pngBai Qian returned to her room to find her 4th brother also there. She told her 4th brother that her and Ye Hua got into a fight because of Ali. Her brother guessed that she must be jealous. After some debates, she also admitted that she must have been jealous. But she can’t accept that she had fallen for someone who is 90000 years younger than her.

 photo snip_20170222170326_zpsiv9rjw27.pngDong Hua asked Ximing again why did he come back earlier than expected. Ximing is not sure either. But because of that, Dong Hua lost 9% of his power.

 photo snip_20170222170654_zpsbhx8chph.pngThe depressed Feng Jiu pondered on what her and Dong Hua’s relationship mean. Out of nowhere, her strict dad showed up. She tried to escape but couldn’t therefore pretended to accept punishment.

 photo snip_20170222171533_zpsjhcgcrkl.pngLuckily 4th brother showed up to save Feng Jiu from getting hit. The convo led to Ye Hua’s son, Ali. Both brothers did not like the fact that Ye Hua already have a son. The save Feng Jiu, 4th brother sent her to Xi Hai to accompany Bai Qian. On her way out, she met Yuan Zhen who also came back early before of the change in the story.

 photo snip_20170222172137_zps5xaonsxv.pngAll the shixongs reunited at Kunlunxu because they all sensed some presence at that place. They all believe that Mo Yuan will come back soon!

 photo snip_20170222173257_zpskpmbor35.pngNight time, Bai Qian came to Ye Hua’s room for Jie Po lantern to see Ye Hua drinking. He gave her the lantern and she asked him what does he want in return. He told her all I wanted since the beginning was you. He closed the door on her and carried her to bed. Bai Qian had flash backs to her time as Susu but thought that it was just her mind saying she likes Ye Hua. Bai Qian stopped resisting and the two spent the night together.

 photo snip_20170222173018_zpsetxhct4j.pngBai Qian asked Ye Hua about his battle with Jiao Clan and why he almost lost. He told her that he went easy of them. He asked her how would she react if someone took her eyes. And if that person was him. She told him that no one dare but if he did, their relationship ends there. (Aww… I have a bad feeling about this. She’s gonna remember and then avoid him like she said she would if he ever betrayed her…)

 photo snip_20170222173845_zps1xp64byj.pngBai Qian dreamt about her life as Susu and the time Susu left the magical barrier to look for Ye Hua. She was unclear about the dream when she woke up. At the same time, Feng Jiu also found her way to Xi Hai and met up with Bai Qian.

 photo snip_20170222174153_zpshc35oknc.pngYe Hua reported to the king that he want to destroy the magical herb guarded by the 4 beasts. The king approved and told him that he can inherit the throne once he defeated those beasts.

 photo snip_20170222174743_zpsrwhrvbqk.pngDashixong came back to Xi Hai and saw Bai Qian. He questioned whether that is Xi Yin or not. Bai Qian admitted that she is Xi Yin. After a tearful reunion, Bai Qian told him who she is and that Mo Yuan’s soul is sleeping within his big brother.

 photo snip_20170222175015_zps13pi7ehw.pngFor the next 3 days, Bai Qian and Feng Jiu guarded the lantern to prevent it from extinguishing. Feng Jiu teased her about finaly finding love. On the other side, Ye Hua is preparing for a life and death battle with the 4 beasts. He will be facing those beasts alone.

Episode 45

 photo snip_20170222201008_zpswyimqfaf.pngLi Jing got news on the whereabout of Yanzhi and Xuan Nu. He sent people to secretly protect Yanzhi while her, Xuan Nu and Zi Lan are heading to Ying Zhou to get the herb. At night, Yan Zhi told Zi Lan that she’s not human but from the Ghost tribes. He told her he doesn’t mind. He then told her he liked her. He also told her he know who she is this whole time but asked that she let him protect her till the end. (There’re so many shippable couples in this drama!)

 photo snip_20170222201449_zpsacwgefld.pngThe three arrived at the entrance of a cave where the herb is located. Yanzhi went in alone. Zi Lan got worried and followed. Xuan Nu didn’t trust them to get the herb therefore also went in.

 photo snip_20170222205608_zpsqfvth7ds.pngInside the cave, they start battling against the 4 beasts. Both Yanzhi and Zi Lan got injured. Luckily Li Jing came in time to help them out. Zi Lan carried the fainted Yanzhi out the cave. Xuan Nu was too stubborn to leave the cave.

 photo snip_20170222202456_zpsmhzcz2sj.pngYe Hua also arrived at the entrance of the cave. He went in and battled the 4 beasts. Though he got injured, he managed to knock out the 4 beasts and got to the herbs. He got one and was in the process of destroying the rest when Xuan Nu grab a sword and wanted to stab him.

 photo snip_20170222202709_zpsgyhmhybk.pngYe Hua saw Xuan Nu coming and knocked her away but one of the beasts suddenly attacked and ripped his arm off. Li Jing helped him but also got knocked down. Right before the beast can kill Xuan Nu, Ye Hua flung his sword and killed the beast. He used his last bit of energy to destroy the rest of the herbs. (Gah! He should have just let the beasts kill XN)

 photo snip_20170222203455_zpsfkd4gcln.pngThe rest of the crew left the cave alive though severely injured. Even without an arm, Ye Hua blasted Ying Zhou away so that there are no more traces of the herb and the beasts. Before he left, Yanzhi asked him for the herb and he gave it to her.

 photo snip_20170222203949_zps9hnvklh9.pngYanzhi rushed back to tell Xuan Nu that she got the herb but Xuan Nu is too injured. Before she died she told Li Jing that she did love him.

 photo snip_20170222204344_zpstpcoqsrn.pngLi Jing caught up to Ye Hua and warned him about reviving Mo Yuan. He told Ye Hua that because his big brother had died, the Ghost king’s power had increase. If he revive Mo Yuan’s soul, that might weaken the seal and allow the Ghost king to be free again.

 photo snip_20170222204937_zpsksr1glt3.pngZi Lan told Yanzhi that the reason why he stayed by her side. But now he must head back to Kunlunxu. Yanzhi told him that she will go back to the mortal world and asked if he will follow. He said no. She turned around and left.

 photo snip_20170222205809_zpsuxrfucye.pngYe Hua showed up at Kunlunxu, with his one arm, to prepare the herb. Using the herb and half? all? of his power, he made the medicine needed to help revive Mo Yuan sooner, all for Bai Qian. (omg. This had to be the saddest scene ever! T.T At this point, I want to fly in there and tell him that BQ does love him!)

 photo snip_20170222210305_zpsadl9kg5x.pngAfter 3 days, the elder prince of Xi Hai finally woke up feeling better than ever. With that, Bai Qian left to go to bed.

 photo snip_20170222210427_zpsafnuwvui.pngYe Hua arrived at the peach orchard half dead. He handed the medicine to Zhe Yan to give to Bai Qian. While Ye Hua is unconscious, Zhe Yan prepared a 1000 year old lotus fruit to replace his missing arm. (hahah this reminded me of NaJa from Gods of Honor. A lot of people are poking fun of YH’s lotus arm on Weibo. hahah)

Episode 46

 photo snip_20170223173254_zps3tdeefpu.pngWhile Bai Qian was sleeping, Die Feng bursted in with a guest. Her 2nd brother mentioned marrying Feng Jiu into Xi Hai kingdom and scared Die Feng off. Die Feng suggested that he announce the matter and let people of interest request her hand in marriage. Bai Qian pretended to be super tired and avoided the discussion.

 photo snip_20170223174007_zps1y5stqgw.pngDong Hua went back to the palace in the mortal world and reminisce on his time with Feng Jiu. When he went back to the heaven kingdom, Ximing told him that Feng Jiu’s dad is inviting marriage request to those interested in Feng Jiu. Dong Hua pretended not to care and asked Ximing to return the bells and spear head to Feng Jiu.

 photo snip_20170223175328_zps3giaq7fr.pngXiming came to Xi Hai to return the items to Feng Jiu with the message that her debt had been repaid. The sadden Feng Jiu took the spear head and went to visit the abandoned house they used when she got shot. Surprisingly she also saw Dong Hua there. She asked him if he didn’t care for their relationship why is he here. His replied is that their love in the mortal world is just a trial and now everything must come to an end.  (=( someone plz tell me that they are gonna have a happy ending!!? I feel like this couple has a much sadder story than SS and YH)

 photo snip_20170223180420_zpshycmb7bq.pngYe Hua finally woke up with his one stiff arm. Zhe Yan told him that maybe in 10000 years, he might be able to move it a little. He thanked Zhe Yan and told him to give the medicine to Bai Qian but without telling her that it’s from him. Before he leave, Zhe Yan asked him what would happen if Ghost king break free after Mo Yuan wake up? He told him that someone will seal him again if that’s the case.

Ye Hua returned to the heaven kingdom have his men sent Ali away and lied to the king that he lost his power because of the battle with the beasts. He fainted upon arrival.

Zhe Yan came to Xi Hai to give the medicine to Bai Qian. He lied and told her that he used his power to make the medicine. She thanked him and fed the medicine to the elder prince of Xi Hai. He fainted once he consumed the medicine because his body cannot withstand all that power.

 photo snip_20170223183808_zpsx4wxkuec.pngZi Lan silently followed Yanzhi to the border of Ghost territory and told himself to stop going forward. He drew the line, turned back and went back to Kunlunxu. Yanzhi quietly watched him leave.

Yanzhi came back to the Ghost kingdom to an unmotivated Li Jing. She told him that she will use her power to save his only son. She carried the baby and left.

Mi Gu came looking for Li Jing on behalf of Zhe Yan asking for returns from Ye Hua saving him. Mi Gu asked for Yu Huan from Li Jing and delivered it to Bai Qian to help the elder prince recover from the medicine.

Chexmix: Congratz to 3L3W for surpassing 20 billion views!! Quoting Xingfenzhen “For comparison, Chusen has the online view crown at 26 Billion followed by princess weiyang at 21 billion” With more than 10 eps to go, I have a feeling that this drama will surpassed Princess Weiyoung and maybe even Chusen. Now someone tell me, is FJ and DH gonna have a happy ending…? Plz tell me they do!! If not I’m gonna be so sad! And Zilan and Yanzhi? There are too many “impossible” couples in this drama!!


Mark being silly as usual



47 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 43-46

  1. Just something that I noticed from your recap: I think Dong Hua actually lost 90% of his power after returning from the mortal world. It’s 九分 in Chinese and that usually means 9/10.
    That’s why he couldn’t do anything to help during the big battle afterwards.


    1. Thanks for confirming! I guessed that towards the end but still wasn’t sure. Lol. Chinese and their numbers! I’m still struggling with their millions and billions.


  2. To the author of the post – a question, “Did Yehua just die in episode 56?”. I hope he didn’t – please, please respond. Thanks!


    1. From previews. It seems like he went into a coma but come back later. But I haven’t watched that ep yet. Maybe some who did can answer?


  3. A nice book but the writer has to improve his style of writing b/c it is chatic and details are lacking.Those making the movie and dramas should try bying the rights to be able to change things or remove thing that does not fit in ,otherwise it be a nice drama or movie but full satisfaction will be lacking.Am watching this drama cos of Mark chao.He has good /special quality of being an actor especially his facial expression,he is hot too though hotter/more hansome as ye hua. This is the first chinese drama i like thanks to mark,cos most chinese dramas bores me cos their actors/actresses are always too conservative and too reserved to be more convincing in the make believe world,always worrying about what their society will think about them thereby missing the chance of showing their talent.It remains a set back for chinese dramas,.Mark i think has a mix background going for him,so he acts and handles women for example differently ,his kissing/bed scence are awesome when compared to native chinese actors.He is so real and believable.


    1. he has his own novel, where he ended up with a demonness. I wish someone translate that novel. lol. I totally ship him in this drama. This is the second time in my life i ever had second male lead syndrome.


        1. I hope so. the author included the couple in some of the extras that she posted. For example, the convo between Mo Yuan and her about her owing him and wife. LOL.


  4. Thanks for the recaps! Well, they did stress that Dijun was literally a rock before. FJ is just going to have to be the water that wears him down . . .


  5. Sorry to be off topic but I still can’t believe the disappointing lacklustre Legend of Chusen of all dramas holds the online crown. Oh well I guess at least it’s good so we can add to our Zhao Liying’s list of hit dramas lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Considering Chusen‘s odd paid members vs free episode release schedule and regionally restricted outside of China, accessing 3L3W is a breeze, which likely helped with viewership numbers.


      1. I hope they keep the offical youtube channels to be permanent thing going forward. It’s very nice to have a high quality video sources from a reliable and fast site and haivng episode release just hours after they do so in China.


  6. I hate all these impossible couples, can we just wtite their names on the stone of fate 😩 and poor YH! I love this weeks ep but Im scared that all the happy moments are about to end for BQ and YH and another thing , XN(i can imagine that loving someone who doesn’t might hurt but she was evil) she didn’t deserve that beautiful goodbye, the beast should have taken her

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XN was officially ranked #1 on my”I hate you” list when she caused YH’s arm to be bitten off!! I agree. YH should have just left her to the beast. Not only did they rescued her and she also got LJ’s sympathy/recognition in the end…..-_-

      Liked by 1 person

        1. XN, SJ, and FJ are all similar. It’s all about what they want out of a relationship. The only difference is FJ being cute and dumb (or innocent/naive) and having no true rival to compete for DH.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. True and at least DH looked at FJ and didn’t outwardly hate her (tho I find her love her him to be excessive) the other two had no chance. LJ liked XN because she looked like someone he wanted and YH never looked at SJ


          2. Hmm I don’t know. FJ/DH were technically married. It’d be different if DH couldn’t remember their married life but he does so yeah. She’s more like Qian Gu in Journey of Flower, still a bit crazy but less so than XN and SJ. I also don’t think they’re that different from YH/Susu/BQ. YH was pretty aggressive at pursuing BQ when she initially wanted nothing to do with him and she couldn’t even remember! Although BQ is less cold than DH.


  7. According to their novel, yes. Feng Jiu and Dong Hua did have a happy ending, but not without a tons of redemption (and kidnapping, then deceits) on Dong Hua’s part because she finally gave up on their relationship and did everything she could to avoid him, even preparing to marrying another man.I wish they kept that in here, but I found out that the production didn’t because they didn’t buy the rights to the novel like they did for Bai Qian and Ye Hua’s couple. I’m not sure how they will workout it out in this drama, but from the look of things, I’m sure they’re aiming for a happy ending, from what i see so far of episode 52.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol. He did for me when he carried her in the rain but lost it the minute he went back to Dijun. It’s been FJ’s efforts all this time!! I want DH to go through some suffering to win her back (assuming she leaves him…) *evil laugh* hehehe

          Liked by 1 person

  8. If my hair was as long as Mark’s wig… I would swish it back and forth a couple more times while I walk lol.
    Yanzhi!! Zilan!! I know FJ and DH’s ending…. is unsure of… But wow, can’t they rewrite it?!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. 3L3W is at 22.9 Billion now, I made a mistake in my last number. Princess Weiyang is 24.4 billion. Chusen number is lower at 20.5 billion, since this is a 6 month running chart, which for now means 08/25/2016 to now and Chusen came out in 07/31/2016.

    More comparison with recent dramas
    General and I – 17.6 Billion
    Just One Smile Is Very Alluring – 15.4 Billion
    Sparrow – 11.9 Billion
    Ice Fantasy – 9.8 Billion (came out 7/24/2016, so first month is cut off)
    Stay with Me – 8.7 Billion
    Pretty Li Huizhen – 7.7 Billion



    1. I just noticed that with the exception of Sparrow, all these dramas are either picked up by dramafever or viki. Which is a good sign for promoting quality C-Dramas to non-Chinese speaking communities.


      1. Thanks for the #s. I’ll update. Still can’t believe chosen did so well for such a …. drama. Hahah love that c dramas r picking up momentum. Viki needs to pick up more c dramas just cause they sun so much faster than DF.


  10. What I know Feng Jiu & Dong Hua have happy ending in pillow book but I’m not sure with Ten Miles of Peach Blossom since they didn’t buy the copyright for Pillow Book.

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  11. Gahhhhh. Bts just makes me love this cast and Mark more.

    Thanks so much for the recap. Poor Ye Hua he is both consumed by guilt for what happened when she was SuSu; and jealousy because he believes she loves MO Yuan. I can’t wait for her to let him know she loves him yet I dread what will happen when her memories return.
    I can’t believe YH lost his arm because of that snake XN. Smh

    Regarding FJ DJ ship, I hope they get their happy ending although knowing they don’t have the official rights to Pillow Book is worrying. I also hope ZL YZ ship sails. They so cute.

    And finally, congrats 3L3W on surpassing 20 billion views!!! I’m so happy its doing so well. It’s also no 1 in its tv ratings

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup! So happy that this drama is doing so well. I think It’ll be the breakthrouh Mark needs and deserves! And the entire cast.
      Knowing BQ personality she’s gonna avoid him like a plague once her memories return….even after all the stuff he did for her!!


      1. It’s going to be so heartbreaking. She’ll only remember his gouging her eyes out. So sad.

        I’m so happy for Mark. Yang MI has been popular all along. But Mark truly deserves this. He’s such a wonderful actor. His eyes and those microexpressions on his face!!! Such talent. Plus,he’s like super hot

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Absolutely agree!!!!!!!
          I think it was next ep when BQ went to visit the sick YH and he pretended to be strong for her. I was surprised that he was able use his expressions to tell us that his front is about to fall through because he was too injured to keep up and wanted to send BQ away. (no need for internal dialogue at all!!) THUMBS UP FOR MARK!!


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