[Recap] Three Lives Three World Episode 39-42

 photo 589454edc3aa2704_2123995_165040_zpscugleafy.jpgThree Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 39

 photo snip_20170220141608_zps54jaaywj.png

Li Jing asked Bai Qian to forgive him but she told him that their relationship is over and from now forward they are stranger.

 photo snip_20170220142158_zps8anp4wxf.pngZhe Yan came to look for Bai Qian but she left already. Later he told 4th brother that he might have found a way to save the son of Xi Hai lord. He came to Kunlunxu to retrieve his magical item.

 photo snip_20170220142911_zpsqmnzcjnl.pngBai Qian and Ye Hua quietly entered the heaven kingdom. He carried her and jumped over the wall to enter his court. She asked if she will be staying with Ali but he said he already arranged a room for her in Yilanfanghua.

 photo snip_20170220143658_zps5bfvxmir.pngBai Qian entered Yilanfanghua and started feeling uncomfortable. Nainai started crying when she saw Bai Qian but Ye Hua told her that she is not Susu.

 photo snip_20170220143957_zps1saps68g.pngSujin also got news that Bai Qian entered the heaven kingdom and Yilanfanghua. She finally realized that Ye Hua is in love with Bai Qian.

 photo snip_20170220144127_zpsj31ob7ti.pngYe Hua brought Ali over to meet Bai Qian. He was happy and asked her to carry him. When she rejected his request, he asked if it was because she’s pregnant. He read somewhere that pregnant lady can’t hug other babies. Ye Hua happily chimed in and asked if she want to have a baby right after the wedding. She said sure if he’s the one giving birth.

 photo snip_20170220144624_zpsgfdxdpae.pngYe Hua took Bai Qian and Ali to the hot tub so they can rest and heal there. He told Bai Qian that she can feed Ali some fruit wine and fruits if he want some then left to go back to work.

 photo snip_20170220201128_zpss0ggmg7w.pngSujin used Miao Qin again to scheme to chase away Bai Qian. She told Miao Qin to give Ye Hua some soup with some medicine to seduce him. She happily accepted it.

 photo snip_20170220201358_zpsbrzr9bh0.pngAt the hot tub, Bai Qian fed Ali too much alcohol that he got drunk and fell asleep. Nai Nai carried him back while Bai Qian is getting ready to head back to Ye Hua’s study room.

 photo snip_20170220202036_zpsrefo5r9c.pngMiao Qin brought the soup to Ye Hua’s study room and told him that she will be leaving after he drink it. He noticed the medicine and got mad. He told her that he knows that she was the one that attempted to push Bai Qian down the water in the mortal world. While Miao Qin was begging for forgiveness, Sujin also jumped in and begged for her.

 photo snip_20170220202458_zpsfdykizgn.pngBai Qian came back and heard a woman crying. Ye Hua called her in to see that Miao Qin and Sujin kneeling there. When she saw Sujin, she complimented her eyes not knowing that it was her own. They decided to send Miao Qin back to Dong Hai.

Episode 40

 photo snip_20170220210950_zpsl6sdisrz.pngAfter Bai Qian left Ye Hua also followed her to guide her back to her room. Miao Qin begged Sujin to help her but Sujin gave her the cold shoulder and stumbled back to her room. Sujin was so shocked that Bai Qian and Susu look so much alike.

 photo snip_20170220211634_zpsxtehx7c1.pngAt Yilangfanghua, Ye Hua asked Bai Qian why did she decided to send Miao Qin back. She said because he doesn’t like her. Ye Hua wanted Bai Qian to get jealous but was sadden to see that she was not.

 photo snip_20170220211948_zpsscehcwka.pngLi Jing came back to his kingdom and reminisce about his time with Xiyin. He jumped into the late and wanted to suicide but for his people he decided to live on. He got news that his big brother died. He sent his people out to seek Yan Zhi and kill Xuan Nu.

 photo snip_20170220212612_zps8czntrfx.pngWith the help of the jade, Xuan Nu found her way toward Yan Zhi. Zi Lan guided her into the restaurant and found out that that person is Xuan Nu. Yan Zhi noticed that something is off with Xuan Nu and that her baby is dead.

 photo snip_20170220213218_zpse02akvus.pngYan Zhi wanted to cure Xuan Nu’s eyes but Zi Lan didn’t want Xuan Nu to recognize him so prevented Yan Zhi from curing her. Xuan Nu cried and told Yan Zhi everything.

 photo snip_20170220215731_zpsoa9oca0s.pngIn a blink of an eye, Feng Jiu had been with Dong Hua for 10+ years. Every time she sees him she always remember that she must hurt him. Ximing came to warn her that she complete her role soon and the best way is to pretend to be jealous of Yuan Zhen’s mom.

 photo snip_20170220214312_zpswji2fsln.pngFeng Jiu went to visit Yuan Zhen’s mom but after she came back she pretended to have a stomachache. News got back to Dong Hua therefore he came to visit her.

 photo snip_20170220214609_zpskvjtzkyb.pngDong Hua came and asked Feng Jiu what happened, she couldn’t lied and blame someone so kind therefore decided to say it was her fault for getting sick. Dong Hua was relieve to hear that. He told her that he trust them both but if someone in that temple harmed her, he will kill them all even if it’s the truth or not.

 photo snip_20170220213924_zpsbltjhshk.pngFeng Jiu asked Ximing to give her 2 years of happiness before she truly hurt Dong Hua. Ximing agreed. Feng Jiu and Dong Hua can be lovely dovely again for the next two years.

 photo snip_20170220220135_zps7udm7d9g.pngNight time, Xuan Nu wanted to kill Yan Zhi. Zi Lan came to stop her and told her who he is. He told her he won’t kill her now as long as she remains idle.

Episode 41

 photo snip_20170221155422_zpsbtak0ina.pngNainai anxiously carried the still drunken Ali to ask Bai Qian for help. She told him not to worry and that his alcohol tolerance is just low. He should be up and running again the next morning. She told Nainai to rest while she took care of Ali.

 photo snip_20170221155506_zpsvee1azot.pngAfter Bai Qian left to go to the hot spring again, Sujin came to Yilangfanghua. She wanted to enter but was blocked by Nainai and left. On Bai Qian’s way to the spring, she overheard the servants saying that she’s shameless for seducing Ye Hua even though she’s so old. She got a bit irritated and discretely sent them to serve elsewhere.

 photo snip_20170221155543_zpsshpnwvya.pngYe Hua came to pick Ali up. On his way out, Bai Qian happened to enter. He told her that she should not be so careless just because Ali is not her real son. Bai Qian got irritated and told him to ask Sujin to take care of his son since she is oh so nice.

 photo snip_20170221155757_zpsj15jeajd.pngAs Ximing planned, Dong Hua and Feng Jiu got attacked by assassins in the mortal world. Feng Jiu got injured protecting Dong Hua from an arrow. While she was weak, she accidently called Dong Hua Dijun and got Dong Hua questioning who this Dijun is.

 photo snip_20170221155819_zps3gfhmfdl.pngDong Hua anxiously carried Feng Jiu looking for a doctor. Yanzhi showed him to a room and look for a doctor for him. While waiting, Dong Hua asked her what is Dijun. She told him that’s him and that she liked him since he saved her in the beginning.

 photo snip_20170221155935_zpsz03fz6ib.pngWhile Yanzhi is taking care of Feng Jiu, Xuan Nu showed up. With one smell, she knew it was that the woman that Yanzhi is taking care of is Feng Jiu. Xuan Nu wanted to use Feng Jiu to revive her dead baby but Yanzhi stopped her and told her about the herb that can maybe help revive her baby. After Xuan Nu left, Yanzhi used her power to heal Feng Jiu.

 photo snip_20170221160017_zpsf0r6089m.pngYanzhi came out of the room to see Dong Hua’s sword on Zilan’s neck. She told Dong Hua that Feng Jiu is awake. He rushed in. Yanzhi told Zilan that she will be moving soon. He told her that he want to accompany her and protect her.

 photo snip_20170221160141_zpsneajyhbi.pngA group of soldiers finally arrived to protect the king. He told them that all related personnel to this case need to be investigated, including the crown prince.

 photo snip_20170221160034_zpsllzaap5l.pngAfter Feng Jiu woke up, she told Dong Hua that she doesn’t want anything but for him to remember her, always! He promised. She noticed that her bells are missing and asked that Dong Hua returned it her. She told him that a very important person gave it to her. That got him questioning again who this very important is. (Not knowing that it’s him the whole time!!!)

 photo snip_20170221160224_zpsz7dxeqay.pngAli finally woke up. Ye Hua’s mom blamed Bai Qian for not knowing how to take care of Ali but Ye Hua defended her.

Episode 42

 photo snip_20170221161524_zpswcvw6jdz.pngBai Qian wanted to visit Ali but seeing that Sujin and Ye Hua’s mom were in there, she decided to leave.

 photo snip_20170221161941_zpsbpqndo9b.pngZhe Yan rushed back to Xi Hai with a plan to save the elder son of the lord. He told them that he will bring a helper to care for the son. After everyone left, Zhe Yan told 4th brother that Mo Yuan is within the son. Mo Yuan is finally back!! When he said that, Mo Yuan’s sword and Ye Hua reacted to the awakening of Mo Yuan’s soul.

Zhe Yan wanted to tell Bai Qian right away but was stopped by 4th brother. 4th brother is worried that Ye Hua will be jealous of Mo Yuan now that he will wake up.

 photo snip_20170221163100_zps66vfzanw.pngZhe Yan decided to tell Ye Hua first before telling Bai Qian. He met up with Ye Hua and told him that Mo Yuan will be waking up. After he saw no reactions from Ye Hua he told him the first time Bai Qian and Mo Yuan met. When Bai Qian first met Mo Yuan she didn’t believe that he is the war god. She said he looked like a handsome young flirter more. Before Zhe Yan left, Ye Hua asked is there a faster way to help Mo Yuan wake up. Zhe Yan told him that Jie Po lantern will help.

 photo snip_20170221163750_zpsdp6dyi4l.pngSujin came to visit Bai Qian and did a curtsy for a formal greeting. The already irritated Bai Qian told her to go ahead and greet her. When Sujin said she did already Bai Qian told her that according to Qingqiu’s rules, those who greet her must wash 3 days in advance and then 3 kneels 9 bows to show respect! BAM!

 photo snip_20170221164437_zpsaiujmznp.pngZhe Yan showed up and told Bai Qian that he found Mo Yuan’s soul resting in the body of Xi Hai’s prince. Because his soul was scattered, it is still very weak right now but it is there. Bai Qian left a note for Ye Hua and followed Zhe Yan to Xi Hai.

 photo snip_20170221165620_zpswvanw7e7.pngOn the other side, Ye Hua’s cousin is throwing a tantrum requesting that she be sent down to the mortal world too to be with Dong Hua. Ye Hua approved and sent her down for 20 years.

 photo snip_20170221170146_zpshmxngb8g.pngFeng Jiu and Yuan Zhen met up at a court when he took the fan out. Feng Jiu told him that the fan is magical. When he tapped it, it all of sudden acted up. Feng Jiu pushed him aside to save him but the both tripped over a chair and fell down. The queen and other consorts happened to walk by and saw it.

 photo snip_20170221170317_zpszetcxhyo.pngThe Queen locked them both up and reported it to Dong Hua. He got angry at her and immediately went to see Feng Jiu. In prison, Ximing showed up and told her that it’s the perfect time to break Dong Hua’s heart if she admitted her affair with Yuan Zhen.

Chexmix: 16 more episodes to go! It’s not even close to ending yet and I feel like I’m already gonna miss this drama already! hahaha I’m liking it a lot so far. They picked a good cast to play the characters here. Thumbs up for Mark Chao as a heart wrenching Ye Hua. I know some people don’t like Yang Mi as Bai Qian but I think she’s okay here. Can’t deny her chemistry with Mark. Lol to their silliness from the BTS clips. Dilraba is adorable as Feng Jiu. The chemistry between her and Vengo is amazing too. I’m glad to see that they have fun filming this. I’m still getting used to seeing Mark being silly off screen since I’m used to his serious Ye Hua’s face. hahaha



18 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three World Episode 39-42

  1. Thank you for the recaps. You are helping me alot. I watch it in croton mega hit channel in youtube without eng sub. I don’t know what they said.

    Because of you, now I can undrstand the stories. Thanks again. Hugs. God bless you.


      1. Drama fever’s delay is what brought me to your blog. Without your recaps I would not have been able to stand it, since I started watching the raw You Tube channel without understanding the dialog. Thanks to you Chexmix I was able to follow.


    1. Oh me too! I was hooked onto K-drama for the longest time until I saw Boss and Me. You should watch Nirvana in the fire after this if you haven’t already. awesome drama! hahahaa you’ll be hooked in a sec.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG, same here. I was a k-drama addict since Boys Over Flowers. But I love, love Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Mark Chao is the best. I have seen YM in Les Interpretes and I liked her there too. Nirvana and Princess Wei Young are good too.


  2. I am going to be so sad when it ends, so I will just have to rewatch it again 😀
    Mark Zhao as YeHua is so perfect, everything that I pictured from the book and more.


    1. LOL! For real! It’s been awhile since I last saw a good Xianxia drama. *cough Chusen cought*
      Agreed! Mark fits YH’s AND MY’s role so perfectly! I’m so glad that he is gaining the popularity that he deserves!


      1. since Journey of Flower I hadn’t really enjoyed a xianxia. Chusen was such a disappointment. Me too! I am so happy that he is gaining so much popularity bc he is really killing it in this role.


      2. He deserves all the popularity and more. He brings so much to the character. His acting is amazing. I might fangirl just cos you know he’s hot,but his acting prowess makes me fangirl a 100ce more. He’s amazing


    1. I think so too! She’s doing really well. As much as I like her thou, I’m still glad that they dubbed her voice! heheh
      OMG about Mark and his eye! every time he looks at BQ you can just see love oozing out from those eyes!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m gonna miss this drama so much. Its totally stolen my heart especially MZ as Ye Hua, LOL.
    Very good cast with amazing chemistry. Its been long i looked forward to watching a drama


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