[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 35-38

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 35

 photo snip_20170220080616_zpsthb9dg6j.pngYe Hua came to visit Bai Qian and told her that the father of Yuan Zhen is Dong Hua. By the time she went to close the window, he already got ready for bed. He forced her to cuddle with him in bed.

 photo snip_20170220081402_zpsseqnaeqs.pngThe next morning, Ye Hua asked Bai Qian to comb his hair for him. He also told her that on June 1st, she should pushed Dong Hua down the water to help him avoid his trial.

 photo snip_20170220081705_zpsh8w9h6rr.pngAfter Ye Hua left, Bai Qian went to asked Yuan Zhen if he remember any one with a red flower birth mark of her forehead. He told her consort Chen.

 photo snip_20170220081914_zpsykohnnea.pngBai Qian came and visit to Feng Jiu. The minute Feng Jiu saw her, she started saving to not take her away and that she loves him. Bai Qian knocked her out and guessed that she used the two-live curse on herself.

 photo snip_20170220082407_zpsvzxkvgw8.pngXuan Nu took Mo Yuan’s body and Ali back to Ghost kingdom. She ordered people to help revive her son using Mo Yuan’s body.

 photo snip_20170220082618_zpssj6x9pfg.pngNight time, Feng Jiu came to her senses and went to ask Bai Qian for forgiveness. She explained that she used the curse in order to show Dong Hua that she loves him. Bai Qian allowed her to remain in the mortal world.

 photo snip_20170220083802_zpspjab1hch.pngAfter Ye Zhan came back to the peach orchard, 4th brother dragged him to Xi Hai to help the sick son of the lord there. Zhe Yan noticed that something is weird with the sick son but don’t know what yet.

 photo snip_20170220085649_zpsnh6yh6s3.pngShao Xin came to the mortal world to visit her son. Bai Qian saw her and told her that on the day of she need someone to push the king down the water. Shao Xin told her that her husband can do it.

 photo snip_20170220090621_zpsiqshgwkf.pngFinally the big trial day. As planned, Bai Qian called Yuan Zhen over and sent him back to his court. Then a big bird came and drop a woman in the water. 2nd prince showed up and pushed Dong Hua down. Unexpectedly, Dong Hua can’t swim so Feng Jiu jumped in and save him.

 photo snip_20170220090218_zpsovtygogs.pngDuring the chaos, Miao Qin wanted to push Bai Qian down the water. Ye Hua used magic to save her. When she told Sujin what she did, Sujin then pretended to be all nice and said she will help her.

Episode 36

 photo snip_20170220091541_zps3j12eenf.pngFeng Jiu was all sad and crying about Dong Hua’s injury until the sun goes down and the curse wore off. She wanted to leave but the king stopped her and told her he wanted to promote her.

 photo snip_20170220092050_zpskujq7jho.pngYuan Zhen came to ask Bai Qian if he can keep a small bird he found. She told him that it already belonged to someone but she will ask for permission for him. Ye Hua and Ximing also showed up. Ximing told him that Yuan Zhen’s fate is solved but there were changes in Dong Hua’s. The group then went looking for Feng Jiu.

 photo snip_20170220093546_zpsn3ngw9rt.pngXiming asked Feng Jiu to become the main female in Dong Hua’s story. He told her all she has to do is make him fall for her and then step on his heart once that happen. Before they left, Bai Qian removed the curse for Feng Jiu and told her to repay her debt.

 photo snip_20170220114100_zpsml7klydj.pngDong Hua missed Feng Jiu and came to visit her late that night. She invited him in but without the curse, she can’t find any love for him. Dong Hua can’t remember their first night therefore promised her another wedding ceremony. That night Dong Hua and Feng Jiu had their wedding ceremony then their wedding night.

 photo snip_20170220114349_zpslyeoujou.pngYe Hua asked Ximing what was his real motive in having Feng Jiu there. He told Ye Hua that Dong Hua wanted to repay Feng Jiu’s love that’s why he’s down in the mortal world. Therefore he wanted to have Dong Hua fall in love with Feng Jiu while Dong Hua is a mortal.

 photo snip_20170220114912_zpsnywhueos.pngBai Qian came back to Qingqiu and waken Mi Gu up from the hypnotic. He told her that Xuan Nu took Mo Yuan’s body and Ali. Bai Qian released her fan and disappeared.

 photo snip_20170220115123_zpsvyffot6u.pngDa shixong joined and reported to Ye Hua that the people that got attacked by the Ghost tribes are all shang xian level. Ye Hua guessed that Xuan Nu is the one behind it. She wanted to use the Shang Xian’s body to revive her dead baby.

 photo snip_20170220115501_zpsphj8pvj6.pngBai Qian killed her way into the Ghost kingdom and faced off with Xuan Nu. Xuan Nu noticed that Bai Qian’s eyes are not well therefore used lights to blind her during the fight and injured her.

 photo snip_20170220115658_zpsbqxt0i09.pngYe Hua came in time to help her and retrieved the hostages. Just when Bai Qian was about to kill Xuan Nu, Li Jing joined in and save her (thinking that she was A yin because she changed her face into A yin’s face).

 photo snip_20170220120313_zps55kuzbze.pngYe Hua asked Li Jing how does he want to settle this. Bai Qian slowly walked toward Xuan Nu and told her that she can give her that face back then but she can also take it back now. And so she did. After she saw her real face, Xuan Nu cannot accept the truth and blinded herself so she doesn’t have to look at her face anymore.

Episode 37

 photo snip_20170220121059_zpsc7fdty1d.pngXuan Nu cried and begged Li Jing to believe her. But he cannot go against both Qingqiu and the Heaven kingdom in order to save her. He locked her up in prison and punish her.

 photo snip_20170220121854_zps2dqd4fyi.pngXuan Nu and Li Yuan met up in prison and decided to collaborate together to escape the prison.

 photo snip_20170220122348_zps4jdaqyfv.pngBack at the heaven kingdom, Ye Hua asked 3rd prince regarding Mo Yuan and Xi Yin’s story. 3rd prince told him that they have a special relationship. Ye Hua then questioned whether Bai Qian has been waiting for Mo Yuan this whole time.

 photo snip_20170220124125_zpspgsiv7g5.pngWhen Bai Qian woke up, Bi Fang was there to care for her. He told her he loves her but been hiding it this whole time because of her marriage arrangement.

 photo snip_20170220125303_zpsuteb4wth.pngYe Hua joined in with a bowl of soup and awkwardly sat in between them while Bai Qian rejected Bi Fang’s love. Right after Bi Fang left, it was Ye Hua’s turn to confess his love for her. Ye Hua told Bai Qian that he loves her and he did all those things for her because of that. She subtly rejected his confession saying that she is so much older than him. Seeing how she has no other responses, he eased her back to bed.

 photo snip_20170220130121_zpsdoioqvud.pngBack at the heaven kingdom, Ye Hua asked Nainai to clean up Yilanfang because Bai Qian will move in for a few days. He wanted her to use the spring to heal her injuries.

 photo snip_20170220130740_zpsuozxiyvj.pngAfter Bai Qian woke up, she went to visit Mo Yuan’s body. Then she walked to the lake and wanted to just walk around. Ye Hua saw her walking into the lake and remembered Susu jumping into Zhuxiantai. He got scared and used magic to pull her back and forced kiss her.

On the way back, Ye Hua and Bai Qian bumped into 4th brother and Zhe Yan. He wanted to tell them what happened in Xi Hai. Mi Gu came and told Bai Qian that Li Jing is at the entrance wanting for her.

Episode 38

 photo snip_20170220132718_zpsz4rnfcjp.pngYe Hua asked Zhe Yan again the same two questions that he asked before. Did Bai Qian really just sleep after her fight with the Ghost king? And did she forget something? Zhe Yan told him the truth. He also guessed that Susu is Bai Qian.

Xuan Nu got news that they will kill her along with her dead baby tomorrow. Right when the guard turned around, she took his sword and killed him. She took the keys and entered Li Yuan’s cell. He told her to kill him in order to give Ghost king power to escape the seal.

 photo snip_20170220134400_zpsz1n7hrh4.pngAfter Xuan Nu killed Li Yuan and she was suppose to follow his plan to go to the mortal world to kill Yan Zhi. Once Li Yuan is dead, Ghost king absorbed his power and started stirring in the seal.

 photo snip_20170220134719_zpssfwf5kiu.pngInstead of going to the mortal world, Xuan Nu headed back to Qingqiu looking for her mom. She overheard her mom saying that she doesn’t have a daughter like that. She blamed Bai Qian and wanted to kill her. She over heard Li Jing waiting for Bai Qian and got even angrier.

 photo snip_20170220135236_zpsgx6nsyk1.pngOn a rainy day, Dong Hua sent his people off and wanted to carry Feng Jiu back to her court. He told her he wanted to have a baby with her but she told him it’s not up to her to decide even though he had been spending every night at her court.

 photo snip_20170220135642_zpso4altrlk.pngBecause of the rain, Feng Jiu got sick. Dong Hua personally fed her medicine. After he left, Ximing came and told her to proceed to the next step of the story. It’s time for her to hurt Dong Hua.

 photo snip_20170220140447_zpsmnnrmlpi.pngZi Lan (#16) saw Yan Zhi in the mortal world and recognized her right away. He wanted to stay by her side to see if he can find Xi Yin’s whereabout. In order to do that, he helped her chase away a thug and then helped her clean up afterward.

 photo snip_20170220141126_zpslcebaexm.pngAs Ye Hua and Bai Qian were about to head to the heaven kingdom, they saw Li Jing still waiting. Bai Qian cleared things up with Li Jing. She told him that she used to love him but he hurt her. They can no longer go back to the beginning and start over.

Chexmix:  There’s something wrong with my laptop lately so I’ve been capturing white speckles on dark pictures when I do screen capture. Sorry for the poor quality. Anyway I’m so sad that Feng Jiu and Dong Hua get so little screen time!! I really like where their story is going! FYI the drama for surpassing 16 billion views a few days ago.



19 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 35-38

  1. Thanks for the the summary! I always check to see if there’s a summary everyday! I loooooove this drama so much that I even purchased the book to support! 💗


  2. I wanted XN to meet the same end as in the book. I don’t know why they changed it. Yehua is getting more aggressive 😉 good boy
    Thanks for the recap!


    1. Ooh? How did she ended up in the book? I wanna read it now if it’s more pitiful than in the drama. hahah
      I know!! hahah I saw the preview to the kiss!! Team Ye Hua! =D


        1. Ooh! No wonder they cut that part out. But I was hoping that they would make her face uglier and more deformed just cause they kept saying her original form is ugly. She looked the same imo.


  3. Thank you!!! It’s the exact sentiment from me. I love DH and FJ’s storyline. Xuan Nu should have gone forever and her screen times should have been given to them!!!


    1. I agree! Her and Sujin are getting too much screen time!! I rather they make a movie out of DH and FJ’s storyline! that would be more interesting.


        1. awww. Is the drama missing alot more details and actions? What little I saw had already piqued my interest with their love story. Just wish there were more of them. FJ is so cute in this drama! heheh


          1. Their chemistry is amazing!!! When you have a spare time, you should read the novels (Pillow Book). I read the English translation, so it might have different feeling for you who can read Chinese (I assume). Some said the Chinese wordings were not that great, but the English translations of the books were really great.


            1. I’ll check it out for sure. There’s so many ref to the book that is making me curious. hahaha Pillow Book? Is that the title of their story…?
              I’ll take the English translation. My chinese is not that great either.


        2. The production team didn’t buy the rights to Pillow Book so they aren’t allowed to use any of the Pillow Book storyline (except for the parts which are mentioned in 3L3W Peach Blossom). That’s why so much is changed – although the made up parts for FJ and DH’s storyline in this drama is pretty decent and they tried to stay as close as they could to Pillow Book without warranting a copyright infringement notice.


  4. The episodes get better and better, I really need XN and SJ to leave, both ladies are getting on my nerves. I also find it weird that she is still carrying around the baby. ALso, I NEED more family tme. I saw todays episode YAY but also sad for our DH and FJ couple


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