[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 31-34


Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花) is a 2017 Chinese romantic fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name by TangQi GongZi. The series started broadcasting on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017 with a total of 58 episodes. You can watch raw on Youtube and with Eng sub on DramaFever.

Episode 31

 photo snip_20170215193307_zpsaw3w1rqs.pngYe Hua went to the peach orchard to ask Zhe Yan questions regarding Bai Qian. He asked why her eye sight is so poor, did she indeed sleep for 300 years, and if she loss her memory. Zhe Yan lied to and said she did not lose her memory. Even so, Ye Hua still believed that Bai Qian is Susu.

 photo snip_20170215194219_zpsxanothmj.pngOn her way home, Bai Qian fell down a hole and into a cave where Li Jing is currently at. Li Jing called her Ayin the minute he saw her. He told her that she is no longer Ayin but Qingqiu Bai Qian. He apologized for back then but she said it is too late and left a very saw looking Li Jing behind.

 photo snip_20170215195218_zpsyxlsscwd.pngYe Hua dropped Ali off at Qingqiu before heading back to the heaven kingdom. Mi Gu told him he cannot take care of a child, Ali then told him that he’s easy to are for. He just need to give him a cup of tea and books that his mom, Bai Qian, like.

 photo snip_20170215195341_zps8tgfegf1.pngYe Hua used Jie Bo lantern to burn Bai Qian’s handkerchief saying that if it turned green, the same color as Susu’s, then she must also be Susu. It did indeed turned green. He told 3rd prince his theory and the few questions he still have.

 photo snip_20170215195900_zpsnrhaw5ir.pngBai Qian stopped by her 4th brother’s place before heading back to Qingqiu. Her strict 2nd brother also happen to be there. He asked about Feng Jiu. Bai Qian promised to watch over her and not let her get into trouble again.

 photo snip_20170215200720_zpsu3gyaktg.pngThe minute Bai Qian came home, Ali ran out to greet her. Mi Gu informed her that Ye Hua left Ali here. Ali also told her that him and Ye Hua will move to her fox cave to live.

 photo snip_20170215201126_zpstiuikany.pngFeng Jiu finally got a chance to see Dong Hua as he passed by. Dong Hua decided to pick her to serve that night but before she got the chance, other consorts came to a priest and claim her red birthmark to be demonic.

 photo snip_20170215202131_zpsv3ftlql5.pngWithout the chance to see Dong Hua, Feng Jiu decided to enter his dream and ask him what his wishes are. She was surprised to hear that he only wanted some to sincerely love him.

 photo snip_20170215202944_zpsqslkv4mk.pngBai Qian took Ali out to the market to buy food. While she was looking at fruits, Ye Hua arrived and asked her if that’s what she’s feeding Ali. After she nodded, he pulled her away to find meet for the growing boy.

 photo snip_20170215203124_zps3decegam.pngBecause she doesn’t know how to cook, Bai Qian asked Mi Gu to cook. But Mi Gu is afraid of fire. Seeing how Mi Gu can’t cook, Ye Hua decided to personally cook while Bai Qian watch over the fire. During dinner, Ye Hua asked Bai Qian for a room for he will be there for a few days.

Episode 32

 photo snip_20170215204329_zpskr2yhubj.pngGuessing that the reason Ye Hua wanted to live with her is to find Mo Yuan’s body, Bai Qian decided to hid her fan deep in the ocean.

 photo snip_20170215204612_zpsmugbqg5o.pngDa shixong and sixteen from Kunlunxu met up. Da Shixong decided that he will continue searching for Xiyin while sixteen decided to go back to Kunlunxu and guard the place. For some unknown reason, both got attacked by Ghost tribe.

 photo snip_20170215205334_zpsejexpmsr.pngNews got back to Sujin that Ye Hua have been living with Bai Qian. She started scheming to force Bai Qian to cancel the marriage.

 photo snip_20170215210220_zpssrhedsld.pngThe maid that Sujin sent to Qingjiu relayed Sujin’s message that its improper for the crown prince and his fiancée to live together to Mi Gu. Before she can meet Bai Qian, the people there chased her away.

 photo snip_20170215210518_zpsbt8wis7m.pngBai Qian heard the message and relayed it back to Ye Hua. Ye Hua didn’t care and asked her to lie down so he can draw her.

 photo snip_20170215212000_zps0tb1ddog.pngThe maid came back and relayed what happened at Qingqiu to Sujin. She got mad that Bai Qian didn’t bother with her and look down. She started scheming again for something to happen on the King’s birthday party.

 photo snip_20170215212639_zpslkr6vh82.pngYe Hua took Bai Qian and Ali to the mortal world for Ali’s birthday. While walking on the street, a speeding carriage charged toward them. Ye Hua saw that and pushed Bai Qian aside. Bai Qian all of a sudden remembered her mom crying and asking how she can be so injured only after years of not seeing her. Bai Qian thought that memory was weird since to her, she had not left Qingqiu nor got injured.

 photo snip_20170215213320_zpsy2vjzc9z.pngYe Hua and them settled down at a restaurant for lunch. All of a sudden he got news that he has a guess back at the kingdom. He left Ali and Bai Qian at the mortal world while he took care of business. Bai Qian and Ali settled down at a tea place waiting for Ye Hua.

Episode 33

 photo snip_20170215213717_zpsr3virerv.pngWhile waiting for Ye Hua, Ali accidently snuck into a brothel. Bai Qian found him and snatched him away. When he asked what they people were doing on the bed, Bai Qian told him that’s how human “train.”

Ye Hua came back to the mortal world to find another man flirting with Bai Qian. When he asked Bai Qian why did she not do anything about it, her replied was that he only touched her. Ye Hua froze everyone and kissed her. While she was in shock, he told it it’s just a kiss.

After Ye Hua and them settled down in an inn, a group of Ghost tribes snuck around to attack them. Luckily Ye Hua chased them away. The next morning, Ye Hua needed to head back to the heaven Kingdom to attend the King’s birthday party while Bai Qian and Ali went back to Qingqiu.

On the day of the King’s party, Sujin schemed to frame Yuan Zhen, the son of Shao Xin, of harassing her. This way Ye Hua will stay at the kingdom for a few days instead of going to Qingqiu. Sujin knocked Yuan Zhen out and afterward pretended to be all pitiful in the king and asked the king to allow her to die. The king sent him to the mortal world for the next 60 years as punishment.

 photo snip_20170216164153_zpshyybmxrg.png

Sujin cried in front of Ye Hua but he didn’t care. He told her he know about what happened with Susu back then. To him, she is just a body that is taking care of Susu’s eyes.

After 2 years in the mortal world, Dong Hua finally met up with Feng Jiu. They talked about the crown prince, Yuan Zhen, who lived in a temple with his mom since young. Just when Dong Hua was leaning in for a kiss, Feng Jiu used a tray to block him and ran away.

Ye Hua finally came back to Qingqiu. Without him, all Bai Qian and Ali have been eating are fruits.

Episode 34

Bai Qian decided to hire an intern to learn Ye Hua’s cooking skill so when he’s not there, they don’t have to eat fruits only. But Ye Hua did not approved anyone.

Shao Xin arrived at Qingqiu asking Bai Qian to help save her son, Yuan Zhen. In the mortal world, Yuan Zhen will face a trial when he’s 18 and that trial will affect him his life. Because the king owe Qingqiu a favor, having Bai Qian save her son will not anger the king. Bai Qian agreed to help.

Bai Qian told Shao Xin that their relationship ends after helping her. Flash back of the time when Bai Qian gave the fan to a scared Shao Xin so that she can protect herself.

In order to help Shao Xin, Bai Qian need the fate book from Ximing. Ye Hua agreed to help her with the condition that she must seal her power away. He doesn’t want her power to fire back on her after she helped him. He’s worried that if she gets injured, she won’t be able to withstand the trial of becoming queen.

Ye Hua asked Ximing for the fate book. Ximing told him that in the mortal world, Yuan Zhen is the crown prince. He also suggested that Bai Qian remain by his side until the trial so that it doesn’t interfere with his life.


Ye Hua brought the book back to Bai Qian and told her that Yuan Zhen will helped save a lady at the age of 18. He and his dad will both fell in love with this lady. The dad, also the king, claimed the lady. One day, Yuan Zhen got drunk and had an affair with the lady. The lady gave birth to a baby boy but Yuan Zhen wasn’t sure if it was his or not. Years later, he kills the baby boy when they both started fighting for the throne. When the lady heard that, she suicided and told Yuan Zhen the truth. That truth haunted him his whole life.

 photo snip_20170219212028_zpswhchthh5.pngBai Qian came to the mortal world and disguised as a nun and became Yuan Zhen’s shifu.

 photo snip_20170219212504_zpscckfq7yd.pngLi Jing came to Kunlunxu looking for Xiyin. News got back to Ye Hua along with a picture of Xiyin. Ye Hua saw the picture and know right away that it was Bai Qian.

 photo snip_20170219212730_zpsxgz5xdxj.pngLi Jing came back to his kingdom to ask Xuan Nu who is Xiyin. He told her that Xiying is from the fox tribe. When she heard that, she knew right away who he was talking about. After Li Jing left, Xuan Nu changed herself into Bai Qian and came to Qingqiu.


Xuan Nu as Bai Qian went to steal Mo Yuan’s body to revive her dead baby. When Mi Gu finally noticed that she is not Bai Qian, the started fighting. She hypnotized him into thinking that she is Bai Qian. She took both Mo Yuan’s body and Ali with her.

Chexmix: Wow. I’m behind on this drama! Sorry guys, been super busy lately. Hopefully I can catch up soon. hahaha. I love how Ye Hua is so direct with his love for Bai Qian! No shame at all when he used his cute little boy to move in with her. kekeke. Ali is waaaaaay too adorable! Anyway, heard that they will be making another 3l3w movie version with the main focus on Xi Yin, Mo Yuan and Li Jing’s story. Not sure how to feel about that yet…


15 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds Episode 31-34

    1. Echo that. I wish they can also dub this in english. I dont want to miss anything in this series. It gets tiring reading the subtitles after a while.


  1. Love your recaps – it takes a lot of digging for me to get the story straight. I like Bai Qian’s cool attitude toward cooking – “Why bother?” – it’s the same as SuSu’s!

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  2. Yeay , finally you give us the recap . I wonder what yehua and bai qian talked in the next ep .hehe
    Thanks for the recap . Hope u will catch the rest ep . Big love .thanks


  3. Thanks for the recap! Ali is adorable. I don’t know why they would make a movie on that part of the story, the main focus of the book is the love story with Yehua.
    I also like how Yehua is so direct with her. And lol at Bai Qian being such a fail at taking care of Ali.


    1. Yup. I think it’s a pitiful attemp to catch the profits that 3l3w is raking in right now.
      Hahah it’s like yh is making up the love that they missed out during the past 300 years. Ali is to tooooo cute!


      1. Who are the people making the movie?? It sounds so wrong, i hope Mark and crew are not associated with it. Lol
        P.S. I’ve been really curious about how this is rating in china and audience reactions. Do you have any info regarding its no of views and ratings please? Thanks


        1. The rating is fairly low in China.

          6.1/10 on Douban, people are actually suprised at the serie’s high rating overseas.

          However, the series is poplular. 2.8% combined from two stations and 16 Billion online view. Making it on par with Generial and I so far and probably surpass it in a few days. For comparison, Chusen has the online view crown at 26 Billion followed by princess weiyang at 21 billion.


          1. Thank you so much. The rating on Douban doesn’t really bother me. LOL. I was more interested in the ratings on TV when it airs and also the online views. Glad to hear it’s doing well. 2.8% IS a good tv rating right?


  4. Hai.. I’ve been waiting for your post for many days hahaha. So happy that you are back with new update😊😊

    Thank you for sharing and your hardwork

    You’re the best 👍👍👍👍👍


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