Entertainment Update: Celebrity News/Update, Duckweed, Operation Love,Legend of the White Snake, etc.

Tang Yan attends the 67th Berlin Film Festival.

Stills for《天乩》starring Yang Zi, Allen Ren Jia Lun, Mao Zi Jun, and Li Man are out. Based on the adaptation of the tale of the white snake《白蛇传》, the drama depicts the love story of a white snake demon and a mortal physician. The drama is slated for a summer broadcast.

Yang Zi stars as Bai Yao Yao, the white snake demon.

Li Man stars as Xiao Qing, the green snake demon who has a loveline with Qi Xiao.

Allen Ren Jia Lun stars as Xu Xuan, the physician.

Mao Zi Jun stars as Qi Xiao who hunts demon.

Official drama poster:

On February 11, 2017 or the 15th day of the first month in the lunar calender 元宵节, Zhao Wei posted on her weibo depicting a reunion of the Huan Zhu Ge Ge with Ruby Lin (who played Xia Ziwei) and Alec Su (Wu A ge)!

Zhao Wei shared: “A toast inviting the moon… joyfully seeing each other again (reunion), eternal” ❤

Ruby Lin replied, “Feeling happy, happiness” ❤ ❤

Jay Chou and his wife are expecting their second child:


Duckweed surpassed ¥900M. Zhao Liying attended an activity for the movie in Shanghai with her fans. She is starting to gain some of her weight back.


Here is a BTS clip of Duckweed. It has English subtitles for most of it.

Zhao Liying also posted the first promotional poster for Monkey King 3. In a recent interview, she said she would take a break after she is done filming.


Some upcoming dramas have posted OTP moments for Valentine’s Day.

Chen Xuedong and Zheng Shuang for Rush to the Dead Summer


Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin for Princess Agents



Wang Kai in various styled flower suits for Grazia’s magazine

Yang Zi posted a picture of her and boyfriend, Qin Junjie on Weibo on v-day with their double chins. Qin Junjie then replied: “I must have found a fake girlfriend. Why would she posted such an ugly picture of me on valentine’s day”



Operation Love starring Zhang Yixing, Chen Du Ling, and Zhao Yuan Yuan wrapped up filming after 4 months. This is a remake of the Japanese’s version Operation Love about Ken Iwase attending Rei Yoshida’s  marriage ceremony. However, he still loves her and regrets not having confessed his feelings towards her. A fairy lets him travel back in time and try one more time to get Rei’s heart.


9 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Celebrity News/Update, Duckweed, Operation Love,Legend of the White Snake, etc.

  1. Oh..that is taken from one of the sexiest scene in the book…where they fought almost naked…Hahaha..See here that they tone it down maybe…err..I mean Princess Agents stills 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Liked QJJ since first time watching him in Legend of Qin – he is doing well in the current Glory of Tang and so glad he is getting lead roles – looking forward to the Dragon Pearl drama. He is too cute with Yang Zi !

    Am a fan of Allen Ren now too after Glory of Tang – not particularly good looking but definitely quietly charismatic.

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